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August 3, 2007

EOY 07 – Editing Update – Day 4

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Well I am happy to say that 95% of Finals Night video is done. Today is where the hard work is done. I take a 3 hour and 4 minute rough draft and have to do several things: 1) first I go through the entire video minute by minute and take out all of the down time, mistakes and anything that will take away from the general pace of the video – so the video was trimmed down from 3 hours and 4 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes; 2) second I have to create the motion graphic lower thirds – that’s the names you see at the bottom of the screen – we use motion graphics for those which have to be created, adjusted and added to the timeline – boy that takes time; 3) third I have to create the motion graphic cards that introduce each segment and each former entertainer – nothing really fancy here – nice motion graphic that matches the color theme of the evening in letterbox format; 4) then I have to create the names for each and every contest and every former that performed; 5) fifth – I correct for audio anomalies if I can (they had some small audio issues that night) which of course we pick up rather well because we are patched into their system and finally; 6) I render all of my files, graphics, audio etc so that I can preview the entire timeline in realtime.

So 95% done – the only thing I have left to do (which Adrian will assist) is create a creative opening to the video and I want to re-do how we will showcase the top 10 since the filming of it was uninspired. I think Adrian has some ideas of what he wants to do here – so we will sit down to discuss that.

I started at 9am and finished around 3pm. So I think I am taking a break for a couple of hours. When I return – I will throw up the 8 hours of video for saturday night and put together the rough draft video of that night- so about 30 minutes or so to sync up mulitple audio/video tracks and then I have to go through all 4 hours of video and pick out the best camera shots for the night. So that will be the last thing I work on tonight so about 5 more hours of work…the life of an editor….

So if I were to tally up the time spent so far in editing and working on this project for the last 4 days – I would say I am at 26 hours of editing (just me) – Adrian and Tara logged in 34 hours of filming (together) and 3 hours of editing, uploading and encoding the preview clips. hmmmmm…….

August 2, 2007

EOY 07 – Editing Update – Day 3

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Hooray….I am finish with the multi-cam rough edit of Sunday…only Friday and Saturday left. What is a multi-cam rough edit – basically I sync up both cameras for the entire Sunday pageant. Then I watch the pageant from beginning to end switching between each camera – the best shots at the moment that highlight the performance or whoever is talking. It is almost like live switching of cameras instead I am doing it with two cameras that were running at the same time at the pageant.

Now that the rough edit is done. I will have to go back through that 3 hours and 4 minutes of pageant night – take out any downtime and take out anything that we feel does not fit the flow of the video. While the goal is to include as much as possible – sometimes it is not necessary to include all of the host comedic banter or other small wait periods – because it simply does not add any value or pace to the video.

So tomorrow I will go through the video taking out the appropriate edits..then I will add the lower third graphics, cg art work for the former title holders and I may work on an opening montage tomorrow – sometimes I wait to do the opening montage last because we can take hours trying to create a nice looking 1 minute opening. But at least at this point – I have one rough edit finished…only 2 to go.


August 1, 2007

EOY 07 – Editing Update – Day 2

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Well it has been another long day. I have all of Sunday night uploaded to the workstation. This was the first time I actually got to see some of the show – WOW….Armani…WOW….DeeRanged…WOW….Kitty – I really liked some of the stuff I saw. So the first order of the day was to get all of the footage up. It only took a little over 6 hours today since Finals Night is not as long as Prelim.

So the next step today was to get the last preview clip up that I know everyone has been dying to see. As we speak (or as I write) I am uploading the clip to Planet “Q” TV and to Daily Motion. I will get it to You Tube (along with the other clips I have on Planet “Q”) tomorrow morning. I think you will like the clip. Making it was a headache. So I started editing the clip – dropping in the music – timing some of the clips to the beats in the music – when all of a sudden – my workstation crashes and I am stuck in a perpetual reboot cycle. So I am cursing up a storm and getting pissed – so I decided to dump the computer into safe mode, shut down and restart. Seems to work – open up my editing program – locks up big time…so after 20 minutes of trouble shooting – I figured out the problem. Apparently Premiere doesn’t like you using your hard drive up to the last mb. I was like down to 50 mb on one of my A/V drives. Oops – so I moved some files around (mind you I have captured more than 190GB of video files and I haven’t even done Friday yet) and voila – back in a business – continue working on the preview clip, exported, encoded in a variety of formats and uploaded.

Daily Motion just finished and now I just wait for the site to post my video…My upload to Planet “Q” was finished but I am re-encoding the video. I wanted to throw up a much higher encode rate but the player is causing jerky video (looks beautiful but jerky) so I will settle for their standard rate. The video will still look good.

Well that’s it for now. I haven’t decided tomorrow if I want to capture Friday or start putting together Sunday…hmmm… I will sleep on it. See you all tomorrow…enjoy the preview video.


July 31, 2007

Editing 2007 EOY – Day 1

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Hey everybody…it’s about midnight and its time to call it a quits today. I told you guys I would blog the editing experience to give you an idea of how much time and effort it takes to put one of these tapes together so here will be my first blog.

Poor Adrian..his flight on Monday got cancelled and he was lucky to grab a flight later on in the day so he could get back to Miami in time to film Black Oracle pageant at Club Boi. So I haven’t been able to look at any footage until today.


We have 3 computer workstations that we use to edit all video content for any of our clients. Each workstations contains a variety of software and hardware to allow us to do special effects, short form and long form videos, some animation and sound and audio editing. It’s a nice set-up that has served us very well for 10 years. The process is all digital – we shoot with 3-CCD digital cameras in SD, transfer in digital, edit in digital and output the final product in SD. This insures that the DVD you receive from us is from a high quality master.

The first step for us is to “ingest” or capture all of the footage shot. Since this was a 2 camera production – this means capturing twice the amount of footage. So I started around Noon today capturing Tara’s Saturday footage first (that took 4 hours – 4 tapes) and then capturing Adrian’s footage second (that took 4 hours – 4 tapes) – so it has taken all day today just to get one day’s worth of footage into the system. I had to go to meetings for 3 hours today so the day quickly turned into a 12 hour day. With Saturday’s footage in the computer, I can put together a quick Saturday Preview video and get that online which I will do on another workstation while I continue capture footage. The preview I will work on that late tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will capture Sunday’s footage (that also will take 8 hours). So I won’t actually get to sit and actually put all of the shots together until Friday. There are so expensive alternatives we could use to save time and not have to ingest all of this footage but spending 2 to $3,000 on it is not an option at this time – especially considering that…oh well nevermind…I won’t bring that subject up.

so…that is day 1 of my editing. Pretty uneventful. Those of you who have pre-order videos, you should have gotten emails from me thanking you for the order. Those who ordered by credit card at the pageant itself – I will work on processing your orders sometime tomorrow.

Well that’s it for now….will share more tomorrow.


July 29, 2007

Miss EOY Finals – Crowning & wrapping it up

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Announcing the formers right now…..

Top Three – Kitty Litter, Armani, DeeRanged

First Runner Up – Armani

MISS EOY 2007 IS……….DeeRanged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the crowd goes wild……..CONGRATULATIONS DeeRanged…

Hey guys…..

That wraps up our live coverage for EOY this year. Thank you for the opportunity to provide you guys with some coverage. Video previews will be up late tomorrow when Adrian and crew arrive back to the office tomorrow. The pre-order special where you save $10.00 will end in a couple of hours…if you want to buy the DVD, head over to our website.

thanks again and everyone have a great evening…

Miss EOY Finals Night has started…8:40pm

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I believe this is Erica Andrews doing the opening number as Miranda Priestly (From The Devil Wears Prada) – a skit – talking about styles of clothing right now with another person on stage… She went behind a screen did a change of clothes and came out with a red dress on. She is modelilng the dress and working the crowd and they are loving it.

FORMERS ANNOUNCED: 1997 – Maya Douglas; 2002 – Necole Dupree; 2003 – Nina DiAngelo; 2004 – Tasha Long; 2006 – Erica Andrews….. All of the formers on the stage are doing an opening routine…

Now they are introducing the contestants….

ADMINISTRATIVE NOTES BEFORE I CONTINUE FOR EVERYONE…1) this blog is going to get bogged down really fast….the blog will appear in two places…here first and on Adrians World Online second – if you look at our home page – you will see a link for both. I would encourage some people to use both for quicker access – thanks for the person who corrected the date for me – its hard to hear sometimes…Also I put up Mokha’s video for saturday night on Planet “Q” TV – I will try to add others as the night progresses based on how hectic it gets trying to keep up.

Preliminary Winners:

Presentation – “DeeRanged”—– —- Question & Answer – “Alyiva St. Clair”

Evening Wear – “DeeRanged” ———- Talent – “Victoria Lace”

Top 10 – Trinity Taylor (Finalist #9), Victoria Lace (Finalist #1), Armani (Finalist #2), Mokha Montrese (Finalist #4), Alexis Nicole Whiney (Finalist #7), Kitty Litter (Finalist #10), DeeRanged (Finalist #6), Bejon St. James (Finalist #8), Camille Simpson (Finalist #3), Hershae Chocolate (Finalist #5)

Performance Time – Electra; Performance Time – Tasha Long

To answer a poster’s questions – Angelique has not performed yet – and Blossom could not give the number they were doing…sorry… I am not too focus on the entertainers – that is down time for me to clean up the post


Victoria – Black and silver gown with matching black hat – fur drapes her arm – accessories are silver

Armani – She came out of a box on stage to present 3 shades of blue – long gown accencuates (sp) her bare shoulders- crowd is loving it -beads as an accessory going down her arm – matching color

Camille – bronze dresss cover with a gold jacket (made like a vest) which she open – crowd loved.

Mokha – Sparkling shimmering multi-color dress – matching multi-color accessories – elegant

Hershae Chocolate – Lime full length green dress – a cape drapes her – her escort removed her drape

DeeRanged – Their is a book on the stage – she steps out of the book – the words of the book adorn her dress – black and white dress – with silver accessories – on the back of the dress on her but is the word “The End” – YOU GO GIRL!!! to end..they closed the book.

Alexis – Red, white and blue – the top part of the dress is blue with white stars and the bottom of the dress is red and white stripes – being escorted on stage by male companion.

Bejon – black with silver – 2 piece gown that drapes off the shoulder. Accessories is silver

Trinity – pink with shimmering gold – high split up the front – right side of the dress is accented with a flower which is apart of the outfit (like a vest) which she removed and dropped on the floor. the top part of the gown is pink and white.

Kitty – 3 or 4 shades of blue – on stage with a companion – the companion is sitting on the stage – EOY Letters on the stage (prop)- she drapes the O and then walks around the companion.

Performance Time – ??

Talent Category – Live Blogging Ended 3:30am

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A reminder that the girls doing the Q&A tonight are: Josephine Andrews, Brionna Brooks, Genesis, Sabin, Alyiva St. Clair, Armani, Demonica Santangilo, Shia Vaughn, Trinity Taylor, Bella Dolce & Nadya Syimone.

The following are doing talent – which will then wrap up the preliminary contest – Creative Presentation (yesterday), Creative Evening Wear (today) and Talent/Question & Answer divided both days among the 26 contestants (1 dropped out – Takiya Valentino).

Here we go with talent:

Camille Simpson – is doing Beyonce from the version from the BET Awards – she is dressed in silver and has a small entourage of 5 people on stage.

Zhane’ Kennedy – Dressed in all blue with 2 dancers with her – Zhane did a disco mix and the name of the song is (I think) “Good Love.”

Destiny Brooks – Creating a parody of Paris Hilton in her performance, Destiny used a mix from Lil’ Kim for her talent.

Raina Stanoe – Dressed in a black leather outfit, Raina did her talent to the music of Anastasia (sp).

DeeRanged – Dressed as a nerd with assistance on stage, she did her talent number to a song that we don’t know based on the whole nerd type theme. [added: thanks to Joeshian on the Carrie FairField Blog for this info – …..”Dee Rangeds talent is from I love you, You’re Perfect, Now Change…. Song is called Stud and A Babe by Jimmy Roberts.”

Sashey Lorez – Dressed in Blue with the help of 4 dancers dressed in black and white, Sashey did her talent to “Ain’t Got That Swing.” – very Broadway – the crowd liked it.

Dominique Polo – Set to Gloria Estefan singing “Ritmo Baliente” – Dominique was in a black, orange and yellow outfit with two dancers. Talent had a very Spanish theme to it. Crowd was feeling it.

Savannah Lynn – Set to Jennifer Holiday “I am Changing” – Started off looking like a hobo and she finished out in a silver sequin dress – very good performance.

Kitty Litter – Gloria Estefan mix- very chevelle brooks style talent – outfits were in black and yellow with 4 dancers to assist.

Bejon St. James – Whitney Houston impersonation wearing a black and green gown.

Mokha Montrese – The song “What ever Lola Wants” set the stage for this Spanish themed ballet type performance with one male performer on stage to assist. The crowd went crazy and really enjoyed here talent.


Victoria Lace – Dance mix (one of the songs was called Joy) – 2 male and 2 female on stage with her – very sexy – good performance.

Alexis Nicole (sp) Whitney – Was very good. She did a Gloria Estefan mix and had her pride colors on. She did the talent with her friend and partner. She really worked out the stage and got a standing ovation. AWESOME GIRLLLLL…YOU GO

Hershae Chocolate – Doing a rendition of Macy Gray “Saying Goodbye” – she was wearing a purple outfit. She did the performance solo.

Preview video for Saturday (like Friday) should be up some time after 3pm. Adrian will be filming and doing interviews at the Carrie FairField event tomorrow. I believe it starts at 2pm but check the Carrie FairField blog to be certain. Be sure to stop by the event, say hi, register for the door prizes and have a fun time meeting all of the fans of Carrie FairField.

more to come later this afternoon.


George, Tasha & Electra say welcome

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misseoycoveragebannerwithau.gifGeorge Stinson, Tasha Long & Electra all did a warm welcome to the crowd and brought on Erica Andrews – dressed in a leopard print dress – she is singing a “Fergie” song. Title of song – dunno (sorry). This should be the preamble to talent.

If my notes are right – we are talking about at least 3 more hours to get through talent (and the rest of Q&A). Be forewarn…. 🙂 – no guarantee I will be blogging to 3 am in the morning but I will do my best. What doesn’t get covered tonight (or should I say this morning) will get covered tomorrow…..

on that note…let talent begin…..

July 28, 2007

Creative Evening Wear has ended at 11:45 pm

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Now this will be tough – Adrian is filming and calling me with coverage so bear with us on this. Creative Evening Wear –

Josephine Andrews is adoring the stage with a silver sequin (full length?) dress with flower patterns.

Brionna Brooks – lite brown and dark brown dress with a hat – very couture – neck-piece and matching earring that look like quails.

Genesis – black dress with a matching umbrella – very beautiful – hair and dress is blowing to one side like she is being blown away.

Sabin – Self proclaimed club kid in a black dress with silver chain link lining the front of her dress. Leather arm bands with black scarf.

Alyiva St. Clair – Blue and tan dress with mink at the bottom.

Armani – dark green sequin dress with flowers at the bottom. Very rich and regal. The crowd really liked Armani.

Demonica Santangilo – gold and black dress – very sheer – stoned in the front – nice

Shia Vaughn – light green dress with flower patterns on it with matching earrings and bracelets (silver). The flower pattern has red in it. Very nice..

Trinity Taylor – red dress – very Spanish – with a red flower on the side of her head. Hair is down all the way to her waist. She is holding a fan – the crowd is really loving this outfit.

Bella Dolce – Egg on the stage and she is emerging from the egg covered in green dress with sequins. Very different … very unique…

Deyjah Mirage – orange sequin dress with some kind of hair doo with flowers on the hair – crowd is giving her a cold response – the whole idea is unique.

Nadya Syimone – Indian theme type of outfit – honey colored with matching gold hoop earrings – matching hand bracelets. Very clean.

Camille Simpson – black dress with a face mask covering half of her face – very clean very different very beautiful – red necklace. The crowd really likes it. That year or so she took off looks like it has really helped. She has made a statement these last two days.

Zhane’ Kennedy – Burgundy and gold dress – gold sash going over her shoulder – with a bouquet of flowers.

Destiny Brooks – ball gown type of dress – very couture – yellow short crop hairs – ball gown is yellow – very sexy type of dress – dress has feathers. The bodice of the dress is stone.

Raina Stanoe – Orange chevon (sp) dress – sorry don’t have more here.

DeeRanged – Crowd is feeling this – red and white dress with a coke can as a purse. Somebody should tell her that her hair was not done right.

Sashey Lorez – Tribal outfit – silver – completely beaded dress – very nice – brown red and black.

Dominique Polo – Sign up that says skittles – came out with a multi-color dress – all the different kinds of colors in skittles. She was passing out skittles earlier to the folks at the bar – nobody knew what it was for…now they know – good idea – great marketing with passing out the skittles.

Savannah Lynn – peach and burgundy dress – stoned at the top.

Kitty Litter – coming out what looks like a big umbrella – Asian theme umbrella just revealed her in a lavender and gold dress.

Bejon St. James – black dress – very slim and flattering.

Mokha Montrese – Everyone is excited for Mokha and they are going crazy ….and she has a rhinestone dress in blue – very nice – very sexy.

Victoria Lace – Yellow feathered dress – very nice –

Alexis Nicole (sp) Whitney – Texas theme dress – she is being escorted by male partner – bottom of dress is half red and white – top of dress is blue with a star. Crowd is feeling it. She is the contestant that is visually impaired – doing a great job..our hats off to her.

Hershae Chocolate – Egyptian theme – being escorted by a male guy dressed as a Egyptian – gold and turquoise dress – she looks like a Egyptian queen. Crowd is feeling it.

Good crowd tonight – very pack – very nice night – not like last night’s rain storm. Top 3 in our opinion would go to Mokha Montrese, Camille Simpson and DeeRanged.

This ends this update – talent we may do a little different – I will see how Adrian wants to approach that since his attention to filming will be greater for that category. I hope this gave you a good idea of the night’s activities.

more coming soon…


Pageant started about 15 minutes ago


Hey everyone,

First update. Not much happening yet. The pageant started around 10pm. Hurricane Summers is the night’s emcee doing a number in a black trench coat with blue corset and titties that lit up…. Why am I not surprise – you go Hurricane.

The lovely Erica Andrews is doing her performance in a nicely cut short dress with silver sequins doing Shirley Basset’s “I ‘m Coming Out.” Looking lovely as ever…Erica has really done a great job this year – I am still amazed everytime I think about what she came out with last year.

more to come soon.


Friday Night Preview Video

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