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June 26, 2009

International Week 2009 – Pre-Order your DVD Today!!

International Week 2009 - Pre-Order Your DVD Today

International Week 2009 - Pre-Order Your DVD Today

Come join us as our cameras head to Wilmington, Deleware to film International Week 2009 at the Deleware Theatre Company. If you saw the DVD last year, you saw a fantastic competition at the gorgeous Center Stage Theatre in Baltimore, MD. Well for 2009, we head northeast to Deleware to film this year’s pageant. We have the pre-order sales up on our website where you can save up to $10.00 from the original price if you pre-order today. Come say hi as I will be filming this year. Missed last year’s DVD, I will have a couple availble to sell at rock bottom prices (hehe). Good luck to all of the contestants this year – it should be another fun year for the system. I will see you all tomorrow.


June 25, 2009

Clubland’s Wonder Woman – Kristine W

We have been given permission to publish an exclusive interview by Scott David with the Dancing Diva and Clubland’s Wonder Woman Kristine W. Gay clubbers all around the world know of her high energy music and soulful vocals as she has produced 13 No. 1 Billboard Dance hits – with her first hit single being “Feel What You Want.” While preparing for performances at an HRC Gala Dinner and the annual HIV/AIDS fundraiser Broadway Bares in NYC, Kristine W sat down with us for a few minutes to talk about her upcoming new album, “The Power of Music.”

You have become one of the top 5 Billboard dance artists along with Madonna, Janet Jackson, Donna Summer, and Mariah Carey (and she’s tied at No. 2 with Beyoncé for hits since 2000). Like those artists, you have a strong gay fan base. When did you first become aware of your gay following?

Kristine W – I first found out I was a gay icon when I flew from the UK to NYC and performed for a party being DJ’d by Junior Vasquez. I walked onto the stage in front of a few thousand hot, shirtless men and thought, “Wow, I have died and gone to heaven.” Then I quickly figured out none of them were interested in anything other than my voice (Kristine laughs)!! I have been in love with gay audiences ever since.

In addition to 14 new songs, the new CD features your 4 most recent No. 1’s, “Walk Away,” “Never,” “Love is the Look,” and your remake of Diana Ross’ classic “The Boss.” Since you write many of your songs, including winning an ASCAP Award for co-writing “One More Try,” how did you decide to take on Miss Ross and make “The Boss” and “I’m Coming Out”(a bonus iTunes track) your own?

Kristine W – My idols growing up in Washington state were Donna Summer and Diana Ross. I just loved them and was always singing their songs and studying them. When I decided to start my own record label in January of 2008, I knew “The Boss” would be the perfect first single to put out. I was taking control – being “The Boss” of my music, sink or swim – and I put all I had into that single and those remixes. It was so well received globally that I was really a bit taken back by it.

In addition to the singles, you independently released “The Power of Music,” and it is already a Top Five Dance Album on iTunes in its first week out. What were the biggest challenges releasing the singles and CD on your own label and being both businesswoman and artist?

Kristine W – The big challenges are always the same: time and money.

Like Diana, there are quite a few Kristine W drag queens. Who are your favorite drag performers?

Kristine W – That is why I featured Crystal Woods in “The Boss” video. I just wanted to pay homage to Crystal and those like her that bring so much joy to us all with their performances. I have so many favorites and there are so many talented drag queens across the US that the list would be a mile long. I have so much respect for drag queens because it is so demanding if you are a true artisan. RuPaul is the godfather, of course, and always amazes me, Chad Michaels (Cher) in San Diego, who is a friend and confidant, Crystal Wood (Miss Ross) in Las Vegas, and Laritza Dumont in Orlando. I make a point to watch them when I can because they inspire me.

Speaking of videos, the video for “Walk Away” is pretty hot, including the hunky male model. Did you cast him personally or did famed gay director/photographer Mike Ruiz find him?

Kristine W – Mike Ruiz found Matus Valent, and yes, he is a gorgeous man. We actually still keep in touch.

How do you like making videos compared to recording?

Kristine W – Videos are very demanding and time consuming. Honestly, I don’t really enjoy doing them but they are a necessity and a time capsule for the music. They are a lot more work then anyone knows and usually very unglamorous.

Did fighting leukemia earlier this decade and having friends with HIV/AIDS impact the themes of your songs and the many causes you support and actively promote in your blog?

Kristine W – Having battled leukemia for a few years, I understand what people with AIDS go through, waiting for your blood counts, hoping that you will stay healthy and not go backwards. AIDS and diseases of all kinds are an ongoing uphill battle for humanity. I am always humbled by how fragile life really is, and yes, it is always a part of my music.

Your new single, “Be Alright,” is an uplifting summer song, and the overall album is a great antidote to the current state of the world. How did “Be Alright” come about?

Kristine W – I actually wrote “Be Alright” four years ago with my guitar player Tommy Cameron while I was getting better and trying to stay in remission from leukemia. My grandfather died a few months after I got out of the hospital, and I was able to see him and spend time with him before he passed. I wrote the first verse after his funeral, and I was really missing him. He was failing while I was at the UCLA hospital. A huge fear of mine was that he would die before I got back to Washington to see him. I never told him I had leukemia and told everyone else not say anything. He was too frail and that would have put him over the edge. I would call him from UCLA and tell him I was fine, and I was actually terrified. That is the only time I ever lied to him. We were very tight, and I always wondered if he knew but didn’t say anything.

“Be Alright” features dance mixes by Hex Hextor, Offer Nissim, the Perry Twins, and more, including exclusive remixes on Masterbeat. Your songs are remixed by the top dance producers and DJ’s in the business. Are you ever surprised by the results?

Kristine W – I am always surprised by remixes, and that is why I love them so much. It is so fun to write a song and then hand it over to someone and have them bring their own interpretation. I am currently in love with the Perry Twins’ “Los Angels and Demons” mix of “Be Alright.” That mix is so full of emotion and takes me on a journey.

Your landmark show at the Hilton Las Vegas led to several “Entertainer of the Year” awards and even “Kristine W Day” on June 28th in Nevada. You just performed again in Vegas at the Miss USA pageant. As a former winner of the Miss America talent competition, did performing during this year’s Miss USA show bring back any crazy beauty queen memories?

Kristine W – Oh, yes!! I immediately remembered how cutthroat the pageant world is but that is life. It is a good but painful education.

What do your two young kids think when they see Mom turn into the larger than life performer you become on stage – singing live, playing instruments, wearing outrageous costumes, surrounded by a team of dancers?

Kristine W – They always ask when I am going to turn into Kristine W again. I am like Wonder Woman to them. One minute I am driving them to school, the next minute I am driving an audience crazy. I love it!! I am a true Gemini.

Click here for tour dates and more information.We will get one of her songs up on Planet Q TV. Make sure you head over and check it out in the music section.

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June 8, 2009

It’s Not About The Fucking Cakes!

I saw our blog title that I am using for this article on a UK blog (great title I thought) and it got me thinking about the current debate going on in this country about gay marriage. At one of my straight functions I was filming, a young lady asked me about gay marriage and why it was so important to us (she clocked me as being gay – don’t ask me how!!). Anyway, I was telling her how my years of being together with my partner was great and wonderful but I wasn’t in the rush to have the state validate it. She asked why not?

I thought for a couple of moments and said it wasn’t about the idea of getting married that has many gay people in arms (in my opinion) – it is the right to get married that was so important. Its a civil right that straight people take for granted and its the perks of marriage (if you can call them that) that straight people are allow to partake in. As gay people, we just want to have that option and not seem like second class citizens who have to be treated as “civil unions.” No double taxation on health insurance, proper medical visitation rights, estate planning and death benefits – things that married heterosexual couples can do – we want to be able to do. Our solutions right now are few in far between, settle for “civil unions” if a state has it or pay an attorney to draw up a dozen different legal documents to protect our legal interest.

I am so happy that New Hampshire said yes to gay marriage. That makes 6 states now who have gay marriage (although Maine wants to have the voters decide). I don’t think our civil rights should be allowed to be determined by the majority. If that was the case – we would still have slavery, women would not be able to vote, all American Indians would live in one parcel of land, get the point. Basic civil rights should be guaranteed, not determine by the popular will of the people. California clearly showed that – by 4% – the rights of thousands have been eliminated. To me, that seems very un-American.


June 7, 2009

Click Click Expose has a new BLOG

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The Click Click Expose blog has undergone a new change and we have switched host.  If you visit our website, you will automatically be directed to the new blog:  While I will keep the old blog up, the new one will be the primarily blog and it is now easier to navigate back to our website from the blog and vica versa. Let us know if you like the new look.

IMPORTANT: If you want to see any of the articles of the old blog, you will need to continue to visit this blog.  The address is:


June 5, 2009

Wow…what a night at J’s Bar

So much talent up there in Ft. Lauderdale – if you did not come in person or did not see the live broadcast, you missed a night of some fabulous live singing – as we broadcasted live the finals of Karaoke Idol at J’s Bar in Ft. Lauderdale.  I really enjoyed myself, the staff was great and the contestants were absolutely wonderful.  Since I didn’t know what to expect tonight, our broadcast was strictly a live event – I did not drop it to tape but the bar wants to do it again in 3 months and we will be there. 

A special shout out to Manager Christina and Shannon for all of their help tonight, to my pageant friends who came by to say hi (Kennedy you never cease to amaze me!!), to the emcee (sorry..its late and for the life of me I can’t remember your name) and to the judges who had a tough time tonight choosing a winner – you guys and gals were great.  The crowd was super friendly and I definitely see why J’s Bar is a great place to have a drink, sit down with friends and have fun.  We hope to do more things with them in the future.

Time to call it night but I had to get on here and tell everyone how wonderful the night was.  Congrats to everyone who participated and congrats to the winner.  Until next time…sing your heart out….


June 4, 2009

Karaoke Idol – Live Tonight on Click Click Expose TV

Come join us as we broadcast live from J’s Bar in Ft. Lauderdale for the finals of Karaoke Idol.  12 finalist will hit the stage to give it their all (or look incredibly foolish) as they sing and belt their way to your favorite or not so favorite songs.  It should be a lot of fun.  We will be broadcasting live and the chat room will be open so you can weigh in on who is your favorite.  Come join the fun…we will see you there.

Karaoke Idol Live Tonight on Click Click Expose TV

Karaoke Idol Live Tonight on Click Click Expose TV


June 3, 2009

Tonight – June 3 – on Click Click Expose TV

Tonight on Click Click Expose TV – we merge politics and religion together in the fight for gay civil rights.  At 8pm EST, we present the Town Hall Meeting – Celebration of Faith and Diversity – sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Florida.  Filmed at the UCC Church in St. Petersburg, Florida – the town hall meeting brings together some of nation’s top religious activists in the fight for gay and lesbian civil rights:

Harry Knox – Human Rights Campaign, Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite – President of the Chicago Theological Seminary, Rev. Dr. Miguel De La Torre, Rev. Dr. Bernice Powell Jackson and Rev. Manish Mishra.  For all of you non-church people – don’t let all of the “rev” fool you.  This will be a fantastic and engaging discussion on how religion, faith and gay and lesbian civil rights go hand and hand.

Join us at 8pm EST on Click Click Expose TV.  Click on the “Live Internet TV” button to watch.  Enjoy and happy watching!!


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