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November 27, 2007

For you cat lovers……

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November 24, 2007

You go bitch….

Hot damn…hot damn…..

triciahelfer-number6.jpg battlestargalacticarazor.jpg

Admiral Cain and Number 6 are lovers….holy shit….now we all know why Admiral Cain was such a bitch…’s nothing like a lesbian scorned – you find out your lover is a cylon…woa….

Now I know why Battlestar Galactica is the best sci fi show on TV….


Pageant Soup – Music Countdown Show


With only a few days to the show, we thought we give you the latest tally in the Top 15 songs to ban, retire, get rid of or just outright throw to the curb. If you are a gay pageant fan, you know that sometimes you hear the same song –over and over and over again — and you’re like “I’m Over It.” Well here’s your chance to vote your favorite song to get rid of. It’s just another fun show we are having on Pageant Soup with Steve and Marlowe and we hope you join the fun. Live – Thursday Nov. 29 – 7 pm Eastern Standard Time – head to our website at: and click on the link on the home page to take you to the show.

and the votes have been tallied.

HOWEVER…..WE CAN’T TELL YOU YET.   LOL….Tune in on Nov. 29th at 7pm Eastern Standard Time to hear the show.  It will be a lot of fun and we hope you will join us.  Click here to go straight to the show on Thursday or visit our home page to  click on the  show link.


November 21, 2007

food, music & some news…

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This will be the first Thanksgiving where I don’t cook.  Normally if my family is not around, I cook for my partner’s grandma and auntie and the next door neighbor (go figure).  But this year, they all have plans to go eat somewhere else – so I don’t have to slave over the kitchen stove all day tomorrow – HOORAY!! So I will cook some cornish hens, dressing and salad for Adrian and I and call it a day.  As much as I enjoy cooking for the holiday – it will be a nice break – instead of cooking I can play more video games.

The podcast network has been updated today with the gay news week in review, queer history facts, church sermon from Rev. Jim Merritt and an episode of Talk Mess with Adrian and Thomas.  The Talk Mess show features some music from some very good indie recording artist along with spoken word poet Andrea Gibson (this girl is the bomb) and some music from our resident DJ Carlos Dali from New York.  Also check out the funny audio clip at the end of the show – It’s Elmo in Iraq…very funny…

The cce music and radio page has been updated with a bio of DJ Carlos Dali and some new music videos around homohop (better known as gay hip hop).  Also we have pop recording star and artist Ari Gold’s bio up as well – we will be interviewing him in December on the Talk Mess podcast show.

That’s it for now…Happy Thanksgiving everyone…don’t eat too much….


November 19, 2007

I am on strike….. (well maybe..)

okay….as you may know the Writers Guild of America is on strike for not getting their fair share of DVD and internet media revenue. Late night comedy shows, some tv shows and new movies are all in danger. The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (Broadway stagehands for short) are on strike as well (no broadway plays through Thanksgiving). And now CBS news writers have been given the ok to go on strike as well. It’s all about the Benjamins, baby…


So I was thinking – I think every videography company in the country should go on strike. You know those brides who equate our profession to Uncle Charlie and think its okay to pay us $400 to film a wedding. Or how about those corporate companies who want you to work 10 to 15 hours a day non stop and only pay you a day rate of $375. Or how about that event organizer who longs for a professional video (something that will make them look good). They spend thousands of dollars on planning the event but when it comes to video…oh..oops..we ran out of money…can you do it for free?


I SAY VIDEOGRAPHERS OF THE WORLD – STRIKE. No more wedding videos, no more corporate videos, no more pride videos – let your cousin film with his Kmart or Best Buy camera and his $400 e-machine computer. Hey they can do a great job right??    “………(music)……watch it wiggle…(pause. – music)…….see it jiggle…….”    Hey after all – we didn’t go to school or nothing for this right? We don’t spend thousands of dollars practicing our craft, attending conventions, workshops – self improvement courses. Hell – we don’t spend our hard earn money on good equipment and good staff for nothing right?

I don’t need to eat…I will just live off the land and my dog can go looking for food in the street.

You know…I use to look at people on strike and think…damn… they must be frackin’ greedy and then I take a look at my profession and the many talented editors and videographers out there who have to give their right nut to film a project and then when its all said and done – “Oh that was so beautiful, that was’re awesome”…hey I got a cousin who needs a video…can you do it for cheap too.   HOW DEMEANING!!

I say strike…demand your fair share. I think its funny – we all complain about our jobs not paying us what we are worth and then we go and hire someone to do something for us and we want to be cheap about it. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. There is a reason why Mercedes cost so much. If you want quality, if you want professionalism, if you want great service – pay for it, be glad you paid for it and make sure you get every pennies worth. If it’s important to you – you will find a way to pay for it. If it’s not important to you – don’t pretend it is and don’t waste my time…I would rather go on strike……………………………………. until the dog gets hungry….


November 16, 2007

Crappy Customer Service…….

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So Adrian and I make a trip over to our local Blockbuster store (you see Adrian just bought himself an Xbox 360 so he just had to try out Halo 3 and Gears of War) and we walk in the store and one guy behind the counter is eating a snickers bar and the other one is talking about some girl. Neither one of them paid us any mind.

Okay…no big deal. So Adrian finds his game – we go to the counter and the guy eating the snickers is drinking his Rockstar and talking on his cell phone. Now he sees Adrian and me – and he keeps talking, keeps drinking, keeps talking, takes another sips and that little shit ignores us. I mean the boy literally ignored us. So of course, I decided I would be an ass and I just smirked, smiled and shook my head. Apparently he saw this, gets off the phone and helps us….


So I don’t know if anyone has been paying attention to Blockbuster lately, but they have closed hundreds of stores in the last 2 years, their “Total Access” program can’t make a dent against “Netflix” – and the company is losing money hand over foot. Now I don’t know about you, but when I left that store, I told Adrian I can see why Blockbuster is failing as a business.

It’s so hard to get good customer service today. Most people hate their jobs, take it out on their customers and basically treat you like an inconvenience. Is it so hard for employees to say hello when you walk in a store – especially if there is only 1 or 2 people it it?? Now this is a broad statement I know but I challenge you to evaluate your next experience and ask yourself did that store care about you as a customer or were you just another buck. to them.

I guess I am just old school here. I believe in great customer service. I believe if you have a problem, solve it right away – if you need help – go out of your way to help or get someone who can – act like you care about the job (even if you don’t) and act like you care about the customer (even if you hate their guts)- the customer may not always be right but they damn well deserve your attention and your concern.

I’m picky where I shop now. Not because I want to be treated like a king but just because I would like to be treated as if you care.  And when that happens, I am your customer for life.


November 10, 2007

scare your boyfriend away…

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So a friend of mine was going out on this hot date and well quite frankly – he isn’t the most attractive person in the world (I can’t say downright ugly) but on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being a “only if I hadn’t had sex in a couple of months” kind a guy..I would say maybe a -3. Okay…anyway he’s going out on this date and he’s really excited and as a geeky practical joke (as only my friend can do) – he decides he is going to showcase his love of military aviation before they go out on the date. So he is dressing up in his best British Ministry of Defense flight suit, he’s got his toy F-35 Joint Strike Fighter on his living room table, and

then…knock, knock, knock…..the new boyfriend shows up at the door to be greeted by this:


Lord Vader would be proud!! And they wonder why there are no gay men in aviation!!

November 8, 2007

And why did you stay at home Sat night?

So Adrian and I along with our good friend and apprentice Tara made the long 4 hour journey to St. Petersburg to be apart of a great event at the Trinity UCC church.  Now I have never been much of a gay political activist (it’s kind of hard when you still got one foot stuck in the closet) but I was quite impressed with this event.  It was sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Florida and it was called “A Celebration of Faith and Diversity.” – a kind of faith based  advocacy for the LGBT movement.

Now…before you stop reading this because it has to do with church…hear me out.  Yes the speeches were all done by people of faith, yes the moderator (Harry Knox) was the Director of the Religion and Faith program at HRC – BUT WOW….I was so impressed by the message that everyone was delivering.  Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite (President of the Chicago Theological Seminary), Rev. Dr. Miguel De La Torre (Director Iliff School of Theology’s Justice and Peace Institute in Denver) and Rev. Dr. Bernice Powell Jackson (President of the World Council of Churches) – these were like the major players in the faith based initiative for gay and lesbian rights and their all straight.  DID YOU GET THAT???  – all straight.  Here were people with long distinguish careers, been everywhere, done everything – and hear they are giving LGBT folks hope and courage and wisdom in the fight for gay rights.

And why did you stay home Saturday night if you lived in St. Petersburg?  Getting ready to go to the club?  Went to go watch a movie?  You needed to hear this.  If you didn’t live in St. Petersburg – you needed to hear this.  Everyone straight or gay – needed to hear this.  It’s a message that gay folks often miss because we are so caught up in our own little world and forget about the struggle that is out there.

I am glad we got to film the event.  The videos will be up on Planet “Q” TV in the religion section.  I will have Thistlethwaite’s keynote on the home page (when I fix that damn encode problem – oyyy two days of this *&^% ..but I digress) –  CHECK OUT THE VIDEO, HEAR THE MESSAGE and maybe when the next HRC or Equality Florida or activist event comes to your town – don’t stay home – check it out….we all need to hear the message.


November 4, 2007

So close…yet so far….



You know…I was almost ready to call a quits to a certain “portion” of our business. When I reviewed the time, the effort, the lack of financial reward and the petty “shit” that exists out there from people, I was so ready to say – screw this – I can make better money somewhere else. Now I won’t tell you what that portion of the business was but boy I was so close…so close.

And then I thought about our attendance at the Human Rights Campaign “Celebration of Faith and Diversity” Town Hall Meeting in St Petersburg yesterday (that we filmed) and some of the important comments that were made to GLBT people. And then (most importantly to me), by far the most important thing to me, I received an email yesterday from one of our supporters who made this simple comment in their email – “I really enjoyed your   ….. – Where were you when I was growing up.”

That one comment alone reminded me why I do what I do. I don’t do it because I make good money, I don’t do it because of riches and fame – I do it because there are people out there who appreciate it, need it and want it to be apart of their lives. So I will stick with it, not because there are people who want to tear you down when they get the chance but rather I will stick with it because I know there is at least 1 person out there who appreciates it.   And that’s all that matters to me.


November 1, 2007

Podcast updated today & other company news…

Hey guys,

Taking a break from the funny and silly blogs for a little company news. Podcast Network is updated this week. We had another good Pageant Soup live show with a lot of live listeners and chat listeners. This week we talked about the MBU pageant with guest Jaila Lord Paris. Also new gay news week in review, church sermon and queer history fact.

Adrian and I will be headed up to St Petersburg to film the town hall meeting for HRC and the Florida Conference UCC – they are holding a town hall meeting on Faith and Diversity and we will be providing audio visual support (along with filming) – we will put clips up on Planet “Q” TV as soon as we are done editing them. We will be working with the folks over at ImGay.TV who will be doing interviews of the speakers and visitors.

If you didn’t know – the Missouri EOY DVDs are done and are available on our website. Oh – and if anyone sees or talks to Anthony Watson – can you tell him we are looking for him. We can’t seem to get in touch with him.

Adrian will be vlogging our adventures to St Pete so look for those videos coming soon.

That’s it for now.

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