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November 5, 2009

Don’t tell me straight men don’t like to have gay sex appeal

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Dolce and Gabba Underwear Ad

Dolce and Gabba Underwear Ad

Okay…for every straight guy who turns his nose up at gay people (even those straight model types) – there are those who realize that their good looks and chiesled body can earn them a following (and a paycheck) that they can’t resist.  It’s funny when I watch some of those reality TV shows that showcase models, musicians, etc and watch their reactions when they learn that gay people like them or help them in their road to success.  But I bet they are not turning up their noses when they get that paycheck at the end of the week.

Enter Dolce and Gabanna.  Whether you are a fashion whore or a name brand slut (i know such harsh words) – you got to admit – these straight guys and girls over at DG know how to win over the gay and lesbian community.  Of course not being an American company helps!!  Their underwear ad is a classic example of taking straight guys (in this case the Italian Rugby team) and exploiting them for all its worth.  While I bet that none of these guys will be the first to admit in public they have a gay fan base – you better believe that many of gay men are tuned in and turned on by the images.  And watch as DG sales sore and sore.  Ads with cute straight guys targeted towards gay men will never go away.  And let’s hope it doesn’t.

While I can’t say I own anything by DG, I appreciated them as a company when they were bold enough to make commericals that were bold and daring and meant specifically for the gay and lesbian community.  Check out this commercial that we put on our gay and lesbian video sharing website at Planet Q TV.  I think you will like it.

So what’s my point?  Don’t tell me as a straight guy you are just turned off by gay guys liking you or what you are selling.  I don’t buy it (and neither does the advertising world).  You might not agree with the gay lifestyle but you are sure loving it when you get paid by us.  So keep it up…we sure don’t mind.

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