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October 3, 2008

John Barrowman & the Torchwood TV Show

Torchwood Team

Torchwood Team

If you are a sci fi fan like myself, then you know the actor John Barrowman.  Mr. sexy with his bi-love interest Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto) in the BBC hit TV show “Torchwood.”  It’s an off shoot of Doctor Who where the 51st century time traveller has taken up residence in Cardiff fighting aliens in the city.  Well the actor is openly gay and does not hide that fact (way to go John) and I found this video of him on You Tube that celebrates his relationship with his partner of 16 years Scott Gill.  It goes to show you that you can have a successful acting career and still be out, proud and gay.  My hats off to them both.  Can’t wait for season 3 of Torchwood do out sometime in May of 2009 in the UK and shortly afterwards here in America on BBC America.



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