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June 28, 2008

Marco DaSilva photo shoot and GT cover

Marco DaSilva on GT Magazine

Okay for all of you Marco DaSilva fans (Here he is on the cover of July’s Gay Times Magazine in the UK) – I stumble across this video of him as he was preparing for a photo shoot for GT Magazine.  It’s a little old but hell he hasn’t changed much.  For all of you who don’t know, he was a dancer in Kylie’s video “All I See” and he is a professional dancer and choreographer who has been in videos with Mariah Carey and Geri Halliewell and the man is gay..woohoo..  The video is also on Planet Q TV.

June 25, 2008

Where have all the guys gone? – Pageant Soup Podcast Show #37

Pageant Soup Podcast Show - Episode Number 37

It’s almost the middle of the year and we have some exciting shows in the future. We know a lot of you are talking about Miss Duval and Sweetheart Newcomer and we will touch on those topics in the coming weeks, BUT this week on the Pageant Soup Podcast Show we welcome guest host Marlowe Rainbow as we tackle “Where have all the guys gone? – Male Pageantry in 2008.” It appears that male pageantry may be on a slow start this year, we talk about the challenges, successes and opportunities that face male pageantry in 2008. We invite all current and former male title holders to get in on the discussion and share with us your opionions and thoughts.

The show airs live tomorrow June 25th at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. Visit our website to listen live or simply subscribe via iTunes and have all of the shows downloaded to you every week for free.

Live call in with 5 phone lines and chat room & email will be open so you can make your comments and ask your questions. Happy listening and thanks for your continued support. We will see you all tomorrow at 7 pm EST. It will be a fun 30 minutes!!

Thomas (Show Producer)

June 16, 2008

Prayers to our Podcast Show Host Vicki Valentino

The entire team at the Pageant Soup Podcast Show and Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) extend our heartful prayers and love to show host Vicki Valentino as she endures the lost of her sister.  She had told us the funeral times and location for those in the area who wish to attend.  Our prayers are with Vicki has she gets through this difficult time in her life.
Vicki’s sister is , LORETTA TUCKER.  She passed away on Wed, June 11, 2008 . The exact date and time as her MOTHER …. 2 years prior .   Services are :

Visitation – Friday, June 20, 2008
4pm –
Ronald L. Jones Funeral Chapels
2161 E. Fair Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63107

Funeral – Saturday, June 21, 2008
11 am
Ronald L. Jones Funeral Chapels
2161 E. Fair Ave
St. Louis, MO 63107


June 13, 2008

Gay Florida America on Pageant Pay Per View

I just added the 2008 Miss Gay Florida America Pageant featuring Crystle Chambers on the Pageant Pay Per View site.  It is in 3 parts – Opening/Evening Gown/Entertainment – Solo Talent/Entertainment – Talent/Entertainment/Crowning.  $4.99 to buy each segment or $2.99 to rent for 7 days.

2008 Miss Gay Florida America

I will be adding the 2008 Miss Duval Plus pageant featuring India Damore late late tonight or mid afternoon tomorrow (Saturday) before I am off to go film a wedding (joy!!).  Miss Duval Plus will be in 2 parts – Opening/Talent/Entertainment – Evening Gown/Sportswear/Entertainment/Q&A/Crowning. $5.99 to buy each part, $3.99 to rent for 7 days.

2008 Miss Duval Plus

Enjoy the videos.  Watch previews on Planet Q TV or to see the trailer for either video.


June 10, 2008

What’s wrong with you Boston people?

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It’s very rare that I rag on a city as each city out there has its good and bad but for the life of me, it seems that good customer service and good business ethics just disappeared out the window in Boston.  Let me explain.  I have a client in Boston who needed to be filmed – simple project – doesn’t pay a whole lot but its a project and its a number of them.  I can’t get up there so I need to find a videographer (preferably a gay friendly one) to film this person.  Man I never knew how tough it was to find a gay friendly professional videographer in Boston.  Not only did a web search not yield much but when I found a website that boasted gay listings – either the information was out of date OR THE PERSON NEVER CALLS BACK OR ANSWERS THEIR PHONE.  I left 7 messages (3 straight, 2 gay friendly and 2 gay organizations requesting information on the area) and can  you believe only 1 person called me back.  That would be the straight videographer saying he does $7000 weddings so he wouldn’t be interested but he knew someone who could do my job.  No one else called back…NO ONE…

So here is where my rant starts.  It is bad enough that small businesses face the challenges of surviving but if you are a small business, the least you can do is answer your phone (not hello but the actual name of your business – go figure) or better yet take the time to return messages.  Is it so difficult to return a message DAMN….I have to give props to the Gay Boston GLASS Community Center because at least the guy tried to help (didn’t have any info but he tried), I can’t say that for the other folks.

I have been annoyed all week about this.  A simple return phone call – that’s all.  It was funny when I told my partner that one of my customers was so surprised that I return their email within 15 minutes of writing it.  Why is that so surprising?  Are people and business that bad about talking to their customers. I get mad at myself if I can’t answer your phone calls or return your messages immediately – it just seems like common sense to me.

And don’t get me started on my corporate client in the Boston area who wants the world on a penny budget but I won’t go there.  Anyway..that my rant….

Oh and to top it all off, the person we did book – he missed the first assignment because he “got the dates wrong!” – ugh….

What’s wrong with you Boston people?????


June 6, 2008

Shae Shae Lareese on Pageant Soup Podcast Show – Episode #34

We were happy to talk to Shae Shae Lareese – the current 2008 Mis USofA classic pageant winner on Episode 34 of the Pageant Soup Podcast Show.  At age 40, Shae Shae came out of retirement to put together a fabulous package to win the crown.

Shae Shae Larees - Episode Number 34

Shae Shae’s given name is Edwared Mcneely. He is 40 yrs old and was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.. The oldest of 4, he moved to the states at the age of 14 to Orlando, Fl to get away from the hurricanes and crime. His dad wanted all of his kids to graduate in the United States to get a better education and to learn proper englis.  Shae Shae graduated from Oak Ridge high school in 1987 and started to work for Walt Disney World as a ticket sales ageant and also as PLUTO.  He started  coming out at the age of 19, sneaking into the gay bars especially the Parliament House.  He met a wonderful entertainer by the name of Angel Sheridan who took him under his wing.  Shae Shae was a back up male dancer for Angel.  After seeing Angel Sheridan win all of these beauty pageants,  he wanted to compete and took off running – he was hooked ever since.  Shae Shae has worked as a female illusionist at the Parliament House, Tracks of Tampa and many other clubs.  Shae Shae started competing in national pageants in 1995 and has completed and placed in the top 5 of Miss Gay US of A pageant, Miss Gay America, Miss National, and Entertainer of the Year.  Currently residing in Laguna Beach, California for the last 4 years, Shae Shae is employed at The Ritz Carlton Hotel as a head server of  a fine dining restaurant.  By far his biggest accomplishment and most rewarding experience was recently capturing the title of Miss GAY USofA CLASSIC pageant which he touts as achieving one of the biggest goals in his life.

We want to congratulate Shae Shae for a fine job and we are proud that she asked Click Click Expose to assist in editing her presentation video for her pageant win.  You can watch the video that won her the presentation category on Planet Q TV or listen to the podcast show at:  Enjoy everyone.

Thomas (Show Producer)

June 3, 2008

Congratulations Crystle Chambers….Miss Gay Florida America 2008

Thank you for the many fans and friends who came up to say hello to me (Adrian) and continue to support us as we continue to bring you the best in pageant videos.  Our cameras were in Orlando, Florida to film the Miss Gay Florida America pageant.  It was a fabulous pageant that had 13 contestants running for the title and the competition was hot.  Look for the video and preview clips within the week as Thomas will be working on the video this week.  We say congratulations to Crystal Chambers who took the crown.  Also thanks to Coco Montrese and Chantel Reshae who gave us props and kudos that night – thanks everyone.

We are always happy when you share with us your concerns, your comments and your suggestions on how we can do better and offer more to our dedicated fans.  Please take a moment and look at the newly design Planet Q TV, check out our podcast shows (especially pageant fans – we have a podcast show just for you), our music page, our pay per view and let us know what else you would like to see.  And thanks for coming by to say hello.

Look for us in Baltimore in July as we will be filming International Week 2008. 


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