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June 26, 2009

International Week 2009 – Pre-Order your DVD Today!!

International Week 2009 - Pre-Order Your DVD Today

International Week 2009 - Pre-Order Your DVD Today

Come join us as our cameras head to Wilmington, Deleware to film International Week 2009 at the Deleware Theatre Company. If you saw the DVD last year, you saw a fantastic competition at the gorgeous Center Stage Theatre in Baltimore, MD. Well for 2009, we head northeast to Deleware to film this year’s pageant. We have the pre-order sales up on our website where you can save up to $10.00 from the original price if you pre-order today. Come say hi as I will be filming this year. Missed last year’s DVD, I will have a couple availble to sell at rock bottom prices (hehe). Good luck to all of the contestants this year – it should be another fun year for the system. I will see you all tomorrow.



July 16, 2008

International Week 2008 in Baltimore MD & EOY 2008 in Louisville, KY

Hey pageant fans,

International Week 2008

International Week 2008


Our team of videographers will be in Baltimore, MD at the Center Stage Theatre for the 2008 International Week pageant.  This will be our first ever 3-camera filming of a pageant in the beautiful Center Stage Theatre so we are excited to be the official videographers for this year’s event.  If you are attending the pageant, make sure you come by and say hi to us. 

Two days later, we hit the road and drive up to Louisville, KY for Entertainer of the Year where we will be taping the Mr. and Miss pageant. 

Needles to say it is going to be a long and difficult next couple of weeks.  As promise when we do major pageants, I will be keeping everyone updated on our progress in filming, editing and releasing the DVD so everyone has an idea of some of the work involved in preparing these DVDs.  We did it last year for EOY and turn out to be a hit so I will do it again this year.

Today I am wrapping up a wedding video and waiting for the client to send me her pictures so I am going to be finishing up a wedding video in the middle of getting these 2 pageants done in 2 weeks each.  Man have I set a goal for myself – we will see if I can stick to it.

So check out the blog daily as we tell you what’s going on in pageantry for the next two weeks.  We will update from the hotel and pageant event, put up some preview videos and pictures and give you the low down on what’s going on this year.  Should be a lot of fun.  We hope you enjoy it.


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