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May 15, 2010

The New Pageant Pay Per View Online Service


It’s the all new Pageant Pay Per View Online Viewing Service.

The all new Pageant Pay Per View Online System

The all new Pageant Pay Per View Online System

Here’s  how it works:

1) Go to the Click Click Expose website at: ( and look for the Video Sharing/Planet Q TV button.  Click on that button;

2)  Go to the “channels page” and look for the Pay Per View video channel;

3)  Browse our selection of videos (new videos are added every week) and choose one of the videos you wish to watch;

4)  Play the video.  After 45 seconds, the video will stop playing and ask for you to buy a weekly subscription rental for $15.00.

5)  Pay for your weekly rental.  After you pay, you are directed back to the Planet Q TV website.

6)  You are now a PREMIUM MEMBER.  You can watch any video that is in our Pay Per View Video Channel for the next 7 days.  ANY VIDEO – ANY TIME – 7 DAYS.

7)  After 7 days, you will be charged another weekly subscription fee unless you cancel your membership.  Subscriptions are paid for thru Pay Pal – you must cancel your subscription through Pay Pal.

NO REFUNDS ON PAY PER VIEW MEMBERSHIPS. One membership per person per account.  Users who give out or give away their log in information will be permanently banned from the website via your IP address.  Your IP address is recorded on every membership.  Valid email is required.  If you have questions concerning your Planet Q TV Premium Membership Account, please email us at:

Thanks and enjoy the new Pageant Pay Per View Online Service.  More videos are coming soon!!

May 5, 2010

DVD pricing info updated for Gay International Pageant

2010 Miss Gay International - The Minx

2010 Miss Gay International - The Minx

If you are looking for DVD pricing information for the Mr. and Miss Gay International Pageant – i just updated the DVD shopping page today.  Go to to view information.

Pricing is as follows:

Mr. Gay International – Finals Night Only – $25.00

Miss Gay International – Finals Night Only – $35.00

Mr. Gay International – Finals and Prelim – $30.00

Miss Gay International – Finals and Prelim – $45.00

Mr. and Miss Gay International – all nights both division – $55.00

Remember all DVDs have a $5.60 shipping and handling fee along with 6.5% sales tax. DVD will be ready for shipment in about two weeks.

May 1, 2010

Gay International Pageant – Prelim ends tonight (Sat 5/1)

Thank goodness for wifi at Club Basix.  I love it when a club lets it patrons take advantage of new technology.  I am sitting here listening to booming music while waiting for the pageant to start.  So I thought I would update the blog with some pictures and the latest video links.  Preliminary night is scheduled for three nights and tonight represents the last night of preliminary.  There were 11 boys and 3o  ladies as contestants.  The competition has been amazing and this is a great turnout for a pageant operating under a new name and new ownership.

Contestant at this year's pageant

Contestant at this year's pageant

Who would of though that the Midwest could hold such a fabulous pageant.  I have to admit, even though the city is small and has a very Midwest feel – it is quite nice out here.  Now only if there were more places to eat downtown around the hotel (within walking distance), I would be happy (but I digress).

Okay so I posted new trailer videos for everyone to watch.  Something for the guys, something for the girls and and some fabulous entertainment. (and as a side note – I look up and the county fire department is taking someone out of the club – too intoxicated, sick, too many roofies – who knows and I am not going to find out – and damn the night hasn’t even started yet).

So to watch the fabulous Pretty Belle, Dena Cass, Natasha Cass (former Miss Iowa USofA, Sierra Spaulding or Nova

Mr Gay International Contestant

Mr Gay International Contestant

Starr, check out this link.  There short clips but gives you an idea of what they performed last night.  To watch the video, click here to view the video.

Male pageant has always had a tough road to climb under the shadow of the girls.  But the constants this year are really shinning.  Mr. Gay International Xeus has come out with more outfits and costumes and an excellent selection of songs and routines complete with dancers.  To watch some of the guys and their talent numbers from friday night, click on this link.

And finally the ladies.  Sierra Spaulding is amazing to watch and she is truly a shining example of Miss Gay International.  Her energy and enthusiasm on the floor is infectious and will be a tough act to follow.  The winner of the pageant will have some big shoes to fill and Sierra has set a good example.  To watch some of the ladies as they performed some HOT talent numbers Friday night, click on this link.

I won’t be able to upload a lot of videos from Saturday night as I have to catch up on some rest (after the pageant Sunday – I have to drive to Dayton, OH to film a EOY contestant’s presentation video), but I will upload the folks who were selected for the top 5.  Good luck to all of the contestants.  Your hard work is definitely showing.

Sierra Spaulding - Miss Gay International 2009

Sierra Spaulding - Miss Gay International 2009

Stay tune for more preview videos from finals night later on in the week.  Also, when I return to Miami, I will update the pricing on the DVDs as well.

– Thomas

April 10, 2010

Congratulations Taniyah Dupree & Malaysia Fox

Pageant owner Alexus D’Marco Braxton just held here first ever 2010 Miss International Closet Ball Pageant (a prelim to the Miss International Newcomer Pageant to be held in Jackson, MS this June). It was a small and quaint gathering at the Quality Inn Sawgrass Conference Center as Taniyah Dior Dupree was the winner of the pageant. Congratulations to Taniyah for winning the pageant.

Miss International Closet Ball & MBI Pageant

Miss International Closet Ball & MBI Pageant

This pageant also was billed as a double crowning with the 2nd runner up being named the Miss Black International pageant winner. That winner was Malaysia Foxx.

Congratulations to both ladies as they won this year’s pageant. Interested in seeing what the contest was about. Purchase the DVD from

April 8, 2010

The Return of the Pageant Soup Podcast Show

To all you pageant fans who enjoy female impersonation and male lead entertainment – the Pageant Soup Podcast Show is making its return to the Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network today with Episode #46 – How to prepare for an upcoming pageant contest.

Pageant Soup Podcast Show - Episode 46

Pageant Soup Podcast Show - Episode 46

As you can see from the picture, we have some awesome guest which include National Title Holders Simba R. Hall, Zavior Mays, Antonio Edwards and our host Mr. Black America for the 2010 season Xavier Cole.

To listen to the show live as its happening, go to: and follow the prompts to listen to the show.

Can’t make the live show.  NO PROBLEM.  You can subscribe via iTunes to the Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network and have the show downloaded to you every month.  To subscribe, click here. Or you can visit our website at: and click on the button that says “podcasting” to subscribe or to just listen to any of the shows on the CCE gay podcast network.

We are exciting about re-launching the Pageant Soup Podcast Show and we hope you will tune and listen.  As always, we invite your questions, comments and suggestions and thank you for your continued support.

From your friends at Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) – Thomas

March 29, 2010

New Closet Ball pageant heads to Ft. Lauderdale Easter Sunday

If you are a fan of gay pageantry, then you know there are many different facets of pageantry that exist in the gay and lesbian community. And with the exceptions of balls, we have filmed just about every form of pageantry. This Easter Sunday, we head to the Quality Inn Sawgrass Conference Center in Ft. Lauderdale for the 1st annual Miss International Closet Ball (a prelim of the Mr. and Miss International Inc Pageantry System). What makes Closet Balls so unique and different? In one word – transformations. If you have never seen a closet ball pageant, you are in for a treat. The presentation category is the first judged category and the contestants come out as guys – giving us masculinity in all its form. After an hour recess where we get to watch some great entertainment, the guys come back to the stage “transformed” as beautiful ladies competing in the talent category and sportswear or evening gown competition. It is amazing to watch the transformations and the OMG looks from new people in the crowd as the masculine boy who came out on stage has now transformed to a gorgeous lady.

Miss International Closet Ball - April 4th - Ft. Lauderdale

Miss International Closet Ball - April 4th - Ft. Lauderdale

This is the first year that the International Pageantry, Inc system will host a Closet Ball pageant in Florida and it is being brought to you by Auntea BB (better known as Alexus DMarco Braxton). Hailing from the Bahamas, Alexus knew at the age of 15 that she was born for the world of pageantry – watching every beauty pageant that would come on TV as a child. When faith and opportunity presented itself, she moved to the United States to create her drag persona and dive feet first into the world of pageantry. In 1999, Alexus created here first pageant “Florida Gold International.”

After five years and armed with a wealth of knowledge on how to run a pageant, she headed back to Nassau to share her knowledge of pageantry in a city and country that frowns on female impersonation and male lead. Alexus would not be deterred as she sought out to change the mindset of Bahamian entertainers to how the USA girls compete. From how to pad your clothes to simple stuff like using stones on your outfit, the re-molding of the Bahamian mindset paid off giving the Bahama girls a fair chance of competing against USA girls.

CLOSET BALLS ARE BIG IN FLORIDA – a chance for would be stars and newcomers to test their ability to compete – so here is your chance to get involved with a preliminary pageant to a national system looking to make a major mark in the world of gay pageantry.

The pageant is scheduled for Easter Sunday April 4, 2010 at the Quality Inn Sawgrass Conference Center (1711 N. University Drive, Plantation [Ft. Lauderdale], FL 33301). Showtime is at 9:00pm. Registration is at 1:00pm at the Quality Inn hotel. Entry Fee is only $100. The prize package includes – $500 for the winner, $200 for the first runner-up, and $100 for the 2nd runner-up. This year’s theme is “Men In Black…with a feminine Touch!”

Special guest include Miss International Inc, Newcomer Cha Chi Divine, Miss International 2007 and COO Vicki Valentino and Mr. International 2007 and CEO Marlowe Rainbow. For more information on the pageant, email Alexus at: The winner of the Miss International Closet ball pageant will also be double crowned as Miss Black International.

Click Click Expose is proud to be actively involved in the Mr. and Miss International Inc pageantry system and its prelims.  We will once again be providing the DJ services and video filming for another prelim.  Look for DVD information on our website in the days to come.  It should be a fun and exciting pageant.  Make sure you come by and say hi to me and Adrian.  Enjoy!!


The Pageantry Systems International Organization, producers of the MISS INTERNATIONAL INC  CLOSET BALL ®, MR AND MISS MBI  INTERNATIONAL ® MISS CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL® MR& MISS NEWFACE® MR & MISS FLORIDA GOLD ® ALL NATIONAL SYSTEMS competitions, is an international company that advances and supports today’s alterative lifestyle women and men .   These women and men are savvy, goal-oriented and aware of the art of entertainment.   The contestants who become part of the PAGEANTRY SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL  Organization display those characteristics in their everyday lives, both as individuals who participate in the competitions to advance their careers, personal and humanitarian goals, and as women and men who seek to improve the art of entertainment through pageantry.  The Pageantry Systems International Organization will be long a national and international tradition, we are redefined with new ownership, leadership and vision for the world of the 21st century.

February 23, 2010

Miss Large and Lovely DVD available now!! – Congrats Desiree

2010 Miss Large and Lovely Desiree DeMornay

2010 Miss Large and Lovely Desiree DeMornay

As many of you know, we have been filming gay drag pageants for many many years. And over the years we have noticed that there are two areas of gay pageantry that get little attention – the Mr. side and the Plus girls. After watching and filming the 2010 Miss Large and Lovely pageant – I was reminded once again how amazingly talented, enthusiastic and energetic the plus community is and how this side of pageantry should not be ignored (kinda like the Mr. EOY contest last year really showed how passionate the Mr. gay side of the business can be).

I thoroughly had a great time at the Parliament House – the host of this year’s pageant (held on February 15th). April Fresh and Roseanee DeShanaro were the host charming the crowd as the pageant featured 9 fabulous contestants and a host of special guest entertainers. The contestants this year included: Ginger Minj!, Maya Andrews, Sherri Hart, London Taylor Douglas, Nikki Champagne, Leena Quizeen, Kamden Wells, Alexis De La Mer & Desiree DeMornay. It was a wide range of contestants who really brought it to the contest. Special guest entertainers included Tweeka Weed, Jocelyn Summers, Chi Chi La Lique, Darcel Stevens (who also hosted the Talent category), Geraldine Jones and Josephine Andrews.

If you like a good pageant and enjoy the energy and fun of the big girls, this is a DVD you don’t want to miss. You can buy it by visiting: and click on the shopping button. Want to watch the preview trailer, you can go here to watch:–Lovely-Pageant-Official-Trailer

January 26, 2010

Illusions International pageant hits the scene this weekend in New York City

Two weeks ago, we headed out to the West Coast to film and feature a new preliminary pageant for the Entertainer of the Year Pageantry System. California EOY was a resounding success and put the West Coast on the map for drag pageantry. Our cameras are now headed to the East Coast where we will be filming yet another young and up & coming preliminary pageant system.

Just like California, New York City has its own distinctive style of gay pageantry and when you think of pageant cities, NYC usually does not come to mind. Pageants, as you know it today, are “generally” not common place in New York City. That distinction belongs to the “ballroom scene” which had its roots dating back to the 1920s. Originally, the ballroom scene composed of white men who would dress up in women’s clothes to entertain middle-class and upper-class white audiences. Today’s ballroom scene has evolved and change drastically and while it does not resemble gay pageants as we know it today, it has its own place in the New York Culture.

Enter the Illusions New Jersey International Inc Pageantry System. Created in 2009 by entertainer Tyson Anyae, its goal was to provide a strong and classy outlet for the drag community, while simultaneously helping people suffering with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers. “Through this pageant,” says pageant owner Tyson Anyae, “we can uplift our community and cast away negativity & drama all while having a great time.” In its 2nd year in the NYC/NJ area, Illusions New Jersey is poised to set the tone for future pageants to come in the area.

2009 Illusions Court - Tiffany Richards & Neo Richards

2009 Illusions Court - Tiffany Richards & Neo Richards

Owner Tyson Anyae isn’t new to the arena of gay pageantry as he is a former Mr. Gay New Jersey, Mr. Essex County and Mr. Garden State. By creating the Illusions New Jersey system, he continues to give a creative outlet for all those who enjoy the world of drag. Tiffany Richards and Neo Richards (the 2009 winners of both the preliminary and national pageant contest) will be stepping down this Sunday in favor of the new king and queen who will represent NYC/NJ in the national contest.

The 2010 pageant will be hosted by a trio of talent and comedy. Princess Janae, the legendary Chevelle Brooks and SugarPie KoKo are all on tap to bring you this year’s exciting contest. Guest entertainers scheduled to perform this year include the owner of Mr. and Miss International Inc. Marlowe Rainbow, 2009 Miss International Inc. Newcomer Chi Chi Devine, legendary entertainer and former 2006 Miss New Jersey USofA Empress Vizcaya-Lord, Octavia Anyae, Nikky Sky Blake and many more. Judges this year include 2009 Mister International Inc Romance, Julie Vutton and others to be announced later. The winner of this preliminary pageant will get to compete in the national Mr. and Miss International Pageant held in Jackson, MS in June and also compete in the Mr. and Miss Gay New Jersey pageant as well.

Details you say…details. The pageant will be Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 9pm at the Ravel Hotel (808 Queens Plaza South in Long Island City). Tickets are $15 in advance which you can get by emailing Tickets will be $20 at the door. Need information – give the hotel a call at: 718-289-6101. Traveling by subway – Queens Borough Plaza is your closest station served by the N, W or 7 train. Traveling by car – it is a short hop (if you can call it that with New York City traffic) from Manhattan to the east.

Click Click Expose has had a fun January month of pageants with California EOY in West Hollywood, California; Miss Florida USofA & USofA Classic in Tampa, Florida and finishing up in New York. We can’t wait to meet new friends and fans in NYC and see what Illusions has to offer this year. Good luck to all the contestants and we will see everybody this Sunday.

December 26, 2009

Drag pageantry will come alive in California January 12th – Don’t miss it!!

California EOY - Jan 12 - House of Blues, Hollywood, CA

California EOY - Jan 12 - House of Blues, Hollywood, CA

Forget what you think you know about drag because honey, it’s quite different from your perception.  Often when we refer to drag in the gay community, we refer to camp and burly men dressed in women’s clothes with makeup from hell and mother’s 1950’s dress.  If this is your perception of drag in our community, I invite you to take a look at the world of gay drag pageantry.  This art form of female illusion and male lead is a highly established, highly stylized and fierce competition between men and women in a variety of local, regional and national contests.  While “drag” has been a cornerstone of cabarets and live theatre since the Middle Ages, drag pageantry is said to have been established in the LGBT community in the 1970s in the post Stonewall era.

When you travel across the United States in search of drag pageantry, you think of such hot bed markets as Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas & the east coast.  These markets have been engaged in the world of pageant competition since the beginning.  California, on the other hand, has always been known for “camp and comedic,” according to Erin White, Executive Director of California Entertainer of the Year.  “Thankfully, California has moved into a new era with some of the most jaw dropping illusionist and formidable talents.”

The Entertainer of the Year pageantry system is one of the major “four” pageantry systems in the United States.  It is a system that prides itself on creativity and talent.  And because of this emphasis, dozens upon dozens of entertainers (since EOY’s inception in 1990) have coveted the title of Entertainer of the Year, FI and Mr. Entertainer of the Year.  California joins a list of more than 15 preliminary contests whose goal is to send the winner and first runner-up to the national contest in Louisville, KY.  Executive Director Erin White is excited to add California  to the system and feels with the huge pool of viable competitors in California, that his system has “a shot at taking the national title this coming year.”

Not only will the contest be exciting for both contestants and spectators, but this year’s preliminary pageant is also a major fund-raising event.  The “Heel Hate” silent auction is designed to raise money for the Matthew Shepard Foundation.  Starting on January 4th, people from all over the world will be able to bid on autographed high heels from celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Shania Twain, Cyndi Lauper, Shakira, Paula Dean, Salma Hayek, Lauren Conrad and Lea Michele (from “Glee”).  If you want to bid on these items, head to the website “” or you can bid at the night of the pageant.  Another charity that the folks at California EOY are working on is the NOH8 Campaign who has been raising awareness on the issue of gay marriage through a year-long photo “silent protest.”  All of the contestants will have a NOH8 photo in the program and there will be a souvenir NOH8 poster of the contestants.

And if that wasn’t enough to entice you to come see the pageant (January 12, House of Blues-Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California), maybe the star-studded judges panel will.  Judges this year include: 2008 EOY winner Nina West, National Title Holder Alyssa Edwards, Actress, Author and 1999 Tennessee EOY winner Calpernia Addams, Singer, Dancer & Actress Aubrey O’Day, American model and television personality Holly Madison, Co-Director of Miss California USA Shanna Moakler and the producer of Logo TV’s Rupaul’s Drag Race Matthew Rose.

Needless to say, Click Click Expose is excited to be chosen as the official videographer of this year’s inaugural contest.  As you know, we have been filming gay pageants since the days of us getting our start in Houston, TX in 1996 – so our cameras have been around the block a few times – but never have we been more excited than coming into a new market with new ideas and a fresh outlook on the pageantry community.  Look out everyone, California EOY is looking to make its mark in the world of pageantry.

So details you say…details:  buy your tickets at: or the California EOY website at:  Ticket prices are: general admission $18.00,  reserved seating $25.00 and VIP Platinum seating $45.00.  Never seen an EOY contest before, check out this preview trailer we created of this year’s 2009 National contest or more than a dozen EOY preview videos on our very own video sharing website Planet Q TV (Just click on the button that says Planet Q TV).  This year’s contest will be held at the world-famous House of Blues – Sunset Strip on Tuesday, January 12, 2010.  Doors open at 6:30pm.  Showtime is at 7:00pm.  See you there…


October 20, 2009

Congratulations Sayeed St. James and Starr Sanchez

Sayeed St James - Mr. Tri-County National Newcomer

Sayeed St James - Mr. Tri-County National Newcomer

Sorry pageant fans – I have been sick as a dog this last week and have not been online to send our congratulations out to the new Mr. and Miss Tri-County National Newcomer pageant winners.  For the boys – Sayeed St. James and for the girls Starr Sanchez.  It was a fun pageant as 6 boys and 5 girls competed for the title at Club Revolution in Orlando, Florida.  I probably would have had more fun if I wasn’t sick that night and still had to drive 5 hours back home but hey – I enjoyed the pageant.  I finished the DVD today and I put up one preview trailer of the lovely Tiana Norrel Santi – Miss Tri-County Latina.  Although the pageant was long (we had a triple male tie breaker Q&A at the end of the pageant) – it was well worth it to see who of the guys won.  And for the girls – well rumor has it points were deducted before the pageant started that may have affected the outcome – but I have no knowledge of that and no tea will be spilled here (LOL).

Congrats to Sayeed and Starr – buy the gay pageant DVD from our website at Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) and congrats Sergio for a fantastic 2009 Tri-County year.  We will see you guys November 22nd for Tri-County Legacy when Simba Hall gives up the title.

This year’s contestants included for the Males:

Zayden Bonet, Dontrell Iman, Sayeed St. James, Keondre Diamond, Deahire Santi and Ashlei Santi Valentino.

Starr Sanchez - Miss Tri-County National Newcomer

Starr Sanchez - Miss Tri-County National Newcomer

This year’s contestants included for the Females:

Taniyah Dior Dupree, Tranecia Sanchez, Zaniyah Bonet, Starr Sanchez and Makayla Sanchez.

Zayden was 1st runner-up, Ashlei was 2nd Runner up.

Makayla Sanchez was 1st runner-up and Tranecia Sanchez was 2nd runner-up.

And the battle for Miss Beautiful went to Tranecia Sanchez.  You go girl!!

Thomas – Click Click Expose (podcasting, gay video sharing, gay blogging and live internet TV for the LGBT community)

August 25, 2009

EOY 2009 DVDs ship today!!

Bianca Nicole - National Entertainer of the Year, 2009

Bianca Nicole - National Entertainer of the Year, 2009

Hey pageant fans,

It’s finally over (LOL).  The EOY DVDs are finished, the covers and labels made and the packages put together.  Almost all of the packages went in the mail today via USPS priority mail (2 to 3 days from Miami depending on what part of the country you are in).  If you had a mixed order (you ordered EOY and another pageant like International Week 2009) – your order has been completed and will go in the mail tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone for their patience while we put this year’s DVD together.  If you came by Click Click Expose TV to watch the live editing session, I hope you had fun and got to see a sneak peak of the video and some of the time it takes to put together a multi-camera DVD.  I hope to have more of that in the future.

If you have any questions, comments or questions about your DVD – we will be closed tomorrow and Thursday but I will answer any emails I get later on in the day.  If you are in Atlanta this coming weekend, stop by Club 708 and say hi – we will be  filming the Miss Utopia pageant.

Congrats Bianca and Xavier – have a fantastic year and everyone, I hope you enjoy your DVDs.


August 15, 2009

EOY Update #5 – 8/15/09 with estimated shipping schedule

Here is the latest update on the production schedule for Entertainer of the Year DVD:

1)  Sunday and Saturday’s editing is completed. I just have to include one contestant’s talent video into Sunday’s edit and then I will be prepare to create the DVD. I won’t do the actual DVD authoring until I have completed the other two nights.

2)  Today 8/15 – I am uploading the raw footage for Friday night for both cameras – that is about 10 hours of footage. I should be completed around 8pm tonight. Then on Sunday (8/16), I will begin the first draft edit – combining the two cameras together. On Monday (8/17), I will complete the 2nd and 3rd drafts and finish up the editing – taking out all of the down time, putting in graphics, lower thirds (names) and other graphic work.

3)  Tuesday (8/18) – I will upload the raw footage for Thursday night for both cameras – that is about 8 hours of footage. My goal is to have that completed around 4pm in the afternoon. Then on Tuesday around 9pm – I will begin the first draft edit (combining the two cameras together). I will do that for about 3 hours or so. On Wednesday (8/19) – I will finish up the 1st draft and knock out the 2nd and 3rd draft. With any luck – I will finish Thursday night’s video on Wednesday.

4)  Thursday (8/20) will be the DVD authoring day where I build all 6 DVDs (Part 1 and Part 2 for each day). That will take the better part of 12 hours.

5)  Friday & Saturday (8/21 & 8/22) will be the duplication day where I will duplicate more than 700 disks to get ready to be mailed.

6)  Sunday (8/23) will be the day I package all orders and MONDAY 8/24 (hopefully) will be the day that orders beginning shipping. All orders placed before Aug 15th will ship no later than Tuesday Aug. 25th. Everything else will be filled in the order they were received.

Keep in mind this is a tentative schedule based on where I am at right now – but I think it is a doable schedule. If there are any changes, I will let you know. Have a great weekend.


August 10, 2009

EOY Update #4 – 8/10/09 – New videos uploaded

Bianca Nicole at EOY 2009 - Talent Competition

Bianca Nicole at EOY 2009 - Talent Competition

Hey pageant fans,

Well after about 8 hours, I have finished with EOY DVD for Sunday night only.  I finished the first draft yesterday combining the two cameras together into one video (some of you saw the process yesterday as I broadcasted live on our internet TV channel).  Today, I went through the 4 hour video and took out all of the down time, talking in between categories etc.  Then I had to put in the names for all of the contestants for both Evening Gown and Talent and then create boards for all of the guest entertainers.  After that, I had to fix some audio anomalies (so annoying) and then I created the intro video montage before the actual pageant started.

I am pretty much done.  I haven’t created the DVD yet – I am still debating whether I am going to put in CG names for each contestant as they were announced at the beginning of the pageant (I am still waiting for a list of the contestant names and spellings) but other than that, I am finish.

Tomorrow, I will upload 10 hours worth of video (2 cameras for Saturday’s show) and then start that editing on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, since it takes 10 hours to move video to the computer – that will take up all of my day so I can’t really edit until Wed.

I posted 4 new videos on Planet Q TV all around what happened on Sunday night + I posted the presentation video we created for Xavier Cole for the men’s competition.  We hope you like the videos.  Well I am calling it a day.  Enjoy…until tomorrow…have a great week.


August 9, 2009

EOY Update #3 – 8/9/09

Now that I have uploaded all 8 hours (2 cameras) of Sunday nights EOY pageant, it is time to edit.  I decided to edit live on our internet TV channel that you can get to from our website.  At 12:30pm – I did the first 2 hours of the pageant and right now I am doing the last 2 hours – which is talent, entertainment, farewell and crowning.  So if you read this blog now (its about 6:53pm EST on Sunday Aug 9th, go click on the live internet TV button from our home page and chat with your friends and enjoy the editing of the pageant.  After I finish this first draft of the edit, tomorrow I will go through all 4 hours, cut out the down time, add graphics, text and etc and finish up Sunday night’s video – hopefully, if all goes well I will be done tomorrow.


August 8, 2009

Miami International Closetball DVD Ready

Lashawn Chanel as a boy in the closetball

Lashawn Chanel as a boy in the closetball


Pageant folks in the south know all about the closetballs – where you come out as a man in the presentation category and then return a hour later as a woman in evening gown and talent.  The transformations are exciting to watch and you really get to appreciate what drag is all about.  Well the 1st Annual Miami Closetball was held last month in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Lashawn Denne Chanel was crown the winner.  Mercedes Monroe was 1st runner up and Jazzlyln Sanchez was 2nd runner up.

I have finish the editing of this video which comes in at just over 2 hours and 5 minutes.  I am authoring the DVD as I write this (this pageant will be on 2 disks) and the entire process will be finished in the next couple of hours.  You can order the dvd via our Shopping Web Page.  I am also going to put up a video of one of the entertainers that was at the pageant – Tiona Love and interpersed through that video you will see the contestants that competed.  The video will be up on our video sharing website: Planet Q TV.

Enjoy the dvd, the preview trailer and this year’s closetball from Miami.


Lashawn as a women in this year's closetball

Lashawn as a women in this year's closetball

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