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July 31, 2008

DVD Editing update #1 – EOY and International Week 2008

Hey everyone,

Here is a quick update on a variety of things concerning our most recent filming productions.  Things are pretty hectic around here as I am trying to update the new pageant pay per view site, upload hours upon hours of video clips, modify the website, put together orders and process orders.  It’s crazy…..but here we go:

1)  The pre-order special has ended for EOY videotapes.  It ran longer than expected as I did not have a chance to update the website – so for all of you people who ordered in the last 3 days – Merry Christmas (LOL – just kidding)  – glad you were able to take advantage of the pre-order.  I still have 4 people who ordered at EOY this year with Blossom – your orders have not been processed for various reasons – you will still get the pre-order special as soon as we clear up your payment questions;

2)  I am about 3 hours away from the first draft of Finals night Mr. and Miss International Week.  This was a 3 camera shoot so uploading 15 hours of video for one night took some time.  Then I have to sync all cameras together from all tapes (so many tapes) and then sit through the first viewing of the pageant.  I am almost done with that.  Then I will go through and edit the tape down, add in the names and effects, put some special backgrouds in, color correct some camera shots and put the 2nd draft together.  I hope to have that done by Sunday.  Saturday I am filming a wedding so I won’t be editing all day Saturday.

3)  I have started uploading and capturing Thursday night and Friday night of EOY.  Adrian will be editing parts of EOY starting with the Mr. Competition.  I still have to drop the 2nd camera down but the 1st camera is almost complete.  I will have that done within the hour.

4)  Many of you have already seen the preview clips of International Week and EOY.  But if you haven’t, you can check them out at our all gay video sharing website called Planet Q TV.  We hope you enjoy them!!

5)  The Pageant Soup Podcast Show was cancelled today as well as the other updates to the Podcast network as I am too swamped to do the show today.  The network will resume its normal programming next week.  We are looking forward to inviting Nina West & Savion Simpson Black on the show.  Be sure to check out episode #41 of the Pageant Soup Podcast Show as we talked to Danille Revlon who won the Miss International Plus competition.

6)  If you ordered DVDs from us in the last couple of days not related to EOY, your order will go in the mail tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay.

That’s it for now.  I am off to finish the first draft of International Week.  Everyone have a great day and thanks for your continued support.

July 29, 2008

Congrats Nina West – EOY 2008 – Some Notes and News

Nina West

Nina West

Wow…what a contest….I have to first say congratulations to Nina West and Savion Simpson Black for an outstanding job winning Entertainer of the Year 2008 and to all of the contestants who competed this year.   This was an outstanding year for pageant entertainment.

After 17 lonnnggg hours of driving, we finally made it back to sunny Miami, FL.  While I enjoy filming this year, man driving that long is crazy – but we had a crew of 4 this year and plane tickets are way to high (LOL).  And to make matter worse, when we got back, I had to go sit in meetings for 3 hours about how we are going to tackle the next 3 weeks of video productions.  I am whipped.

Now,  Adrian and I will begin the long long process of editing and putting together this year’s EOY videotape.  First off, many of you took advantage of our pre-order special.  THANK YOU.  I will fire off a confirmation email to you Wednesday or Thursday.  I just finished printing all of the pre-orders in the order they were received – so you are all set.  Second, International Week 2008 was filmed by us the weekend before EOY.  Sorry EOY fans – I have to do International Week first and get it done before starting on EOY.  Third, I have a wedding I did weeks before both pageants that I have to finished and I have two weddings coming up in the next two weekends in August.  The next 4 weeks are going to be a real challenge for us as we try to quickly put together these DVDs while still giving you a great presentation.  BUT WE ARE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE.  I will be keeping everyone up to date on this blog on the progress of the DVD, let you know what I am working on and some of the effort needed to put together these DVDs.  I did this last year and people seemed to like it so I will do it again this year.

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all of our fans and supporters.  Those who came by to say hi (in Baltimore or Louisville), those who

Thank you!

Thank you!

have thanked us in threads, forums or in person and those who have supported us over the years.  Many of you knew us back in our Houston days when we were Black Stylez Entertainment.  A lot has changed since 1999 and we have gotten much bigger and and I hope much better.  It is because of your support and commitment that Adrian, Tara, Blossom, Eric, Ailyn and myself continue to do what we do and love bringing you all great LGBT entertainment – whether its pageants, podcasting, videos, whatever.  So I just want to personally say thank you for your support – PLEASE always share with us and let us know how we can do things better for you.

Until the next blog, tomorrow – LET THE EDITING BEGIN.  But first – my bed is callling me.  Oh, watch the preview videos of International Week 2008 and EOY 2008 on Planet Q TV – our own video sharing website just for our community.

July 25, 2008

Mr. & Miss EOY official List

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Mister Division:

  1. William Diamond
  2. Antonio Edwards
  3. Savion Simpson Black
  4. Skyler Styles
  5. Drew Steel
  6. Octavius Rashad
  7. Christian Lorez
  8. Tariq Luv Dupree
  9. Siaz Fox Bonet

Miss Division:

  1. daphne ferraro
  2. dominique Shappelle
  3. erica norell
  4. danyel vasquez
  5. sabien
  6. shia vaughn
  7. trinity taylor
  8. biaca nicole
  9. alexis principle
  10. devina
  11. sashay lorez
  12. savannah lynn
  13. amber stone
  14. rachael erikks
  15. dominique polo
  16. camille simpson
  17. nina west
  18. sapphire mylan
  19. armani
  20. barbra seville
  21. samantha lynn
  22. nadine hughes
  23. dashe desmond rose
  24. reva deveraux
  25. mokka montresse
  26. kitty litter
  27. feleasha savage

These are the offical contestants competing for the title of Entertainer of the year 2008.

July 21, 2008

Thanks Baltimore for a warm reception!!

Well we have return from Baltimore MD from filming the Mr, Miss and Miss Plus pageant for International Week 2008.  We had a lot of fun and enjoyed meeting many of you.  The pageant was great (especially the plus division – those girls worked it).  Look for the preview videos on Planet Q TV.  And the theatre – The Center Stage Theatre – was fantastic.  It is so nice to work in a beautiful theatre and work with a talented group of staff members – they were fantastic in making sure we had everything we needed to have a great looking video.  Congratulations to all of the winners – Dainelle Revlon (Miss International Plus), Simba R Hall (Mr. International Plus) and Takiyah Valentino (Miss International).

We will have the video finished soon.  In two days, we are off to film Entertainer of the Year.  We hope to meet and see many of you there.  Take care.

July 16, 2008

International Week 2008 in Baltimore MD & EOY 2008 in Louisville, KY

Hey pageant fans,

International Week 2008

International Week 2008


Our team of videographers will be in Baltimore, MD at the Center Stage Theatre for the 2008 International Week pageant.  This will be our first ever 3-camera filming of a pageant in the beautiful Center Stage Theatre so we are excited to be the official videographers for this year’s event.  If you are attending the pageant, make sure you come by and say hi to us. 

Two days later, we hit the road and drive up to Louisville, KY for Entertainer of the Year where we will be taping the Mr. and Miss pageant. 

Needles to say it is going to be a long and difficult next couple of weeks.  As promise when we do major pageants, I will be keeping everyone updated on our progress in filming, editing and releasing the DVD so everyone has an idea of some of the work involved in preparing these DVDs.  We did it last year for EOY and turn out to be a hit so I will do it again this year.

Today I am wrapping up a wedding video and waiting for the client to send me her pictures so I am going to be finishing up a wedding video in the middle of getting these 2 pageants done in 2 weeks each.  Man have I set a goal for myself – we will see if I can stick to it.

So check out the blog daily as we tell you what’s going on in pageantry for the next two weeks.  We will update from the hotel and pageant event, put up some preview videos and pictures and give you the low down on what’s going on this year.  Should be a lot of fun.  We hope you enjoy it.


July 4, 2008

McCain vogues – sickening!!

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Leave it to my partner to find something silly on the internet but you have to look at this funny video clip of Presidential candidate John McCain.  Now no I am no McCain supporter and after you see this video, you won’t be either.  ENJOY!!  Thanks Lady Bunny for the video.

July 3, 2008

Our partner JRP TV from Caracas, Venezuela

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 Telo Cafe Club Restaurant


Shouts out again to our good friend Jose from Caracas, Venezula at JRPTV – he is working hard to spread the word about Planet Q TV throughout his country.  We are happy to share in the announcement that Telo Cafe Restaurant in Caracas is broadcasting not only JRPTV videos but videos from Planet Q TV in their cafe.  You can sit down and enjoy a variety of international dishes, drinks and cocktails while looking at the variety of videos that make up JRP TV & Planet Q TV.  Thanks Telo Cafe and JRP TV for your continued support.

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