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February 20, 2010

Click Click Expose live tonight – 2/20 – from Ft. Lauderdale

Live Haitian Relief Effort on CCE TV

Live Haitian Relief Effort on CCE TV

Live from “The Mix on the Drive” – the newest gay bar to open in the Wilton Manor (Ft. Lauderdale) area – by far the gayest area in Ft. Lauderdale. We are doing the Haitian Relief Benefit Show to benefit all of the victims from the disaster in Haiti. Please stop by our website between 6pm and 11pm on Saturday February 20th to watch. Prizes, music, food and fun and loads and loads of entertainment.

Come join us. and click on the live internet button to watch. See you Saturday

August 10, 2009

EOY Update #4 – 8/10/09 – New videos uploaded

Bianca Nicole at EOY 2009 - Talent Competition

Bianca Nicole at EOY 2009 - Talent Competition

Hey pageant fans,

Well after about 8 hours, I have finished with EOY DVD for Sunday night only.  I finished the first draft yesterday combining the two cameras together into one video (some of you saw the process yesterday as I broadcasted live on our internet TV channel).  Today, I went through the 4 hour video and took out all of the down time, talking in between categories etc.  Then I had to put in the names for all of the contestants for both Evening Gown and Talent and then create boards for all of the guest entertainers.  After that, I had to fix some audio anomalies (so annoying) and then I created the intro video montage before the actual pageant started.

I am pretty much done.  I haven’t created the DVD yet – I am still debating whether I am going to put in CG names for each contestant as they were announced at the beginning of the pageant (I am still waiting for a list of the contestant names and spellings) but other than that, I am finish.

Tomorrow, I will upload 10 hours worth of video (2 cameras for Saturday’s show) and then start that editing on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, since it takes 10 hours to move video to the computer – that will take up all of my day so I can’t really edit until Wed.

I posted 4 new videos on Planet Q TV all around what happened on Sunday night + I posted the presentation video we created for Xavier Cole for the men’s competition.  We hope you like the videos.  Well I am calling it a day.  Enjoy…until tomorrow…have a great week.


August 9, 2009

EOY Update #3 – 8/9/09

Now that I have uploaded all 8 hours (2 cameras) of Sunday nights EOY pageant, it is time to edit.  I decided to edit live on our internet TV channel that you can get to from our website.  At 12:30pm – I did the first 2 hours of the pageant and right now I am doing the last 2 hours – which is talent, entertainment, farewell and crowning.  So if you read this blog now (its about 6:53pm EST on Sunday Aug 9th, go click on the live internet TV button from our home page and chat with your friends and enjoy the editing of the pageant.  After I finish this first draft of the edit, tomorrow I will go through all 4 hours, cut out the down time, add graphics, text and etc and finish up Sunday night’s video – hopefully, if all goes well I will be done tomorrow.


March 26, 2009

DVD prices have been lower & some other news….

Hey everybody,

I have been away from the blog for far too long.  I promise to change that – things have been pretty crazy around here as we attempt to launch some new things.  So here is a quick rundown if you have been away from the website:

1)  I have gone through and lower many of the prices on our pageant DVDs.  Many are now only $20 + tax & shipping and handling.  I also combined some pageants making them into combos and re-adjusted a few others.  It has always been a philosophy of mine to keep our prices reasonable.  There are so many pageant fans out there but I know that times are tough and everyone can’t keep dropping $50 or more on pageant DVDs.  Hopefully our prices are reasonable and will encourage people TO BUY the official copy.

2)  We kicked off our Live Internet TV with a broadcast of the 2009 Miss Florida USofA Classic pageant.  It turned out to be a great success and a lot of fun.  The chat room was opened while we were showing the pageant and I think everyone who watched had a great time.  If you made a donation, THANK YOU!!  Your donations will help keep this endeavor going.  Next up – 2009 Mr. and Miss Dumarr International – showing live on Thursday April 9th at 8pm and 10pm and again on Sunday April 12th at 8pm and 10pm.  HOPE YOU CAN JOIN US!!

3)  2009 Mr. and Miss Dumarr has been added to the pageant pay per view along with fixing the problem with the 2009 Miss Florida USofA.  Also 2009 South Florida International Closet Ball has been added as well.  Remember you can rent for 2 days or buy the digital download to play on your computer.  It is simple and easy and a little cheaper than buying the DVD and you get to watch it immediately.  More videos coming soon.

4)  In 1 month, we will be offering DJ services to our list of video, post-production, audio-production and blogging services.  If you are in need of DJ services for your pageant, birthday party or other event – let us know – we can assist.  We will also be offering audio services for corporate and presentation events as well.  Don’t let the hotels or other companies charge you high prices to rent audio equipment, speakers, microphones, etc – we can do it for you.  Just another value service we are bringing to our community.

5)  New videos on Planet Q TV have been added.  Make sure you check it out.  Just Like Judy is the new music video from Darren Stewart-Jones – check it out.  Drag Queen Posse is always up to their crazy antics with a new video called Twisted Nights at Universal.  Queer Channel TV has the sexy 2009 pool party sleezy awards and a cute look at “Oscar Glam” and Twist Everything suprises his partner (that’ s me) with a trip to the Renaissance Festival.  Make sure you check out all of the videos at:   You can also get to it from our home page at:

Well that’s about it for now.  More things will be coming soon so stay on the lookout.  And as always, thanks for your continued support.  Have a great weekend.


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