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May 15, 2010

The New Pageant Pay Per View Online Service


It’s the all new Pageant Pay Per View Online Viewing Service.

The all new Pageant Pay Per View Online System

The all new Pageant Pay Per View Online System

Here’s  how it works:

1) Go to the Click Click Expose website at: ( and look for the Video Sharing/Planet Q TV button.  Click on that button;

2)  Go to the “channels page” and look for the Pay Per View video channel;

3)  Browse our selection of videos (new videos are added every week) and choose one of the videos you wish to watch;

4)  Play the video.  After 45 seconds, the video will stop playing and ask for you to buy a weekly subscription rental for $15.00.

5)  Pay for your weekly rental.  After you pay, you are directed back to the Planet Q TV website.

6)  You are now a PREMIUM MEMBER.  You can watch any video that is in our Pay Per View Video Channel for the next 7 days.  ANY VIDEO – ANY TIME – 7 DAYS.

7)  After 7 days, you will be charged another weekly subscription fee unless you cancel your membership.  Subscriptions are paid for thru Pay Pal – you must cancel your subscription through Pay Pal.

NO REFUNDS ON PAY PER VIEW MEMBERSHIPS. One membership per person per account.  Users who give out or give away their log in information will be permanently banned from the website via your IP address.  Your IP address is recorded on every membership.  Valid email is required.  If you have questions concerning your Planet Q TV Premium Membership Account, please email us at:

Thanks and enjoy the new Pageant Pay Per View Online Service.  More videos are coming soon!!

October 20, 2009

Congratulations Sayeed St. James and Starr Sanchez

Sayeed St James - Mr. Tri-County National Newcomer

Sayeed St James - Mr. Tri-County National Newcomer

Sorry pageant fans – I have been sick as a dog this last week and have not been online to send our congratulations out to the new Mr. and Miss Tri-County National Newcomer pageant winners.  For the boys – Sayeed St. James and for the girls Starr Sanchez.  It was a fun pageant as 6 boys and 5 girls competed for the title at Club Revolution in Orlando, Florida.  I probably would have had more fun if I wasn’t sick that night and still had to drive 5 hours back home but hey – I enjoyed the pageant.  I finished the DVD today and I put up one preview trailer of the lovely Tiana Norrel Santi – Miss Tri-County Latina.  Although the pageant was long (we had a triple male tie breaker Q&A at the end of the pageant) – it was well worth it to see who of the guys won.  And for the girls – well rumor has it points were deducted before the pageant started that may have affected the outcome – but I have no knowledge of that and no tea will be spilled here (LOL).

Congrats to Sayeed and Starr – buy the gay pageant DVD from our website at Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) and congrats Sergio for a fantastic 2009 Tri-County year.  We will see you guys November 22nd for Tri-County Legacy when Simba Hall gives up the title.

This year’s contestants included for the Males:

Zayden Bonet, Dontrell Iman, Sayeed St. James, Keondre Diamond, Deahire Santi and Ashlei Santi Valentino.

Starr Sanchez - Miss Tri-County National Newcomer

Starr Sanchez - Miss Tri-County National Newcomer

This year’s contestants included for the Females:

Taniyah Dior Dupree, Tranecia Sanchez, Zaniyah Bonet, Starr Sanchez and Makayla Sanchez.

Zayden was 1st runner-up, Ashlei was 2nd Runner up.

Makayla Sanchez was 1st runner-up and Tranecia Sanchez was 2nd runner-up.

And the battle for Miss Beautiful went to Tranecia Sanchez.  You go girl!!

Thomas – Click Click Expose (podcasting, gay video sharing, gay blogging and live internet TV for the LGBT community)

October 6, 2009

Will you march in Washington DC October 11th?

National Equality March on Washington DC

National Equality March on Washington DC

I remember back in 1993 when I was a field producer for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s March on Washington video. It was certainly a different time then when the idea of civil rights for all gay and lesbian people were still a struggle and I was so far in the closet, I could have hurt myself. It was a great experience being around so many like minded people who didn’t care if you were gay, straight or bi – they were all there to have a good time and to promote equality for all.

I won’t get to go this year as I have a filming project to attend on Sunday but if you get to go, WE HOPE YOU WILL SHARE YOUR VIDEO STORIES ON PLANET Q TV.   Planet Q TV was designed 2 1/2 years ago as a place where gay and lesbian video bloggers,  content producers and professionals could tell their stories in one unique place for our community.  I  would love to hear about your adventures, what you saw, what you liked or didn’t like and if you feel that equality is right around the corner for us or if we still have a long way to go.

Have fun this Sunday and if you are video blogging, I would like to encourage you to upload your videos to Planet Q TV so everyone around the world that visits our site can learn about your experience.

Thomas (Click Click Expose)

August 10, 2009

EOY Update #4 – 8/10/09 – New videos uploaded

Bianca Nicole at EOY 2009 - Talent Competition

Bianca Nicole at EOY 2009 - Talent Competition

Hey pageant fans,

Well after about 8 hours, I have finished with EOY DVD for Sunday night only.  I finished the first draft yesterday combining the two cameras together into one video (some of you saw the process yesterday as I broadcasted live on our internet TV channel).  Today, I went through the 4 hour video and took out all of the down time, talking in between categories etc.  Then I had to put in the names for all of the contestants for both Evening Gown and Talent and then create boards for all of the guest entertainers.  After that, I had to fix some audio anomalies (so annoying) and then I created the intro video montage before the actual pageant started.

I am pretty much done.  I haven’t created the DVD yet – I am still debating whether I am going to put in CG names for each contestant as they were announced at the beginning of the pageant (I am still waiting for a list of the contestant names and spellings) but other than that, I am finish.

Tomorrow, I will upload 10 hours worth of video (2 cameras for Saturday’s show) and then start that editing on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, since it takes 10 hours to move video to the computer – that will take up all of my day so I can’t really edit until Wed.

I posted 4 new videos on Planet Q TV all around what happened on Sunday night + I posted the presentation video we created for Xavier Cole for the men’s competition.  We hope you like the videos.  Well I am calling it a day.  Enjoy…until tomorrow…have a great week.


August 7, 2009

EOY Update #2 – 8/7/09 – 10pm

Update News for EOY

Update News for EOY

Hey pageant fans…time to call it a night – wanted to give a quick update on what was accomplished today.

1) Miami International Closetball – 3 hours of video content was uploaded to the editing workstation. Will begin editing video tomorrow (Saturday).

2) EOY 2009 – 4 hours of video content (Sunday Night Camera 1) was uploaded to the editing workstation. Will upoload 4 hours of camera 2 tomorrow after I finish editing Miami Intl Closetball – but if the editing takes me longer than 5 hours – I may defer to Sunday.

3) I replaced the two EOY preview videos on Planet Q TV. I noticed the older videos were showing some signs of playback issues (slight stuttering issue) so I replaced it with a higher quality .flv file. Plays back beautiful now.

4) I updated the shopping page on Click Click Expose. Retail price changes go into effect tomorrow for all EOY 2009 products.

I think that’s it. Have a great weekend everyone.


April 27, 2009

Now on Twitter!!

You can now follow us on twitter to keep up to date on anything happening with the crew over at Click Click Expose.  We will use twitter to update you on what’s going on with Click Click Expose TV, new videos on Planet Q TV, who won the latest pageant we filmed and when the latest DVDs are available.

Our twitter name is: CCE_TV.  Be sure to come follow us.


April 23, 2009

Congratulations Angelica Sanchez

Wow!! – What a night of pageantry.   The Florida USofA Pageantry System finished up its 2009 season with the At-Large Division Pageant held at the Parliament House in Orlando, Florida.  6 girls competed for the title – Angelica Sanchez walked away with the crown.  Angelica, along with 1st runner up Jocelyn Summers, 2nd runner up Roxxxy Andrews and 3rd runner up Mizery all get to go on and compete in the national competition later on this year.  We wish everyone good luck at nationals.  The DVD is AVAILABLE NOW for $15.00 + S/H & Tax.  Get your copy today.  Digital Downloads and Pay Per View available in about a week.  Below are some pictures of the competition along with links to the trailers.  Watch and ENJOY!!

Florida USofA At-Large Trailer – Click Here

Darcel Stevens performs at Pageant – Click Here

Tiffany McCray performs at Pageant – Click Here

Erica Andrews performs at Pageant – Click Here

2009 At-Large Contestants

2009 At-Large Contestants

Emcees Alesha Markstone & Darcel Stevens

Emcees Alesha Markstone & Darcel Stevens

2009 Miss Florida USofA At Large Winner - Angelica Sanchez

2009 Miss Florida USofA At Large Winner - Angelica Sanchez

Hospitality Award to Chantel Rashae - surprise!!

Hospitality Award to Chantel Rashae - surprise!!

Celebrating 20th Anniversary - Lorrie DelMar

Celebrating 20th Anniversary - Lorrie DelMar

Sharde Ross performs at pageant

Sharde Ross performs at pageant

Tajma Hall performs at Florida USofA At Large Pageant

Tajma Hall performs at Florida USofA At Large Pageant

I had a great time at the pageant and while I only got a moment to say hi to a couple of people – it seemed like everyone had a fantastic time.  This is a pageant many won’t forget for some time.  Until next year….


March 26, 2009

DVD prices have been lower & some other news….

Hey everybody,

I have been away from the blog for far too long.  I promise to change that – things have been pretty crazy around here as we attempt to launch some new things.  So here is a quick rundown if you have been away from the website:

1)  I have gone through and lower many of the prices on our pageant DVDs.  Many are now only $20 + tax & shipping and handling.  I also combined some pageants making them into combos and re-adjusted a few others.  It has always been a philosophy of mine to keep our prices reasonable.  There are so many pageant fans out there but I know that times are tough and everyone can’t keep dropping $50 or more on pageant DVDs.  Hopefully our prices are reasonable and will encourage people TO BUY the official copy.

2)  We kicked off our Live Internet TV with a broadcast of the 2009 Miss Florida USofA Classic pageant.  It turned out to be a great success and a lot of fun.  The chat room was opened while we were showing the pageant and I think everyone who watched had a great time.  If you made a donation, THANK YOU!!  Your donations will help keep this endeavor going.  Next up – 2009 Mr. and Miss Dumarr International – showing live on Thursday April 9th at 8pm and 10pm and again on Sunday April 12th at 8pm and 10pm.  HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!!

3)  2009 Mr. and Miss Dumarr has been added to the pageant pay per view along with fixing the problem with the 2009 Miss Florida USofA.  Also 2009 South Florida International Closet Ball has been added as well.  Remember you can rent for 2 days or buy the digital download to play on your computer.  It is simple and easy and a little cheaper than buying the DVD and you get to watch it immediately.  More videos coming soon.

4)  In 1 month, we will be offering DJ services to our list of video, post-production, audio-production and blogging services.  If you are in need of DJ services for your pageant, birthday party or other event – let us know – we can assist.  We will also be offering audio services for corporate and presentation events as well.  Don’t let the hotels or other companies charge you high prices to rent audio equipment, speakers, microphones, etc – we can do it for you.  Just another value service we are bringing to our community.

5)  New videos on Planet Q TV have been added.  Make sure you check it out.  Just Like Judy is the new music video from Darren Stewart-Jones – check it out.  Drag Queen Posse is always up to their crazy antics with a new video called Twisted Nights at Universal.  Queer Channel TV has the sexy 2009 pool party sleezy awards and a cute look at “Oscar Glam” and Twist Everything suprises his partner (that’ s me) with a trip to the Renaissance Festival.  Make sure you check out all of the videos at:   You can also get to it from our home page at:

Well that’s about it for now.  More things will be coming soon so stay on the lookout.  And as always, thanks for your continued support.  Have a great weekend.


November 13, 2008

Planet Q TV is back online – Happy Viewing!!

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Hey video fans,

Planet Q TV

Planet Q TV

After a short time off to fix some security leaks (damn those hackers) – Planet Q TV is back up and running.  We have updated the script, changed our video player (it is such a sweet video player), changed a few little things about the site and we are all set.  More good things are coming in the weeks ahead like a redesigned profile page so your profile, your picture and all the great things you have to say about your self will look good – plus other surprises we think you will like.

As always we welcome your comments and suggestions – tell us what you like and what you don’t like about Planet Q TV and what we can do to make it better.  Speak up and let us know your thoughts.  We hope you continue to enjoy watching videos from all over the world and make sure you join our community AND UPLOAD YOUR VIDEOS!!

Happy Viewing….Thomas (Official Content Producer – Click Click Expose)

November 10, 2008

Planet Q TV is offline

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I have taken Planet Q TV offline until I work out some issues with the site.  It appears the hackers are at it again and more security measures are needed.  I apologize for the inconvenience and will have the site back up soon.  Thanks for your patience.


October 23, 2008

White, Jewish, Gay Rapper – yep it’s real!!

Soce The Elemental Wizard

Soce The Elemental Wizard

So what do you have when you combine an Ivy League educated, violin-playing, Jewish white gay rapper from New York – well you have computer programmer by day and comedian rapper by night – named Soce (that’s pronounced so-say).  He isn’t new to the scene having produced 2 albums that go back to 2004 but this oxy moron of gay hip hop has been producing stylish beats, dope lyrics and in your face rhymes for more than 5 years (that I know of).  I learned of Soce last year when I was adding a Deadlee video to our Planet Q TV website.  Back then, I hadn’t placed much emphasis on gay hip hop thinking that it was a passing fad.  Boy was I wrong!!  These artists have some amazing music, amazing stories and beats that I think you will love (especially if you are fan of hip hop).  Hence, my new focus on the podcast shows on gay hip hop.

Soce first album “I’m In My Own World” reminds of a little old school mix in with R&B, rap, folk, dance all tied together in a production that in my mind is outstanding.  I am no music critic and it’s been a long time since I have had any desire to want to go buy a CD but I definitely will be picking up Soce first album – check out some of the preview tracks

I'm In My Own World

I'm In My Own World

 here ( – you will be presently surprise.  His sophomore album “The Lemonade Incident” is a departure from his first album and really take advantageous of his comedic background.  Very in your face and direct – Soce isn’t afraid to tell you he’s gay and what he likes to do (LOL).  We got permission to put up his “I’m So Gay” music video on Planet Q TV – check it out and you will see what I mean by in your face.  And for all you folks with virgin ears, he has a clean version as well – but since we are all grown ups here – you get the explicit version (LOL).

I have had a lot of fun exploring the Gay Hip Hop world and I hope to bring more artist, music, interviews, and videos to you.  So make sure you continue to stop by and check it out.  Here is a little bio on Soce so you can learn a little bit more about “The elemental wizard.” Oh…and he likes role playing games – A pc gamer after my own heart!!!  Here’s his bio!!

Soce - The Elemental Wizard

Soce - The Elemental Wizard

Soce is the Jewish, Gay, White MC. A computer programmer on Wall Street by day.. Level 27 Hip Hop Spellcaster Master Rapper by night! Soce is well known in both the music and comedy scenes throughout NYC, representing all genres from anti-folk to art stars, improve to standup and acting. He has been described as the male Lil Kim and the white Eminem. Soce’s been on MTV, VH1, Logo, HERE and in The Source, URB, Out magazine and numerous German, Austrian and Swiss magazines, as well as being interviewed live on WNYC 93.9 FM and Sirius Satellite Radio, on OutQ 106, Raw Dog Comedy 104 and Shade 45 (where he recently won their first ever gay hip hop battle). The wizard has been filmed in three documentaries on gay rappers.

In addition, he’s produced tracks and performed as a special guest rapping, singing, acting in videos and playing violin for numerous talented artists including MF Grimm, Jeff Lewis, dub-L, Mistermaker, Q-Boy, Bigg Nugg, Danny Katz, Sair, Many V.e.r.s.e.s, Kontrast, Chris Fuller, Frank Grimaldi, Jenn Lindsay, Linda Draper, Johnny Dangerous, Rob Cantrell, Ray DeVito, Bacivo Nuggets, Tijuana Yacht Club, Matt Koff, Ben Lerman, Scotty the Blue Bunny and Jon Berger. Soce produced the track Lick It by God-Des and She, which has become one of their big hits, and they performed it live on the season three finale of The L Word.

Soce does live shows throughout NYC in not only hipster bars and clubs, but also at colleges, theaters, museums, community centers and synagogues. He’s also done shows in Berlin, London, Sheffield (UK), Boston, LI, CT, NH, MN, NJ, SF, IN, IA and LA. Look for soce performing in a town near you. He also programs his own flash cartoon videos and games and makes comedy videos with his performer friends. Additionally, he co-hosts a math bee once a month with comedian Jennifer Dziura at Chelsea Market, and he does interviews and show reviews for NYC comedy blog The Apiary.

If you’ve ever had to struggle, been in love, enjoyed a good role-playing game or just wanted to experience rap music where you can actually relate to every word spoken, soce’s music is for you. Look for his third album “Master of Fine Arts” coming out very soon! Visit his website at:

Happy Listening…Thomas

October 10, 2008

What’s new on Planet Q TV – Homo Hip Hop and other videos

Greetings Planet Q TV Fans,

Every Thursday I try to do a major update to our family of websites and lately we have been behind as we prepare to move to a new office.  But alas, the update is finish (the move is not) and we have a lot of new videos to showcase on Planet Q TV this week.



In a couple of weeks, we hope to be showcasing new videos from “Out At The Center” – a video production series from the team at the LGBT community center in New York City and the TV trailer for Urban Raiders – the upcoming Hip Hop Reality TV show.

I am also placing a renew interest in Homo Hip Hop – the gay hip hop sub culture that exist in our

Granthm - Gay Hip Hop Artist

Granthm - Gay Hip Hop Artist

community unknown to many music fans.  If you are a rap or hip hop fan, then know that there are some great gay artist out there that are producing some fantastic music.  To listen to one artist, subscribe to the Click Click Expose Podcast Network (Click Here) – and listen to artist Granthm. 

We will be showcasing his music for the next few weeks.  I also uploaded some new videos courtesy of You Tube on gay rapper Soce, an interview with Deadlee and gay rapper QBoy from the UK.
For our lesbian fans….you have not been left out (and come on guys – it won’t kill you to watch a video with girls in it) – we are featuring a fantastic video podcast show called “U People TV” from director Hanifah Walidah and her partner.  We have a couple of their podcast shows up, her music video and their latest podcast show “I heart Brooklyn Girls” – episode number 46.
Our video content producer “Drag Queen Posse” has uploaded several new videos including Part 1 and Part 2 of the Azucar Awards and a dreamgirl revue on stage.


Are you a Lady Gaga fan?  Check out her video “Just Dance” along with some behind the scene footage that is fun to watch.  Lady Gaga is courtesy of Interscope Records. 

Finally I had a chance to email chat with a viewer who is running a science video sharing website who uploaded an interesting animation video on HIV replication for all you medical and science nerds (just kidding) – the video is quite interesting.

Lastly, if you are a gay pageant fan – then the team over at Click Click Expose  has filmed their last major pageant for the 2008 year which was Missouri Entertainer of the Year Preliminary pageant held in St. Louis, MO.  We have preview videos from both Friday and Saturday night and Adrian (with his Flip Phone in had) did a behind the scenes look at the pageant.

So much to watch…we hope you find something you like.  Remember, share your videos, join our community and let us know what you think as we provide the best place to find LGBT videos from all over the world.

Happy Viewing!!!

Thomas (Video Content Producer – Click Click Expose)






September 4, 2008

New videos uploaded on Planet Q TV – new website look coming soon!!

Now that I am done editing two of our biggest pageants for the year, it is now time to settle down on the other portions of our family of multi-media websites. 

Planet Q TV

Planet Q TV

I uploaded 12 new videos on Planet Q TV – representing Mr. EOY, Miss EOY and Mr and Miss International and International Plus.  When you get a chance, take a look at Skyler Styles (contestant – presentation category – Mr. EOY), Tasha Cole (Entertainer for EOY 08 – Finals Night), Sabin (talent category – prelim night – EOY 08), Octavius Rashad (Finalist – talent category – Mr. International), Mya Douglas (Entertainer for EOY 08), Marsean Devine (Finalist – talent category – Mr. International), The Lady Angelica and Anatasia Beaverhausen (Entertainers for Mr/Miss International), Kitty Litter (Entertainer for Mr/Miss International), Dashe Desmond Rose (talent category – prelim night – EOY 08), Chasity St Cartier (contestant – talent category – Miss International Plus), Adonis Diamond (Finalist – talent category – Mr. International) and Camille Simpson (talent category – prelim night – EOY 08)…  woa…yeah I was on a roll so I thought I would throw some videos out there.

Also, for those of you who have been with us for years – it’s coming – yes another website design change

Click Click Expose - Our New Company Logo

Click Click Expose "New Logo"

 for Click Click Expose.  I know what you are thinking – NOT AGAIN.  This time however will be different, a more simplified website with a much better polished look – many people have told us they like our website but many have told us that it is extremely overwhelming and has so much information that it is hard to navigate and sometimes confusing.  So we are going to simplify things and polish things up.  We think of Click Click Expose as a “brand” especially as it relates to the pageantry community – but we are more than just pageants and pageant videos.  We want to be one of your gay multi-media destination sites of choice.  So rather its gay videos on our video sharing website “Planet Q TV,” whether its the nation’s only online digital download pageant pay per view service, internet radio, blogging or podcasting – we hope you will find something of interest that will keep you coming back for more.  So with any brand, their needs to be a “logo” that signifies the brand.  We really haven’t had that in the past but now we do thanks to our graphics and animation artist Eric who is working with us on the new website look.  The new website look should be up in about a couple of weeks.  We are excited about it and think you will be surprise – it will be our best look ever.

If you are look for Entertainer of the Year on pay per view (the miss division) – it will be up in about 1 week.  The Mr. EOY and all of the International pageants are up now online.

That’s it for now.  More coming soon.


August 6, 2008

DVD Editing Update #2 – EOY and International Week 2008

Here is some updated information as of Wednesday Aug. 6th.

1)  Mr. and Miss International Finals night is done.  DVD prep and duplication will occur this weekend.  If you ordered finals night only, it will go in the mail on Monday August 11th.

2)  I am currently uploading all cameras for Friday and Saturday night (Mr/Miss Prelim and Plus competition).  I will work on the Plus competition next and then the prelim for Mr/Miss.

3)  Trailer for Finals night of Mr/Miss International should be up by next week.  Sorry for the delay.

4)  EOY editing begins next week.  If you were a constestant and you have the actual video for your presentation and/or talent and you want that original footage included in the final DVD, please email us at: or give us a call at: 305-695-0095 so I can give you instructions on where to send the video.

5)  If you attempted to get on Planet Q TV within the last couple of hours, the database server was down.  That is why you did not see the home page.  The server has been restarted and all is well now.  Make sure you check out the trailers for EOY and International Week – also check out the new videos uploaded by one of our content producers – Drag Queen Posse.

6)  There are 3 customers out there who still need to call our office to confirm their order they placed with us at the night of EOY.  I have emailed each of you.  Please give us a call or email us or we can not process your order.

That’s it for now pageant fans.  More coming soon.


July 31, 2008

DVD Editing update #1 – EOY and International Week 2008

Hey everyone,

Here is a quick update on a variety of things concerning our most recent filming productions.  Things are pretty hectic around here as I am trying to update the new pageant pay per view site, upload hours upon hours of video clips, modify the website, put together orders and process orders.  It’s crazy…..but here we go:

1)  The pre-order special has ended for EOY videotapes.  It ran longer than expected as I did not have a chance to update the website – so for all of you people who ordered in the last 3 days – Merry Christmas (LOL – just kidding)  – glad you were able to take advantage of the pre-order.  I still have 4 people who ordered at EOY this year with Blossom – your orders have not been processed for various reasons – you will still get the pre-order special as soon as we clear up your payment questions;

2)  I am about 3 hours away from the first draft of Finals night Mr. and Miss International Week.  This was a 3 camera shoot so uploading 15 hours of video for one night took some time.  Then I have to sync all cameras together from all tapes (so many tapes) and then sit through the first viewing of the pageant.  I am almost done with that.  Then I will go through and edit the tape down, add in the names and effects, put some special backgrouds in, color correct some camera shots and put the 2nd draft together.  I hope to have that done by Sunday.  Saturday I am filming a wedding so I won’t be editing all day Saturday.

3)  I have started uploading and capturing Thursday night and Friday night of EOY.  Adrian will be editing parts of EOY starting with the Mr. Competition.  I still have to drop the 2nd camera down but the 1st camera is almost complete.  I will have that done within the hour.

4)  Many of you have already seen the preview clips of International Week and EOY.  But if you haven’t, you can check them out at our all gay video sharing website called Planet Q TV.  We hope you enjoy them!!

5)  The Pageant Soup Podcast Show was cancelled today as well as the other updates to the Podcast network as I am too swamped to do the show today.  The network will resume its normal programming next week.  We are looking forward to inviting Nina West & Savion Simpson Black on the show.  Be sure to check out episode #41 of the Pageant Soup Podcast Show as we talked to Danille Revlon who won the Miss International Plus competition.

6)  If you ordered DVDs from us in the last couple of days not related to EOY, your order will go in the mail tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay.

That’s it for now.  I am off to finish the first draft of International Week.  Everyone have a great day and thanks for your continued support.

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