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March 29, 2010

New Closet Ball pageant heads to Ft. Lauderdale Easter Sunday

If you are a fan of gay pageantry, then you know there are many different facets of pageantry that exist in the gay and lesbian community. And with the exceptions of balls, we have filmed just about every form of pageantry. This Easter Sunday, we head to the Quality Inn Sawgrass Conference Center in Ft. Lauderdale for the 1st annual Miss International Closet Ball (a prelim of the Mr. and Miss International Inc Pageantry System). What makes Closet Balls so unique and different? In one word – transformations. If you have never seen a closet ball pageant, you are in for a treat. The presentation category is the first judged category and the contestants come out as guys – giving us masculinity in all its form. After an hour recess where we get to watch some great entertainment, the guys come back to the stage “transformed” as beautiful ladies competing in the talent category and sportswear or evening gown competition. It is amazing to watch the transformations and the OMG looks from new people in the crowd as the masculine boy who came out on stage has now transformed to a gorgeous lady.

Miss International Closet Ball - April 4th - Ft. Lauderdale

Miss International Closet Ball - April 4th - Ft. Lauderdale

This is the first year that the International Pageantry, Inc system will host a Closet Ball pageant in Florida and it is being brought to you by Auntea BB (better known as Alexus DMarco Braxton). Hailing from the Bahamas, Alexus knew at the age of 15 that she was born for the world of pageantry – watching every beauty pageant that would come on TV as a child. When faith and opportunity presented itself, she moved to the United States to create her drag persona and dive feet first into the world of pageantry. In 1999, Alexus created here first pageant “Florida Gold International.”

After five years and armed with a wealth of knowledge on how to run a pageant, she headed back to Nassau to share her knowledge of pageantry in a city and country that frowns on female impersonation and male lead. Alexus would not be deterred as she sought out to change the mindset of Bahamian entertainers to how the USA girls compete. From how to pad your clothes to simple stuff like using stones on your outfit, the re-molding of the Bahamian mindset paid off giving the Bahama girls a fair chance of competing against USA girls.

CLOSET BALLS ARE BIG IN FLORIDA – a chance for would be stars and newcomers to test their ability to compete – so here is your chance to get involved with a preliminary pageant to a national system looking to make a major mark in the world of gay pageantry.

The pageant is scheduled for Easter Sunday April 4, 2010 at the Quality Inn Sawgrass Conference Center (1711 N. University Drive, Plantation [Ft. Lauderdale], FL 33301). Showtime is at 9:00pm. Registration is at 1:00pm at the Quality Inn hotel. Entry Fee is only $100. The prize package includes – $500 for the winner, $200 for the first runner-up, and $100 for the 2nd runner-up. This year’s theme is “Men In Black…with a feminine Touch!”

Special guest include Miss International Inc, Newcomer Cha Chi Divine, Miss International 2007 and COO Vicki Valentino and Mr. International 2007 and CEO Marlowe Rainbow. For more information on the pageant, email Alexus at: The winner of the Miss International Closet ball pageant will also be double crowned as Miss Black International.

Click Click Expose is proud to be actively involved in the Mr. and Miss International Inc pageantry system and its prelims.  We will once again be providing the DJ services and video filming for another prelim.  Look for DVD information on our website in the days to come.  It should be a fun and exciting pageant.  Make sure you come by and say hi to me and Adrian.  Enjoy!!


The Pageantry Systems International Organization, producers of the MISS INTERNATIONAL INC  CLOSET BALL ®, MR AND MISS MBI  INTERNATIONAL ® MISS CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL® MR& MISS NEWFACE® MR & MISS FLORIDA GOLD ® ALL NATIONAL SYSTEMS competitions, is an international company that advances and supports today’s alterative lifestyle women and men .   These women and men are savvy, goal-oriented and aware of the art of entertainment.   The contestants who become part of the PAGEANTRY SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL  Organization display those characteristics in their everyday lives, both as individuals who participate in the competitions to advance their careers, personal and humanitarian goals, and as women and men who seek to improve the art of entertainment through pageantry.  The Pageantry Systems International Organization will be long a national and international tradition, we are redefined with new ownership, leadership and vision for the world of the 21st century.

March 24, 2010

Gay male makeup artist needed for Atlanta Radio Talk Show

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If you are a gay male make up artist (and you feel that you are really good at what you do) in the Atlanta area, their is an opportunity to be a co-host on an upcoming Atlanta radio talk show about helping business women become successful with how they look and dress. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Thomas at: for more information. While the Atlanta area is preferred, if you live elsewhere in the country, you can be considered as well.


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March 22, 2010

Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network – Weekly Update for March 21

March greetings from your friends at The Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network. We are a network of different podcast shows produced by Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) with contributions from our friends, supporters and content producers.

We want to welcome our newest show to the podcast network – This Show Is So Gay with Ken and Becca from Vermont. They are a news, interview, music and talk podcast show done live on WVEW 107.7 FM in Brattleboro, VT. Welcome to the network!!

Whether its a music show, love show, news or entertainment – we have something for everyone. We invite you to come check it out and be apart of our community. A new podcast show on gay male pageantry will be coming soon in April!

Don’t forget to check out Planet “Q” TV – it’s our very own all gay video sharing website with more than 1,000 videos from all over the world in support of our community. Check it out and upload your video today!! Watch your favorite video by clicking here!!


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2. DJ House Music Show – This week’s music show – Funk Steps House Mix – Part 2 – from DJ Louie B.
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– Controversial book “The Well of Loneliness”.
4. Passion Hits – Episode #11 – March 8 – Part 2. – Love and dedication show dedicated to the one you love.
5. Passion Hits – Episode #11 – March 8 – Part 1.
– Love and dedication show dedicated to the one you love.
6. REBROADCAST – Generation Q Radio – Episode #6
– Youth podcast show for the queer generation
7. This Show Is So Gay – Episode March 17, 2010 – Author Cassidy Haley and Washington State Representative Marko Liias

This Show Is So Gay 3/17/2010 (Podcast)
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