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December 3, 2008

We’re Back + Can’t get enough of Obama’s win

We are back (well we really never left) but we moved our office to its final location (hurray) and now that we are all settled – we will get back to updating the podcast every week, continue to work on adding more pageant videos to the pay per view and starting back our Talk Mess with Adrian and Thomas podcast show again (we stopped it for a while – but now we will start it up again).

My mom sent me this nice picture highlight of Obama’s win on election night and I thought I would share it with you guys.  It still amazes me everytime I see him hold a press conference to announce his team or see him in pictures at the White House (what a site) – anyway – enjoy the pictures and more blogs coming soon.  Thanks for being patient while we got things situated.

Obama Picture Link – Click Here


November 5, 2008

Congratulations Barack Obama

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President Elect Obama

President Elect Obama


I am proud of this nation and I am proud of our new President.  Today we elected a man not based on his race, his color, his ethnicity but because he inspired a country.  He inspired me and frankly I can’t stand politics and politicians but I can’t wait to see what he does and I can’t wait for the U.S. to regain its prominence and respect in the world.  You have probably seen his speech at Grant Park a thousand times today but I wouldn’t be a proud supporter if I didn’t put in our our blog.  Here’s to the future!!


September 30, 2008

Our leaders have failed us – why am I not surprised

I rarely get on here and talk politics – it is so personal with people but I can’t help but think that the vote yesterday to not approve the bailout plan was more than just a NO vote.  I think it reinforces why Time Magazine says that only 18% of Americans do not trust Congress.  Think about it – most Americans do not understand the complexities of the market system – that is why we have experts.  And the experts along with the President of the US, the Vice President, the Treasury Secretary, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the Chairman of the SEC and our two political candidates for President say vote yes for the bill.  Americans, on the other-hand, are upset because they think the bill will reward those who caused the problem and righteous indignation should prevail.

And now politicians are caught between a rock and a hard place.  Do you vote with popular opinion that might not truly understand all of the nuances of the economic and market system or do you take a stand and make the difficult vote that voters will not like?  And better yet do you take the time (I mean really really take the time) to explain why and how this bailout works and what will happen if it doesn’t (in simple layman terms that Americans can understand)?   If ever a time that our nation’s leaders should be inspiring Americans, and supporting Americans and calming Americans and telling us the potential of our future – our politicians are doing what they have done for years – look out for themselves first before looking out for the American people.

Am I surprised at the No vote.  Not at all.  I think that it cleary shows that one of the greatest nations in the world has leaders that no one trust, no one respects and no one has confidence in.  I think that is a much bigger failure than any bailout plan could ever cost us.

just my 2 cents….What do you think??


April 28, 2008

Will America ever learn…..race in America

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There are days when I just want to go live on a small island and disavow myself from the rest of the world.  Why do I say that?  Listening to Jermiah Wright’s specch last night at the NAACP fundraising event and then reading the countless posts that have been placed online makes me think that our great country still has not learn its lesson.  I have not seen so much race baiting, racial hatred and political pandering done by EVERYONE – the right , the left and everybody in the middle.  And now, somehow, just because Obama was in the same church as Wright – that somehow Obama has become “less of a man” and is not fit to be our next President.

Whether you are gay, black, hispanic, asian, arabic, a woman or an american indian – it seems that when anyone questions the struggle, oppression and history of people in the “minority” and compare that same struggle, oppression and history of people in the “majority” – somehow you are living in the past and being racist.

I long for the day when people can accept each other for who they are…. not what “label” society has placed on them.  I long for the day when we as a society can sit down and have a honest and hearful discussion of where we have been as a nation and where we need to go.  I long for the day when people realize that “your neighbor” is very different from you, learns differently from you, enjoys life differently from you and that doesn’t make them better or worse – it just makes them, THEM. Understanding is the key to acceptance.  Understanding doesn’t necessarily mean agreement.  You can understand and disagree but wouldn’t it be nice if we could understand and accept everyone? 

or maybe my own island would just be better…..


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