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October 29, 2008

Why society is dumb??

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Okay…I didn’t come up with that title, it actually was a part of a cable TV show but it got me thinking about the presidential campaign.  It got me thinking about all of the “controversial topics” that have been thrown out there like “terrorist,” “socialist,” “Marxism,” “Arab,” etc.  It also got me reading on various forums and blogs from both the left, right and middle – and I have come to the conclusion that America is in trouble?  Unless one of these candidates can figure out away to bring this country together as Americans, we are headed to a very nasty and extreme divide in this country.  Arab = bad, rich = unfair, terrorist=Islam, black=lazy, white=discriminate, gay=sinner – I mean we have all of these conclusions and attitudes being drawn by people and its exacerbated by the media and its focus on the 30 second soundbite.  Things have gotten ugly, opinions have gotten nasty and people’s views have skewed to dangerous proportions.

Now being in this industry, I understand how the power of video can shape people’s opinion and belief but if the way we surf the Internet, the way we read the newspaper, the way we watch TV is any indication – most people will not take the time out to fine out the “whole” story and therefore we end up shaping our opinions based on incomplete information, based on a 30 second soundbite or something “they heard” from a friend.  Or better yet, we shape our opinion based on something we think we know or we think we remember from high school history class.  I love to read, I love to gather everyone’s opinion on a topic and then I love to throw in my two cents – I have no shortage of opinions but I try my best not to jump onto a bandwagon of thoughts and ideas that are not grounded in a little fact or do not take the “whole” picture into consideration.  I hope our society starts to understand that and do a little bit more to educate themselves on issues instead of letting their feelings dictate their opinion.  I think we would be much better off.

One rather small example of this is when I ran across this clip from the show “Realtime with Bill Maher (HBO, 2008)” that talks about how the word “socialism=bad” concept is the wrong approach to this stigmatized word.  It turns out the concept of “socialism” is grounded in some of the basic things we take for granted in this country like public education, social security, taxes, etc.  It was an interesting argument that I wanted to share with you all.  I am not saying its good or bad – just take a look at a bigger picture before passing judgment. Media outlets and the way they are designed are just not in a position to take hard in-depth looks into a topic that will hold people’s attention – but at least I give some folks credit for trying.

October 27, 2008

Season 2 of the Duder show is here – Watch it on Planet Q TV

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So there was this group of guys and gals…some gay some straight…who just,  you know, duder around.  They all got together to share and talk about things that were happening in their lives.  Thus was born the internet web comedy show Duder from New York writer and web producer Matt Kirsch.  Many of you were introduced to the Duder show through season 1 when we had it up on that “other” platform (LOL).  Well everything has been moved over to here including the two new episodes for Season 2.  Make sure you check it out as new episodes hit every Monday and Thursday – Who Is Paul Gruff just uploaded today.  To understand the characters and see why they are the way they are, make sure you watch the first season.  Head to the channel page and look for the Duder channel.

We continue our outreach to talented film makers, writers and producers out there and are happy to showcase the new episodes of Duder.  Have fun and happy viewing!!


October 23, 2008

White, Jewish, Gay Rapper – yep it’s real!!

Soce The Elemental Wizard

Soce The Elemental Wizard

So what do you have when you combine an Ivy League educated, violin-playing, Jewish white gay rapper from New York – well you have computer programmer by day and comedian rapper by night – named Soce (that’s pronounced so-say).  He isn’t new to the scene having produced 2 albums that go back to 2004 but this oxy moron of gay hip hop has been producing stylish beats, dope lyrics and in your face rhymes for more than 5 years (that I know of).  I learned of Soce last year when I was adding a Deadlee video to our Planet Q TV website.  Back then, I hadn’t placed much emphasis on gay hip hop thinking that it was a passing fad.  Boy was I wrong!!  These artists have some amazing music, amazing stories and beats that I think you will love (especially if you are fan of hip hop).  Hence, my new focus on the podcast shows on gay hip hop.

Soce first album “I’m In My Own World” reminds of a little old school mix in with R&B, rap, folk, dance all tied together in a production that in my mind is outstanding.  I am no music critic and it’s been a long time since I have had any desire to want to go buy a CD but I definitely will be picking up Soce first album – check out some of the preview tracks

I'm In My Own World

I'm In My Own World

 here ( – you will be presently surprise.  His sophomore album “The Lemonade Incident” is a departure from his first album and really take advantageous of his comedic background.  Very in your face and direct – Soce isn’t afraid to tell you he’s gay and what he likes to do (LOL).  We got permission to put up his “I’m So Gay” music video on Planet Q TV – check it out and you will see what I mean by in your face.  And for all you folks with virgin ears, he has a clean version as well – but since we are all grown ups here – you get the explicit version (LOL).

I have had a lot of fun exploring the Gay Hip Hop world and I hope to bring more artist, music, interviews, and videos to you.  So make sure you continue to stop by and check it out.  Here is a little bio on Soce so you can learn a little bit more about “The elemental wizard.” Oh…and he likes role playing games – A pc gamer after my own heart!!!  Here’s his bio!!

Soce - The Elemental Wizard

Soce - The Elemental Wizard

Soce is the Jewish, Gay, White MC. A computer programmer on Wall Street by day.. Level 27 Hip Hop Spellcaster Master Rapper by night! Soce is well known in both the music and comedy scenes throughout NYC, representing all genres from anti-folk to art stars, improve to standup and acting. He has been described as the male Lil Kim and the white Eminem. Soce’s been on MTV, VH1, Logo, HERE and in The Source, URB, Out magazine and numerous German, Austrian and Swiss magazines, as well as being interviewed live on WNYC 93.9 FM and Sirius Satellite Radio, on OutQ 106, Raw Dog Comedy 104 and Shade 45 (where he recently won their first ever gay hip hop battle). The wizard has been filmed in three documentaries on gay rappers.

In addition, he’s produced tracks and performed as a special guest rapping, singing, acting in videos and playing violin for numerous talented artists including MF Grimm, Jeff Lewis, dub-L, Mistermaker, Q-Boy, Bigg Nugg, Danny Katz, Sair, Many V.e.r.s.e.s, Kontrast, Chris Fuller, Frank Grimaldi, Jenn Lindsay, Linda Draper, Johnny Dangerous, Rob Cantrell, Ray DeVito, Bacivo Nuggets, Tijuana Yacht Club, Matt Koff, Ben Lerman, Scotty the Blue Bunny and Jon Berger. Soce produced the track Lick It by God-Des and She, which has become one of their big hits, and they performed it live on the season three finale of The L Word.

Soce does live shows throughout NYC in not only hipster bars and clubs, but also at colleges, theaters, museums, community centers and synagogues. He’s also done shows in Berlin, London, Sheffield (UK), Boston, LI, CT, NH, MN, NJ, SF, IN, IA and LA. Look for soce performing in a town near you. He also programs his own flash cartoon videos and games and makes comedy videos with his performer friends. Additionally, he co-hosts a math bee once a month with comedian Jennifer Dziura at Chelsea Market, and he does interviews and show reviews for NYC comedy blog The Apiary.

If you’ve ever had to struggle, been in love, enjoyed a good role-playing game or just wanted to experience rap music where you can actually relate to every word spoken, soce’s music is for you. Look for his third album “Master of Fine Arts” coming out very soon! Visit his website at:

Happy Listening…Thomas

October 21, 2008

Tennis star Andy Roddick at a fundraising event

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Andy Roddick at fundraising event

Andy Roddick at fundraising event


Elton John just finished the 16th edition of its annual Advanta World Team Tennis Smash Hits last weekend with the aim of raising funds for AIDS patients in the city of Atlanta and surrounding communities in the Georgia area .

Several tennis stars and veterans were present, including Mr. Hunk himself –  tennis star Andy Roddick, who went further than expected to raise money.

Originally, Roddick was going to auction a one-hour private lesson to those who offered more money. Then, to make the offer more attractive, it was said that he offered to remove his shirt for this particular special class.

Finally, rumor has it that he would do the class… completely naked! The winner of the auction was a fan who paid 15 thousand dollars to attend such a coveted tennis lesson.  Hmmm…anyone for a tennis lesson.

October 10, 2008

Gay Hip Hop Artist Granthm

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One of our goals here at Click Click Expose has always been to reach out across the country (and across the world) to bring you different aspects of the LGBT community.  And we have been trying to do that with our Podcast Network, Planet Q TV and our music & radio page.  With the new and improved web design, we are dedicated to continuing this trend starting with a re-newed emphasis on our music and radio page.

This week we turn our focus to a young up and coming rapper from Minneapolis, MN named Granthm.  When

Rapper Granthm

Rapper Granthm

 I stumbled across his music while surfing the web, I knew we had to get his style, his lyrics and his story on our site and out to the masses.  With tight beats and a strong lyric – Granthm is making a name for himself as a rapper – a gay rapper.  The whole gay hip hop sub culture is blowing up out there; and, while you think gay & rapper don’t fit in the same sentence – it is easy for them to be one in the same.  It is so easy for artist to use their gayness as an anthem to scream “I’m a fag” in every lyric they write but you don’t hear that in Granthm’s lyrics.

“……Yeah…now I hate to bull,
told them I was fed up,
yeah-most will assume that I’m flying international,
am I being rational,
na …….I’m a travelling show,
shit I bring the bill to you like a waiter…….”

Of course, it’s going to kill me right now as I can’t think of the riff he is using in the rap above called “The Improvement” but take a listen to it on the Click Click Expose Podcast networkand tell us what you think of the man from Minnesota.  For the next few weeks, we will be showcasing his songs from his first album.  And even if you don’t like hip hop or rap, take a listen to Granthm – he’s got a flow and style that would make any rapper proud.  Here is the bio he wrote for us so you can learn a little about Granthm…

Hip Hop Artist - "Granthm"

Hip Hop Artist -

“The names Granthm..I’m from Minneapolis, MN.I’ve been rapping since ’02 I
think. I started doing the text thing like a lot of people these days it
seems like. I decided to record in 04′, and haven’t put a mic down
sense.  Lyrical/neo-soul/alternative. That’s my style.  I like to be
lyrical with it.  I like to make people think.  At the same time I like to
be an asshole on a record. I like to say shit that people never expect.
Basically my rap persona is totally opposite of me in person. I’m like
fuckin Mr. Rogers to be honest. manners and all. But on songs I like to
let it go…. At the same time my gentlemen side gets the best of me. I’m
a lover boy so yea..I get mushy.  Not really into the whole songs about
sex thing.  As much as I like sex, it’s just not something I’d really rap about. My sound is real underground hip-hop influenced.  As a fan of Aesop rock, Lupe fiasco, doomtree, etc. I like to keep my lyrics deep.

The word “alternative “sticks out in my description because i think I’m something different for the a gay hip hop fan to listen to.  My topics are a lot different then expected and I like I’m kind of a break away from the
norm. No real club/trance/techno typa tracks…just me, bein a emcee to the best of my ability, in the most abstract way.”


What’s new on Planet Q TV – Homo Hip Hop and other videos

Greetings Planet Q TV Fans,

Every Thursday I try to do a major update to our family of websites and lately we have been behind as we prepare to move to a new office.  But alas, the update is finish (the move is not) and we have a lot of new videos to showcase on Planet Q TV this week.



In a couple of weeks, we hope to be showcasing new videos from “Out At The Center” – a video production series from the team at the LGBT community center in New York City and the TV trailer for Urban Raiders – the upcoming Hip Hop Reality TV show.

I am also placing a renew interest in Homo Hip Hop – the gay hip hop sub culture that exist in our

Granthm - Gay Hip Hop Artist

Granthm - Gay Hip Hop Artist

community unknown to many music fans.  If you are a rap or hip hop fan, then know that there are some great gay artist out there that are producing some fantastic music.  To listen to one artist, subscribe to the Click Click Expose Podcast Network (Click Here) – and listen to artist Granthm. 

We will be showcasing his music for the next few weeks.  I also uploaded some new videos courtesy of You Tube on gay rapper Soce, an interview with Deadlee and gay rapper QBoy from the UK.
For our lesbian fans….you have not been left out (and come on guys – it won’t kill you to watch a video with girls in it) – we are featuring a fantastic video podcast show called “U People TV” from director Hanifah Walidah and her partner.  We have a couple of their podcast shows up, her music video and their latest podcast show “I heart Brooklyn Girls” – episode number 46.
Our video content producer “Drag Queen Posse” has uploaded several new videos including Part 1 and Part 2 of the Azucar Awards and a dreamgirl revue on stage.


Are you a Lady Gaga fan?  Check out her video “Just Dance” along with some behind the scene footage that is fun to watch.  Lady Gaga is courtesy of Interscope Records. 

Finally I had a chance to email chat with a viewer who is running a science video sharing website who uploaded an interesting animation video on HIV replication for all you medical and science nerds (just kidding) – the video is quite interesting.

Lastly, if you are a gay pageant fan – then the team over at Click Click Expose  has filmed their last major pageant for the 2008 year which was Missouri Entertainer of the Year Preliminary pageant held in St. Louis, MO.  We have preview videos from both Friday and Saturday night and Adrian (with his Flip Phone in had) did a behind the scenes look at the pageant.

So much to watch…we hope you find something you like.  Remember, share your videos, join our community and let us know what you think as we provide the best place to find LGBT videos from all over the world.

Happy Viewing!!!

Thomas (Video Content Producer – Click Click Expose)






October 3, 2008

John Barrowman & the Torchwood TV Show

Torchwood Team

Torchwood Team

If you are a sci fi fan like myself, then you know the actor John Barrowman.  Mr. sexy with his bi-love interest Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto) in the BBC hit TV show “Torchwood.”  It’s an off shoot of Doctor Who where the 51st century time traveller has taken up residence in Cardiff fighting aliens in the city.  Well the actor is openly gay and does not hide that fact (way to go John) and I found this video of him on You Tube that celebrates his relationship with his partner of 16 years Scott Gill.  It goes to show you that you can have a successful acting career and still be out, proud and gay.  My hats off to them both.  Can’t wait for season 3 of Torchwood do out sometime in May of 2009 in the UK and shortly afterwards here in America on BBC America.



October 2, 2008

On No…not Bullwinkle

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In honor of tonight’s VP debate, I present this news article on Governor Palin from the New York Times (you know that newspaper that Senator McCain says is not a credible journalistic organization).    Maybe we can get Katie Couric to ask her some hunting questions and get her stance on those issues….

Bullwinkle Assassinated

Bullwinkle Assassinated

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