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September 18, 2008

Podcast Network Updated Today

Podcast fans,

The podcast network has had some shows missing in the past few weeks as we are still in the process of moving our offices and we are still not done yet.  So some shows will be missing in the coming weeks.  HOWEVER, we did update the shows with 5 shows today.

Pageant Soup Podcast Show - Episode 45

Pageant Soup Podcast Show - Episode 45

Check out our last Pageant Soup Podcast Show for the year as we tackle the question of drag queen entertainers vs transgendered entertainers.  While we were hoping for entertainers to come on and give us their opinions on the topic – it didn’t happen – nethertheless Vicki and Thomas talk about where the two groups come from and what they bring to the pageantry world.

DJ Carlos Dali - Music Show Number 22

DJ Carlos Dali - Music Show Number 22

DJ Carlos Dali hits the air waves this week with his 22nd show called “All Hail to Queen Carlata.”  We also have a church sermon rebroadcast from Rev. Jim Merritt called “When Good People Suffer,” and we have a queer history fact where we look at US film writer and critic Vito Russo.

Happy Listening!!!


May 17, 2008

What a crazy last couple of weeks

Hey everybody, I think I am finally going off the deep end.

What a crazy couple of weeks

It has been a crazy last couple of weeks.  A good kind of crazy but crazy nethertheless.  One of the things about my job as a videographer that I like is that we are fortunate to get a variety of video assignments.  I am not just a corporate videographer or a pagent videographer or a wedding videographer – I have gotten to do a variety of things over the last few years that keep this job interesting.

So in the last two weeks I have filmed two weddings – one a rich Swede was marrying this beautiful arabic girl (you should have seen the reception) and the other a jewish wedding where they were celebrating Jerusalem Independence day after the wedding (boy was I out of place the only black guy in the whole place).  Then I was filming the MCC Church People of African Decent conference celebrating having an includive church for all races (3 days of conference meetings and worship services) and finally the 2008 Miss Duval Plus pageant. CRAZY….and on top of that we have relaunched the Planet Q TV website (our own video sharing website) and now I must move over 400 videos to the new server!!!

So you can wonder why I have not been on the blogs lately – I just haven’t had the time.  But I get to come up for air this week – I have bout 70% of all of this done so life gets to be a little easier this week hopefully!!

The podcast network is updated for this week – Pageant Soup Podcast Show (which will be taking a two week break after today), gay news week in review, queer history facts and house music from New York DJ Carlos Dali.  You can subscribe to the podcast network via iTunes and have the shows downloaded to you automatically or just head to our home page and click on the green button that says listen now. Also make sure you check out Planet Q TV – we will be up to about 200 videos moved over by today with more coming soon. DON’T FORGET – JOIN THE COMMUNITY, PUT IN YOUR PROFILE & UPLOAD YOUR VIDEOS TO OUR ALL GAY VIDEO SHARING WEBSITE.

until the next time….


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