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November 4, 2008

So why are elections on Tuesday?

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So someone madea comment that they wondered why elections are always on Tuesday and only on Tuesday – which I thought was kind of interesting.  It turns out that back in the 1800s when our nation was predominately an agricultural society – the idea was to have elections at a time when the harvest was done and the work of the harvest was done.  So it was thought that the first Tuesday of November would be a good time.  Go to church on Sunday, travel on Monday to the voting location, vote on Tuesday and come back home on Wednesday.

While one day has been traditional, why can’t we have elections on let’s say over the course of 2 days.  So many employers are being jerks about letting people go out and vote and everyone knows that today there are going to be long lines.  Why not let voting happen over 2 days.  Adrian right now was told by his district manager in a conference call to all store managers and assistants that she didn’t want to hear any excuses, people weren’t allow to be late because they voted.  That tells me no support for this very important day. So voting over 2 days – Now that would be interesting? 

Would you support having elections for 2 days instead of 1?  Tell me what you think?



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