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May 1, 2010

Gay International Pageant – Prelim ends tonight (Sat 5/1)

Thank goodness for wifi at Club Basix.  I love it when a club lets it patrons take advantage of new technology.  I am sitting here listening to booming music while waiting for the pageant to start.  So I thought I would update the blog with some pictures and the latest video links.  Preliminary night is scheduled for three nights and tonight represents the last night of preliminary.  There were 11 boys and 3o  ladies as contestants.  The competition has been amazing and this is a great turnout for a pageant operating under a new name and new ownership.

Contestant at this year's pageant

Contestant at this year's pageant

Who would of though that the Midwest could hold such a fabulous pageant.  I have to admit, even though the city is small and has a very Midwest feel – it is quite nice out here.  Now only if there were more places to eat downtown around the hotel (within walking distance), I would be happy (but I digress).

Okay so I posted new trailer videos for everyone to watch.  Something for the guys, something for the girls and and some fabulous entertainment. (and as a side note – I look up and the county fire department is taking someone out of the club – too intoxicated, sick, too many roofies – who knows and I am not going to find out – and damn the night hasn’t even started yet).

So to watch the fabulous Pretty Belle, Dena Cass, Natasha Cass (former Miss Iowa USofA, Sierra Spaulding or Nova

Mr Gay International Contestant

Mr Gay International Contestant

Starr, check out this link.  There short clips but gives you an idea of what they performed last night.  To watch the video, click here to view the video.

Male pageant has always had a tough road to climb under the shadow of the girls.  But the constants this year are really shinning.  Mr. Gay International Xeus has come out with more outfits and costumes and an excellent selection of songs and routines complete with dancers.  To watch some of the guys and their talent numbers from friday night, click on this link.

And finally the ladies.  Sierra Spaulding is amazing to watch and she is truly a shining example of Miss Gay International.  Her energy and enthusiasm on the floor is infectious and will be a tough act to follow.  The winner of the pageant will have some big shoes to fill and Sierra has set a good example.  To watch some of the ladies as they performed some HOT talent numbers Friday night, click on this link.

I won’t be able to upload a lot of videos from Saturday night as I have to catch up on some rest (after the pageant Sunday – I have to drive to Dayton, OH to film a EOY contestant’s presentation video), but I will upload the folks who were selected for the top 5.  Good luck to all of the contestants.  Your hard work is definitely showing.

Sierra Spaulding - Miss Gay International 2009

Sierra Spaulding - Miss Gay International 2009

Stay tune for more preview videos from finals night later on in the week.  Also, when I return to Miami, I will update the pricing on the DVDs as well.

– Thomas

April 30, 2010

2010 Mr and Miss Gay International Pageant is underway

After a way too long  journey to the midwest, I finally got into the small town of Cedar Rapids to film the 2010 Mr. and Miss Gay International Pageant.  The pageant is owned and operated by the legendary Entertainer Dena Cass and is being held at Club Basix for the preliminary night events and at the Piano Bar for finals night.  I have to say I like the small intimate setting of Club Basix – the dance floor is a good size for a small pageant with plenty of good room to watch.  A small crowd of well wishers from all across the country was on hand to watch the contestants compete.  11 boys and 30 girls entered into the pageant – a tremendous effort by Dena in the first year of  reorganizing the international pageant.

Thursday night was the first night of the pageant – preliminary night.  Contestants were broken up into groups for evening gown, talent for the ladies and presentation for the guys.  Here are some preview videos for you to watch:–Thursday-Prelim-Preview



Enjoy – Thomas

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