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October 25, 2007

A slave to technology…..(unless you know better)

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So last night I was hitting the computer tech sites because I wanted a new computer. Now I have to admit….this is more personal than business. Even though we have 3 editing workstations that work just great and even though they all need to be upgraded so that I can start doing high definition work (whenever we get around to doing that)…..I just wanted a brand spanking new computer to play better computer games on (Crysis anyone…).

So I was thinking about the enormous amount of money we spent on our workstations (in excess of $13,000) and I thought to myself…you would think I could get a good 5 to 7 years worth of use out of these computers. Boy was I wrong. As much as I love technology, we are all slaves to it and the money just keeps puring out of our wallets. My main workstation that I do most of my work on – I have already upgraded the power supply, upgraded the hard drives (all 4 of them), upgraded the gpu card, upgrade the DVD burner, added a firewire 800 card, added 4 external hard drives and its only 2 1/2 years old. DAMN…Somehow I think I am getting the short end of the stick here.


And the funny thing is if I wanted to do high definition on this workstation, if I wanted to play the latest and greatest computer games out there, if I wanted to encode faster what it takes me more than 5 hours to get a video up on pageant pay per view – I have to basically change motherboards, change processor and upgrade my memory – hell might as well buy a whole new computer. AND THAT IS WHERE THEY GOT YOU.

If you are a computer geek, you have wasted much dollars on new stuff every year or so. You realize it, you wearily accept it and you are in geek heaven when the new toy has arrived. If you are the average joe, you are tricked into buying new stuff that you probably really don’t need. Quad core computers are great but if you are not a video editor or computer gamer – it’s more computer than you will ever ever need. If you are a person who just surfs the internet and writes email – do you really need a direct x 10 card? And don’t get me started on Microsoft Vista – just because its prettier doesn’t mean its better – right now I wouldn’t touch Vista with a 10 foot pole – BUT I am forced to if I want to play Direct X 10 games (Crysis anyone…). So what will I be forced to do….Buy a new computer put Windows XP and Vista on the hard drive – use vista when playing my cool games and use XP for everything else…DAMN Bill Gates……


And damn tech support for not supporting their own product even if its only a couple of years old because its too expensive to upgrade it properly – just force people into a new and more expensive product (Matrox are you listening…).

Anyway I am done ranting…. Don’t always believe the hype. Don’t be a slave to technology unless you are (like me) tied to it and you want it and need it. Unless you are hardcore, I guarantee you won’t ever need it or use it. My mom of 63 was so confused when I helped her buy a computer – the marketing people put such a spin out there – She couldn’t tell what was important and what was not – she visits websites, writes email and does cancer research. So I got here a dual-core hp computer ….. my mom the slave (:-) )….more computer than she will ever need…..



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