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February 23, 2010

Miss Large and Lovely DVD available now!! – Congrats Desiree

2010 Miss Large and Lovely Desiree DeMornay

2010 Miss Large and Lovely Desiree DeMornay

As many of you know, we have been filming gay drag pageants for many many years. And over the years we have noticed that there are two areas of gay pageantry that get little attention – the Mr. side and the Plus girls. After watching and filming the 2010 Miss Large and Lovely pageant – I was reminded once again how amazingly talented, enthusiastic and energetic the plus community is and how this side of pageantry should not be ignored (kinda like the Mr. EOY contest last year really showed how passionate the Mr. gay side of the business can be).

I thoroughly had a great time at the Parliament House – the host of this year’s pageant (held on February 15th). April Fresh and Roseanee DeShanaro were the host charming the crowd as the pageant featured 9 fabulous contestants and a host of special guest entertainers. The contestants this year included: Ginger Minj!, Maya Andrews, Sherri Hart, London Taylor Douglas, Nikki Champagne, Leena Quizeen, Kamden Wells, Alexis De La Mer & Desiree DeMornay. It was a wide range of contestants who really brought it to the contest. Special guest entertainers included Tweeka Weed, Jocelyn Summers, Chi Chi La Lique, Darcel Stevens (who also hosted the Talent category), Geraldine Jones and Josephine Andrews.

If you like a good pageant and enjoy the energy and fun of the big girls, this is a DVD you don’t want to miss. You can buy it by visiting: and click on the shopping button. Want to watch the preview trailer, you can go here to watch:–Lovely-Pageant-Official-Trailer

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