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January 6, 2009

Apple finally gets it….DRM has got to go

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Now I am going to be called a hypocrite on this one but let me explain first.  I am not a fan of DRM – I have never been – it is difficult to work with, annoying at best, assumes you will be a criminal and cause problems if your computer and/or software is not set up right.  Now the flip side is we use it on our pay per view rentals (yes I know I know) but we have to – I know for a fact that if I didn’t – my pageant pay per view rentals would be all over the pageant community – so in order to protect our revenue stream – we had to put it on our videos.

However, if you have been keeping an eye on the MacWorld Tradeshow, you will know that they will soon be offering DRM free downloads from their ITunes store.  So if you buy a song from the ITunes library, not only will you get to play it on your iPod, but now you can play it on any mp3 player you have.  And that’s what I like best about Apple’s decision.  If I own a Zune, I should have the option to buy something from the iTunes store and play it on my player – after all it’s my purchase.  If I want to stick it on every computer in my house – I should be able to – it’s my purchase.  Will some people abuse this (of course they will), will people make copies and give it away (of course they might) – can Apple absorb that dishonesty ( I think they can).  They may raise their prices a few pennies to cover the potential theft loss, but I think it is a good thing.  If you buy it, you should be able to do what you want with it.

Now if Apple really wants to impress me, how about exchanging all of my DRM encoded songs for the same ones without DRM.  8 million songs available DRM free starts today.  Expect around another 2 million in March.


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