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February 27, 2008

The “brother” surprises the “Man”

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Check out this video where an interviewer is talking to a young man who supports Senator Obama.  What’s interesting about the interview is the fact that the interviewee is attempting to show that Obama supporters only like him for his character and not for his politics.  Boy was the interviewer wrong – he picked the wrong person to try to prove a point.


February 18, 2008

New videos added to Planet “Q” TV


So you haven’t been over to Planet Q TV  yet.  You are wondering what all of the fuss is about.  Well never fear, if I said it once I will say it over and over again (okay so I am annoying) – go to Planet Q TV – check it out…you won’t be disappointed.  We have added 5 new videos from the 2008 South Florida International Closet Ball that was held at J’s Bar in Ft. Lauderdale last week.  17 videos have been added in the last 5 days bringing our total to over 360 videos to watch.

Politics, pageants, music videos, coming out stories, commercials, religion – you name it (well almost) and we got it.  Check it out: you won’t be disappointed.

OH…and did I mention …. UPLOAD YOUR VIDEOS TODAY…hehe.  Don’t forget you can upload your videos, cell phone videos, camera videos, anything you want to share with your LGBT family.  Or just send us a hello..  We would love to see ya…


February 9, 2008

New Planet Q TV website redesigned launched….

Planet Q TV is breaking away from Click Click Expose to be it’s own stand alone website and entertainment destination website.  I have completed about 75% of the changes to the website and you can see it here at:  Except for some fine tuning of graphics, text and links – the site home page will pretty much look that way (unless I come across a web designer who can help me create a different look).  The next step is to create a functional and interactive flash video player for the site (which will allow us to migrate away from the Brightcove player).  If you are a flash developer or know how to create flash video players with databases – I could sure use your help – drop me a line:

I hope you like the new look – the goal of the site is to bring together gay and lesbian video content producers from around the globe and give them a destination website to showcase their work to everyone around the world (while still keeping their brand and their identity).  In addition to the amateur or professional video person – this site is also designed for the everyday man or woman on the street – who likes to use their cell phone, their camera  or their own video camera to shoot video about the gay and lesbian community.

I am excited about Planet Q TV and what it can do for our community.  I hope you agree and will come on board.  Leave me your comments, suggestions  – tell me what you like and don’t like – BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY  don’t forget – upload your videos today.  You Tube is nice, Daily Motion is cool – but these sites all focus on EVERYONE – gay, straight, man, woman – and every subject in the book.  Planet Q TV is designed for one community and one community ONLY – our gay and lesbian community – and what matters the most to us.


February 5, 2008

Yes…we can…

One of the reasons I am in this business is to share the great things that people create through video that can be shared with the world.  It’s that creativity that drives me and keeps me going.  One of my good friends from college (who I just found out several months ago was gay) shared this video with me so I wanted to share it with you guys.  I am not here to say who would make a better President or who should win – but I think the message is clear…YES WE CAN ..make a difference…each one of us in this big world of ours.  I hope you like it.

February 2, 2008

Windows Vista…well….sucks

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While sitting here freezing my ass off in cold Las Vegas for the Photo Marketing Association Trade Show, I thought I would look around the internet to see if I could find something that pretty much sums up everyone’s opinion about Windows Vista.


Now if a little town in Milford, New Hampshire (where ever the hell that is) can get it right….I guess the rest of us need to follow suit.  I won’t touch Windows Vista with a ten foot pole.  And as much as I want Direct X 10 support for the newest video games… I just can’t do it….stability, performance issues, driver support….buggy….shall I go on?  And…GET THIS….and to piss you off even more….rumor has it (although Microsoft won’t officially announce it) but a new version of Windows is being worked on for a 2009 release.  Now don’t you feel stupid for buying Vista now???  I think i will stay with my trusty XP for another year.  Now if someone could just figure out how to port Mac OS 10 or leopard over to windows…that would be interesting…


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