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September 21, 2008

How to waste away your time – play peggle

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Now that I have a chance to break away from editing videos…it’s time to start throwing away my time.  I usually do that playing video games.  I am a hardcore PC gamer, so strategy games, RTS, simulations are my thing.  Now it’s been a long time since I found a game that made me say WTF – 5 hours have passed by already.  Sim City 4 did that to me for many months and Command & Conquer did that as well but now I have found a new game – its called Peggle.

Extreme Fever with Peggle Deluxe - Try It

Extreme Fever with Peggle Deluxe - Try It

Now you hardcore gamers out there – calm down – I really haven’t lost my mind.  This game is addictive.  The object of the game is really simple – use a bouncing ball and get rid of the orange balls and blocks.  Along the way are special bonuses, points and hints.  Seems simple but the upper levels are hard and makes you want to keep trying.  I found myself moaning when I missed a shot by inches (replayed in slow motion complete with crowd noise) to screaming “yes” when I hit that lucky shot.  The music is catchy, the graphics simple but clean and the humor infectious.

How did I learn about peggle?  I listen to the PC gamer podcast all of the time and I swear those guys were always talking about the game.  I didn’t really give it any thought until I got tired kicking alien but in Supreme Commander and wanted to try something new.  So I loaded up my Steam account, played my free demo of Peggle and after 30 minutes I was hooked.

So today I have checked my email, check my calendar, clear up my hard drives and now it’s time to waste away my day…peggle anyone

Oh hear’s a video to give you an idea.  This guy must be a queen – where in the hell did he get that song from to put in his video.



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