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April 28, 2008

Will America ever learn…..race in America

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There are days when I just want to go live on a small island and disavow myself from the rest of the world.  Why do I say that?  Listening to Jermiah Wright’s specch last night at the NAACP fundraising event and then reading the countless posts that have been placed online makes me think that our great country still has not learn its lesson.  I have not seen so much race baiting, racial hatred and political pandering done by EVERYONE – the right , the left and everybody in the middle.  And now, somehow, just because Obama was in the same church as Wright – that somehow Obama has become “less of a man” and is not fit to be our next President.

Whether you are gay, black, hispanic, asian, arabic, a woman or an american indian – it seems that when anyone questions the struggle, oppression and history of people in the “minority” and compare that same struggle, oppression and history of people in the “majority” – somehow you are living in the past and being racist.

I long for the day when people can accept each other for who they are…. not what “label” society has placed on them.  I long for the day when we as a society can sit down and have a honest and hearful discussion of where we have been as a nation and where we need to go.  I long for the day when people realize that “your neighbor” is very different from you, learns differently from you, enjoys life differently from you and that doesn’t make them better or worse – it just makes them, THEM. Understanding is the key to acceptance.  Understanding doesn’t necessarily mean agreement.  You can understand and disagree but wouldn’t it be nice if we could understand and accept everyone? 

or maybe my own island would just be better…..


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