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July 29, 2008

Congrats Nina West – EOY 2008 – Some Notes and News

Nina West

Nina West

Wow…what a contest….I have to first say congratulations to Nina West and Savion Simpson Black for an outstanding job winning Entertainer of the Year 2008 and to all of the contestants who competed this year.   This was an outstanding year for pageant entertainment.

After 17 lonnnggg hours of driving, we finally made it back to sunny Miami, FL.  While I enjoy filming this year, man driving that long is crazy – but we had a crew of 4 this year and plane tickets are way to high (LOL).  And to make matter worse, when we got back, I had to go sit in meetings for 3 hours about how we are going to tackle the next 3 weeks of video productions.  I am whipped.

Now,  Adrian and I will begin the long long process of editing and putting together this year’s EOY videotape.  First off, many of you took advantage of our pre-order special.  THANK YOU.  I will fire off a confirmation email to you Wednesday or Thursday.  I just finished printing all of the pre-orders in the order they were received – so you are all set.  Second, International Week 2008 was filmed by us the weekend before EOY.  Sorry EOY fans – I have to do International Week first and get it done before starting on EOY.  Third, I have a wedding I did weeks before both pageants that I have to finished and I have two weddings coming up in the next two weekends in August.  The next 4 weeks are going to be a real challenge for us as we try to quickly put together these DVDs while still giving you a great presentation.  BUT WE ARE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE.  I will be keeping everyone up to date on this blog on the progress of the DVD, let you know what I am working on and some of the effort needed to put together these DVDs.  I did this last year and people seemed to like it so I will do it again this year.

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all of our fans and supporters.  Those who came by to say hi (in Baltimore or Louisville), those who

Thank you!

Thank you!

have thanked us in threads, forums or in person and those who have supported us over the years.  Many of you knew us back in our Houston days when we were Black Stylez Entertainment.  A lot has changed since 1999 and we have gotten much bigger and and I hope much better.  It is because of your support and commitment that Adrian, Tara, Blossom, Eric, Ailyn and myself continue to do what we do and love bringing you all great LGBT entertainment – whether its pageants, podcasting, videos, whatever.  So I just want to personally say thank you for your support – PLEASE always share with us and let us know how we can do things better for you.

Until the next blog, tomorrow – LET THE EDITING BEGIN.  But first – my bed is callling me.  Oh, watch the preview videos of International Week 2008 and EOY 2008 on Planet Q TV – our own video sharing website just for our community.

April 10, 2008

New episodic videos found for Planet Q TV

I am always excited when I stumble across internet episodic videos by gay writers, filmakers or artist.  Last year I cam across “The duder show” and was extremely impressed with the  writing and quirky humor that grew on you.  I have come across another set of videos from some ladies in New York.  Called “U People TV,” creator and artist Hanifah Walidah and partner? Olive have put together a documentary, music video and 3 video blogs that I think you will find interesting.  Now just because they are lesbians doesn’t mean you can’t watch guys…come on…check it out…these sisters have it going on.

Other videos uploaded this week include a funny as shit comedy sketch on Project Runway from the guys at Creative Nation Station +gay travels in Martinique and 3 boys on a superhero mission called “The Tranny Force.”  We hope you like these new videos that we found and we give a shout out to all of the gay video content creators out there – your talents, humor and artistry make us proud.

Keep up the good work and more to come soon.  HAPPY WATCHING!!

Thomas (Content Producer – Click Click Expose – Gay Entertainment Media)

April 2, 2008

New videos uploaded to Planet Q TV!!

Hey Planet Q TV fans.  We’re back (well we have never left) but we got behind by a week because I was in computer nirvana land building a new computer for the office.  Now that I have everything back in one piece (I love my new computer by the way- High Def, 500 Watt Logitech speakers, HD DVD/Blu Ray player, 24in LCD Monitor…hehe..damn life is good) – we have updated Planet Q TV with some new videos that we think you will like.


Our friends from in Canada have put together some more great auto reviews.  If you have not seen their videos – check them out – sleek, elegant with a touch of class like the cars they review.  Luxury auto reviews with a gay twist – courtesy of OutDrive.  Today’s update include the Infiniti G37S and the 2008 Audi Q7.

We also have the 5am remix of the gay pimp himself Jonny McGovern.  “Something For The Fellas” is one of his most popular songs – well check out the remix.  Speaking of music check out comedian Greg Scarnici’s alter ego BQE as he raps about being “Curious” liking guys and girls in this funny rap song.  Our last new music is from the group The Presets with “This Boy’s In Love” with lots of eye candy to look at.

Lastly, we travel to Paris with a video called “Lost in Francelation” – for all those people who love France but don’t quite understand what it’s all about.  From Ireland, we have the short film called “Chicken” about two guys trying to come to terms with the feelings they have for each other.

We hope you like the new videos.  More coming soon.  DON’T FORGET TO UPLOAD YOUR VIDEOS TODAY AND BE APART OF PLANET Q TV.


March 6, 2008

New videos on Planet Q TV – Check it out

Our friends over at JRP TV gives us another contestant performance from the 2007 Miss Gay Venezuela pageant.  Those girls really know how to decorate a stage.  You American girls better look out.

Hope you like the new set of vidoes this week.  We now have over 385 vidoes for us and by us – the gay and lesbian community..  BE APART OF OUR FAMILY…..DON’T FORGET TO UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO TODAY…..Whether you are a professional or an amatuer, video camera or cell phone camera – put your gay and lesbian videos on Planet Q TV.  CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD.

Thomas (Content Producer – Click Click Expose Gay Entertainment Media)

March 1, 2008

Are you into big? + some other news…

Now I am into big things.  How big you say?  Well size matters…after all the bigger they are, the better they are (well maybe that isn’t the way the saying goes) – but you get the picture.  So it’s big time around here buddy – and I am excited.  What am I so excited about?


Well this picture really doesn’t do it justice but I got a sweet deal on a 24 inch LCD flat screen monitor.  Now I know what you’re saying (thomas you’re a fucking geek – and you are right) but if you have not had the pleasure of playing Command and Conquer 3 on a large PC screen or done video editing on a large one monitor screen then you don’t know what you are missing.  Not to mention, that I decided to get into the High Def war (I bought the loser – hey I couldnt resist – the price was too good) and now I can watch brand new spanking 1900×1200 high definition in the comfort of my office.  ahhh..the joy of it all.  Of course my husband was not too please – where did you find the freaking money to pay for that.  Of course, I have a plan (there is always a plan) – even if it’s not a good one.

So I sit here with this bright ass large flat screen monitor that is so damn bright that I am going to go blind sitting here in the dark but hey….at least my computer experience is that just much better.  Now all I need is a new quad core computer, a kick ass graphics card and Crysis and Hellgate London here I come (but I digress).

Okay…instead of playing games..maybe I will just put up the next video on pay per view.  2008 South Florida Closet Ball – look for it in two days.  You can buy the DVD now.  Oh…4 new videos on Planet Q TV (Dear Gay Diary and performer Divine Lee) – all new podcasts this week and  A BIG SHOUT OUT to DJ Carlso Dali – who now has his own podcast show on our network – you guys remember him – he was one of our resident DJs on CCE Radio last year…well the internet radio station will be coming back soon.  For the time being, you can still enjoy his brand of house music New York Style on our podcast network.

 DON’T FORGET —- sign the frapper map, leave a shout out and UPLOAD YOUR VIDEOS.

Now back to my big stuff…….


February 9, 2008

New Planet Q TV website redesigned launched….

Planet Q TV is breaking away from Click Click Expose to be it’s own stand alone website and entertainment destination website.  I have completed about 75% of the changes to the website and you can see it here at:  Except for some fine tuning of graphics, text and links – the site home page will pretty much look that way (unless I come across a web designer who can help me create a different look).  The next step is to create a functional and interactive flash video player for the site (which will allow us to migrate away from the Brightcove player).  If you are a flash developer or know how to create flash video players with databases – I could sure use your help – drop me a line:

I hope you like the new look – the goal of the site is to bring together gay and lesbian video content producers from around the globe and give them a destination website to showcase their work to everyone around the world (while still keeping their brand and their identity).  In addition to the amateur or professional video person – this site is also designed for the everyday man or woman on the street – who likes to use their cell phone, their camera  or their own video camera to shoot video about the gay and lesbian community.

I am excited about Planet Q TV and what it can do for our community.  I hope you agree and will come on board.  Leave me your comments, suggestions  – tell me what you like and don’t like – BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY  don’t forget – upload your videos today.  You Tube is nice, Daily Motion is cool – but these sites all focus on EVERYONE – gay, straight, man, woman – and every subject in the book.  Planet Q TV is designed for one community and one community ONLY – our gay and lesbian community – and what matters the most to us.


January 20, 2008

What’s the big deal….

I have been away from the blog for a while as I had to redesign the Empire Video website and finish up some projects but I am back to drop some funny wisdom and give you some updates.


Has anybody looked at the positions of the presidential candidates in reference to same sex marriage?  All of the republican candidates oppose same sex marriage, a couple (Romney & Thompson) oppose civil unions and a couple won’t go on record if they support civil  unions.  The Democrats (who are suppose to be the gay man’s friend) all oppose same sex marriage (how convenient except for Dennis Kucinich & Mike Gravel) but support civil unions (except for a couple who have not gone on record in support of civil unions).  I hate politics – how a matter such as the ability to marry my partner of 14 years – is an “issue” in today’s world baffles me – and the democratics (like all politicians) are just not willing to lay it on the line but rather play it politically safe.  Why bother!!!

IN MORE FUN NEWS….I have put 5 new videos on Planet ‘Q’ TV (now at:  There is a 2 part story aired by the CBC in Canada on being gay in Iran, there is a private roundtable talk about being black and gay in America, an internet tv travel show on Shanghai with an episode called “Gay Shanghai” and a funny commercial spoof that asks the question: “Tired of Women?” – Be gay today!!  Have fun and enjoy the videos.  DON’T FORGET…we will be kicking off the new in March so if you are video content producer – don’t forget to upload your videos or contact us on how to share your videos for the gay community and get paid in the process as well.  Its videos for us and by us – the gay and lesbian community.  – BOOMARK PLANETQ.TV TODAY!!

January 13, 2008

Is this in poor taste….

What happens when you put 5 to 10 guys in their early 20s together, give them press credentials and let them cover the Consumer Electronics Show.  Normally, you might get an interesting take on technology that tends to be adopted by the “young” crowd first before everyone else….BUT….did the guys at Gizmodo go to far by walking around the trade floor shutting off TV displays and interrupting presentations….what do you think?? Watch the video below


December 29, 2007

Calling all gay video content producers……



We have an open call to all gay video content producers out there – if you create video (in any form) – we want to invite you to the NEW AND IMPROVED PLANET “Q” TV.  On March 1st, we are re-launching Planet “Q” TV (with its own brand and marketing identity) with the goal of having a group of dedicated LGBTQ video producers producing a varitey of gay video content for the world to see.  We are excited about launching this new venture and we want you on board.  If you are serious about producing video for the gay and lesbian community (amateur or professional) and want to make a little money and get on the ground floor of something new and exciting – give us a call at: 305.695.0095 or shoot me an email at:

Check out the current look of Planet Q TV here….and then imagine a site bigger, better and with more gay video content than you knew ever existed – coming to this link HEREIt’s new, it is an evolution and it’s coming soon!!!  Whether’s it is news, comedy, coming out stories, episodic internet tv, funny spoofs or your favorite moment caught on video  – we will showcase it here.  Aspiring movie buffs, independent filmmakers and movie shorts – come on down.  Indie music artist with music videos – we got you covered.  Our community is as diverse as the content we produce – and we want to showcase IT IN ONE PLACE FOR ALL TO SEE.

We can’t wait to bring it to you…..tell us what you think and MORE IMPORTANTLY tell us what you would like to see.


December 24, 2007

Come say hi at the Hollywood Playhouse Theatre Dec 24

Just a quick note to say come say hi as we will be at the Hollywood Playhouse Theatre in Hollywood Florida on Monday Dec 24th to film the Mr and Miss National Newcomer Pageant.  Good luck to all of the contestants this Christmas eve night and feel free to come by and say hello. 

I hope everyone has a great evening.  Adrian and I will blog more tomorrow on Christmas day.

December 15, 2007


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in your dreams straight man….hehe

December 13, 2007

Only a women….

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REMEMBER THIS AT CHRISTMAS TIME According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, while both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer each year, male reindeer drop their antlers at the beginning of winter, usually late November to mid-December.   Female reindeer retain their antlers till after they give birth in the spring. Therefore, according to EVERY historical rendition depicting Santa’s reindeer, EVERY single one of them, from Rudolph to Blitzen, had to be a girl. We should’ve known… ONLY women would be able to drag a fat-ass man in a red velvet suit all around the world in one night and not get lost.

December 10, 2007

A quarter of a million views…..

WOW….for the last 12 months we have been working hard to put up a wide assortment of videos, podcast shows, blogs and internet radio that we have created and/or received from around the internet.  You will find our videos and/or podcast shows on You Tube, Brightcove, Dailymotion, AOL video, Google Video, iTunes, Imeem,,, Veoh and Metacafe (sorry we haven’t joined the my space crowd yet).  And the goal behind all that was to let folks know about the terrific diversity of content that we have on our site that keeps growing every day.

WE HAVE ACROSS ALL SITES….over 1/4 of a million video and audio views (not including our pageant pay per view service).  To me that’s amazing…..and those videos, music and podcast shows are across the entire world on practically every continent (except maybe Greenland and the Antarticas – LOL). 


Why do I share this?  TO JUST SAY THANK YOU….Some of you remember us back in the day when we were a little bitty company called Black Stylez Entertainment and we filmed our first show at Club Incognito in Houston, Texas.  That was way back in 1996 and we have been going ever since.  We are working hard to provide a fun, informative and mulit-media centric web site and boy have we changed.  We hope you are please with the outcome.


We have some cool things lined up for 2008 and with a little luck and good fortune – we aim for bigger and better things.  Please let us know what you like, what you hate and what you want to see us doing so we make the kind of website you will be proud to visit over and over again.  Tell your friends, keep coming back and help us make it better for you.  That is the only way we (or any gay video content producer out there) will survive.

So on behalf of Adrian, Tara, John, Jim, Al, Steve, Marlowe, Eric, DJ Joelapuss, DJ L Calderin, DJ Carlos Dali and DJ Louie B thanks for your continued support.  AND DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE US YOUR COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS FOR 2008!!


December 6, 2007

Drag – gay pageantry – and the gay community….


Check out today’s Pageant Soup Podcast Show – We talk about drag vs gay pageantry vs the perception the mainstream LGBT community has about drag and pageantry. Are they different, are they the same and why don’t more gay people support gay pageantry.

Their is a huge subculture out there (a huge world) we call gay pageantry. There are major shows, thousands of dollars spent and reputations at stake. Yet there is a huge segment of our gay population that has no clue or does not understand the art form of female impersonation and male lead. Today’s Pageant Soup Podcast show will talk about the divide and how we can bridge this gap (whether real or not).


Many of you that read this blog don’t follow gay pageantry. I would love to hear your opinions on the matter. Tell me what your opinion is of drag and of gay pageantry, do you support it, do you know much about it and would you go check out a show if you had the opportunity. Leave your comments here!!!!

LISTEN EVERY WEEK TO THE SHOW LIVE – THURSDAY – 7 PM EST AT: You can call in with your comments or chat live with us.

IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW – You missed an interesting discussion. Want to listen to the show click here. Want to subscribe via iTunes and get this show (along with our other podcast shows) downloaded to you every week, click here to subscribe. Have fun and enjoy the shows……


December 3, 2007

Quick update – company news…

Hey everyone,

A real quick update….We are need deep in some projects right now – so updates on the website will be late (towards the end of the week) and I won’t have a blog entry until probably Thursday or Friday.

We will be starting a new Pageant Soup Podcast Show blog which will be the official communication vehicle for the show.  We will use that blog for all announcements on the show, comments, blog entries and the works….

Our friends over at “The Community” – Rev. Jim Merritt has started his advent series of videos.  I will try to get it up on Planet “Q” TV under the religion category later this week.  For all those who can’t wait – head over to their website at:

If you place DVD orders this week, there will be a 72 hour delay – your orders will not go out until Friday December 7, 2007.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

I think that this all for now.  We talk to you guys later.


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