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February 11, 2010

Click Click Expose Podcast Network Update – Feb. 11, 2010

February greetings from your friends at The Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network. We are a network of different podcast shows produced by Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) with contributions from our friends, supporters and content producers.

Whether its a music show, love show, news or entertainment – we have something for everyone. We invite you to come check it out and be apart of our community. More shows will be coming soon!

Don’t forget to check out Planet “Q” TV – it’s our very own all gay video sharing website with more than 1,000 videos from all over the world in support of our community. Check it out and upload your video today!! Watch your favorite video by clicking here!!


1. Gay News Week In Review – National and International news for week ending February 7, 2010.
2. DJ House Music Show – This week’s music show – Friday Night House Mix – Part 1 – from DJ Louie B.
3. Queer History Fact #100
– U.S. Poet Langston Hughes.
4. Passion Hits – Episode #7 – Feb 7. – Love and dedication show dedicated to the one you love.
5. Passion Hits – Episode #6 – Jan 31.
– Love and dedication show dedicated to the one you love.
6. REBROADCAST – Generation Q Radio
– Youth podcast show for the queer generation

Passion Hits – Episode #7 (Podcast)
Passion Hits – Episode #6 (Podcast)
Gay News Week In Review – W/E 02-07-10 (Podcast)
DJ Louie B “Friday Night House Mix” – Part 1 (Podcast)
Queer History Fact #100 (Podcast)
Generation Q Radio – Episode 3 (Rebroadcast) (Podcast)

March 11, 2008

Calpernia Addams on The Pageant Soup Podcast Show

James Baldwin once said that “everyone’s journey is individual.”  And this certainly applies to our special guest this week’s who life’s journey has been one of heartache, inspiration and triumph.  We are pleased to welcome Calpernia Addams (Activist, actress and currently on the Logo TV reality show “Transamerican Love Story) to this week’s podcast show.  This is a live show, so don’t forget you can call in with your questions or comments or you can join our chat room and participate as well.  Show time is at 7pm Eastern Standard Time.  If you aren’t aware, Click Click Expose hosts a weekly podcast network consisting of 5 different shows for you to enjoy.  DJ Carlos Dali Podcast Show, The Pageant Soup Podcast Show, Gay News Week In Review, Queer History Facts & church sermons from Rev. Jim Merritt.


To join us live, visit our website: and click on the link that says: “click here to join us live.”

To subscribe to the Click Click Expose podcast network and have this show downloaded to you automatically every week, click here.  Using iTunes, this show and all of the shows in the network will be downloaded to you automatically for free.

If you just want to listen or check out any of our past episodes, head to our homepage at: and look for the green button on the homepage that says: Listen Now.  You can pick and choose which ever show you want to listen too.

It shoudl be a fun and interesting show.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Thank you for your continued support.

Pageant Soup Team (Vicki, Steve, Thomas, Adrian)

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