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June 13, 2008

Gay Florida America on Pageant Pay Per View

I just added the 2008 Miss Gay Florida America Pageant featuring Crystle Chambers on the Pageant Pay Per View site.  It is in 3 parts – Opening/Evening Gown/Entertainment – Solo Talent/Entertainment – Talent/Entertainment/Crowning.  $4.99 to buy each segment or $2.99 to rent for 7 days.

2008 Miss Gay Florida America

I will be adding the 2008 Miss Duval Plus pageant featuring India Damore late late tonight or mid afternoon tomorrow (Saturday) before I am off to go film a wedding (joy!!).  Miss Duval Plus will be in 2 parts – Opening/Talent/Entertainment – Evening Gown/Sportswear/Entertainment/Q&A/Crowning. $5.99 to buy each part, $3.99 to rent for 7 days.

2008 Miss Duval Plus

Enjoy the videos.  Watch previews on Planet Q TV or to see the trailer for either video.


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