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May 15, 2010

The New Pageant Pay Per View Online Service


It’s the all new Pageant Pay Per View Online Viewing Service.

The all new Pageant Pay Per View Online System

The all new Pageant Pay Per View Online System

Here’s  how it works:

1) Go to the Click Click Expose website at: ( and look for the Video Sharing/Planet Q TV button.  Click on that button;

2)  Go to the “channels page” and look for the Pay Per View video channel;

3)  Browse our selection of videos (new videos are added every week) and choose one of the videos you wish to watch;

4)  Play the video.  After 45 seconds, the video will stop playing and ask for you to buy a weekly subscription rental for $15.00.

5)  Pay for your weekly rental.  After you pay, you are directed back to the Planet Q TV website.

6)  You are now a PREMIUM MEMBER.  You can watch any video that is in our Pay Per View Video Channel for the next 7 days.  ANY VIDEO – ANY TIME – 7 DAYS.

7)  After 7 days, you will be charged another weekly subscription fee unless you cancel your membership.  Subscriptions are paid for thru Pay Pal – you must cancel your subscription through Pay Pal.

NO REFUNDS ON PAY PER VIEW MEMBERSHIPS. One membership per person per account.  Users who give out or give away their log in information will be permanently banned from the website via your IP address.  Your IP address is recorded on every membership.  Valid email is required.  If you have questions concerning your Planet Q TV Premium Membership Account, please email us at:

Thanks and enjoy the new Pageant Pay Per View Online Service.  More videos are coming soon!!

March 26, 2009

DVD prices have been lower & some other news….

Hey everybody,

I have been away from the blog for far too long.  I promise to change that – things have been pretty crazy around here as we attempt to launch some new things.  So here is a quick rundown if you have been away from the website:

1)  I have gone through and lower many of the prices on our pageant DVDs.  Many are now only $20 + tax & shipping and handling.  I also combined some pageants making them into combos and re-adjusted a few others.  It has always been a philosophy of mine to keep our prices reasonable.  There are so many pageant fans out there but I know that times are tough and everyone can’t keep dropping $50 or more on pageant DVDs.  Hopefully our prices are reasonable and will encourage people TO BUY the official copy.

2)  We kicked off our Live Internet TV with a broadcast of the 2009 Miss Florida USofA Classic pageant.  It turned out to be a great success and a lot of fun.  The chat room was opened while we were showing the pageant and I think everyone who watched had a great time.  If you made a donation, THANK YOU!!  Your donations will help keep this endeavor going.  Next up – 2009 Mr. and Miss Dumarr International – showing live on Thursday April 9th at 8pm and 10pm and again on Sunday April 12th at 8pm and 10pm.  HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!!

3)  2009 Mr. and Miss Dumarr has been added to the pageant pay per view along with fixing the problem with the 2009 Miss Florida USofA.  Also 2009 South Florida International Closet Ball has been added as well.  Remember you can rent for 2 days or buy the digital download to play on your computer.  It is simple and easy and a little cheaper than buying the DVD and you get to watch it immediately.  More videos coming soon.

4)  In 1 month, we will be offering DJ services to our list of video, post-production, audio-production and blogging services.  If you are in need of DJ services for your pageant, birthday party or other event – let us know – we can assist.  We will also be offering audio services for corporate and presentation events as well.  Don’t let the hotels or other companies charge you high prices to rent audio equipment, speakers, microphones, etc – we can do it for you.  Just another value service we are bringing to our community.

5)  New videos on Planet Q TV have been added.  Make sure you check it out.  Just Like Judy is the new music video from Darren Stewart-Jones – check it out.  Drag Queen Posse is always up to their crazy antics with a new video called Twisted Nights at Universal.  Queer Channel TV has the sexy 2009 pool party sleezy awards and a cute look at “Oscar Glam” and Twist Everything suprises his partner (that’ s me) with a trip to the Renaissance Festival.  Make sure you check out all of the videos at:   You can also get to it from our home page at:

Well that’s about it for now.  More things will be coming soon so stay on the lookout.  And as always, thanks for your continued support.  Have a great weekend.


January 6, 2009

Apple finally gets it….DRM has got to go

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Now I am going to be called a hypocrite on this one but let me explain first.  I am not a fan of DRM – I have never been – it is difficult to work with, annoying at best, assumes you will be a criminal and cause problems if your computer and/or software is not set up right.  Now the flip side is we use it on our pay per view rentals (yes I know I know) but we have to – I know for a fact that if I didn’t – my pageant pay per view rentals would be all over the pageant community – so in order to protect our revenue stream – we had to put it on our videos.

However, if you have been keeping an eye on the MacWorld Tradeshow, you will know that they will soon be offering DRM free downloads from their ITunes store.  So if you buy a song from the ITunes library, not only will you get to play it on your iPod, but now you can play it on any mp3 player you have.  And that’s what I like best about Apple’s decision.  If I own a Zune, I should have the option to buy something from the iTunes store and play it on my player – after all it’s my purchase.  If I want to stick it on every computer in my house – I should be able to – it’s my purchase.  Will some people abuse this (of course they will), will people make copies and give it away (of course they might) – can Apple absorb that dishonesty ( I think they can).  They may raise their prices a few pennies to cover the potential theft loss, but I think it is a good thing.  If you buy it, you should be able to do what you want with it.

Now if Apple really wants to impress me, how about exchanging all of my DRM encoded songs for the same ones without DRM.  8 million songs available DRM free starts today.  Expect around another 2 million in March.


August 28, 2008

DVD Update #8 – Entertainer of the Year

Hey pageant fans,

It’s going on midnight again and here is the latest update from the DVD front:

1)  Sunday night of EOY is finished including DVD authoring and Encoding so all 3 nights are completed.  I wanted to thank Nina West, Dominique Shappelle & Dominique Polo for letting me use their original videos for the DVD.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints and some mpg2 issues, I was unable to pull your videos for the DVD.  Contact me via email and I have some other options for you if you want to explore them;

2)  I must now begin the duplication process for Friday and Saturday night (400 actual disks).  I am going to work on those duplications tonight.  I have only gotten through about 120 or so, so tomorrow I will work on the rest (about 480 more disks ugghh).  Tomorrow I will also create the DVD covers (about 100 of them).  Once the duplications and DVD covers are created and done, I will begin the process of packaging each combo set together and assigning them to a buyer.  All of the mailing labels for all buyers have already been created and are ready to go.

3)  The pageant pay per view (our online pageant digital download and rental service) has been updated with the following videos: a)  2006 Mr. Duval, b) 2004 Mr. and Miss Black America, c) 2008 Miss International Plus, d) 2008 Mr. EOY and e) Part 1 of the Mr/Miss International 2008 – which I am uploading now.  Enjoy the videos as we give you another alternative to those who can’t afford to buy every DVD that comes out.  After some feedback, we have improved the descriptions and title fields of all videos that are available online – so you will have a better idea what each video contains so you can rent or buy exactly what you are looking for.

That’s it for now.  Time to call it a night.


June 13, 2008

Gay Florida America on Pageant Pay Per View

I just added the 2008 Miss Gay Florida America Pageant featuring Crystle Chambers on the Pageant Pay Per View site.  It is in 3 parts – Opening/Evening Gown/Entertainment – Solo Talent/Entertainment – Talent/Entertainment/Crowning.  $4.99 to buy each segment or $2.99 to rent for 7 days.

2008 Miss Gay Florida America

I will be adding the 2008 Miss Duval Plus pageant featuring India Damore late late tonight or mid afternoon tomorrow (Saturday) before I am off to go film a wedding (joy!!).  Miss Duval Plus will be in 2 parts – Opening/Talent/Entertainment – Evening Gown/Sportswear/Entertainment/Q&A/Crowning. $5.99 to buy each part, $3.99 to rent for 7 days.

2008 Miss Duval Plus

Enjoy the videos.  Watch previews on Planet Q TV or to see the trailer for either video.


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