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February 21, 2009

South Florida Closet Ball DVD Now Available

Watch Maya Morales and 12 other contestants compete for the title of South Florida International Closet Ball 2009.  For the last 3 years, our cameras have been capturing the fun of the Closet Ball pageant here in South Florida and it was another fun year of pageantry.  Enjoy these preview videos.


February 9, 2009

Congratulations Maya Morales – South Florida Intl Closet Ball 2009

Melissa Hilton - First Runner Up

Melissa Hilton - First Runner Up

Maya Morales - South Florida Closet Ball Winner
Maya Morales – South Florida Closet Ball Winner

Wow…the girls did not come to play…let me tell you.  13 contestants – 3 in the morning – but Maya Morales came out on top as this year’s 2009 Closet Ball winner for the South Florida International pageant held at J’s Bar in Ft. Lauderdale.  This was Maya’s first time ever competing in a pageant so we definitely want to give a shoudl out to Maya for an excellent win – we look forward to good things from you in the future.

While Thomas was up in Orlando with USofA classic, I was down here in Ft. Lauderdale filming the closet ball.  Lot’s of fun…LONNNNGGG…but lot’s of fun (LOL).  Thomas will be doing the editing of the video and putting the DVD up for sale.  Hope you enjoy the pictures – preview views coming soon.  And as always buy the DVD from our website at: Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) and the Pay Per View/Digital Downloads will be up soon.  Thanks everybody for your continued support as we bring you all of the fun of gay pageantry and drag.



Congratulations Sharde Ross – Miss Florida USofA Classic

2009 Florida USofA Classic - Sharde' Ross

2009 Florida USofA Classic - Sharde' Ross

Congratulations are in order to Sharde Ross who became the new 2009 Miss Florida USofA Classic winner.  I will have pictures and a preview video up late late tonight or tomorrow (I need to get some rest for driving up to Orlando from Miami and back down to Miami – never fun).  It was a nice pageant with 3 girls competing.  DVDs will go on sale online tomorrow for $10.00 + S/H and tax.  Pay Per View to follow shortly.

Sharde' Ross - Florida USofA Classic 2009

Sharde' Ross - Florida USofA Classic 2009

Thanks to everyone who came by and said hi or who I met for the first time (Khori Ross – it was nice getting to meet you).  We will be back for the last leg of the Triple Crowning for the Florida USofA system on April 20th for the At-Large girls.  See you soon.


February 7, 2009

Join us in Orlando for Miss Florida USofA Classic Pageant – Sunday Feb 8

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It is good to have a difficult and long week – it means the bills keep getting paid – but it can be difficult when you want to be everything to everybody – it is not always easy or prudent – but somehow we manage.  On the heels of a very stressful (and dare I say fulfilling week), I am off to Orlando tomorrow (Sun February 8, 2009) to film the 2nd leg of the Florida USofA pageantry system – this Sunday the “more seasoned competitors” take the stage in what should be a excellent contest for the 2009 Miss Florida USofA Classic crown.  If you were at the Miss Florida USofA pageant in Tampa – you know how good that contest was.  Sunday’s battle should be no different.  In case you missed it, take a look at the trailer for the Miss Florida USofA contest.

Be sure to stop by and say hi.  I promise I won’t bite (even if I look it – LOL).


February 6, 2009

What every office needs – Part 1

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Okay guys and gals…I was trying to think of what our office needs every time I get one of these difficult clients, customers who just drive me crazy or someone asking me if I will film a wedding for $200. So I have started a new series – called “What every office needs.” Here is part 1 of what I would like in the office!!

What every office needs!!

What every office needs!!

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