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October 27, 2008

Season 2 of the Duder show is here – Watch it on Planet Q TV

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So there was this group of guys and gals…some gay some straight…who just,  you know, duder around.  They all got together to share and talk about things that were happening in their lives.  Thus was born the internet web comedy show Duder from New York writer and web producer Matt Kirsch.  Many of you were introduced to the Duder show through season 1 when we had it up on that “other” platform (LOL).  Well everything has been moved over to here including the two new episodes for Season 2.  Make sure you check it out as new episodes hit every Monday and Thursday – Who Is Paul Gruff just uploaded today.  To understand the characters and see why they are the way they are, make sure you watch the first season.  Head to the channel page and look for the Duder channel.

We continue our outreach to talented film makers, writers and producers out there and are happy to showcase the new episodes of Duder.  Have fun and happy viewing!!


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