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December 26, 2009

Drag pageantry will come alive in California January 12th – Don’t miss it!!

California EOY - Jan 12 - House of Blues, Hollywood, CA

California EOY - Jan 12 - House of Blues, Hollywood, CA

Forget what you think you know about drag because honey, it’s quite different from your perception.  Often when we refer to drag in the gay community, we refer to camp and burly men dressed in women’s clothes with makeup from hell and mother’s 1950’s dress.  If this is your perception of drag in our community, I invite you to take a look at the world of gay drag pageantry.  This art form of female illusion and male lead is a highly established, highly stylized and fierce competition between men and women in a variety of local, regional and national contests.  While “drag” has been a cornerstone of cabarets and live theatre since the Middle Ages, drag pageantry is said to have been established in the LGBT community in the 1970s in the post Stonewall era.

When you travel across the United States in search of drag pageantry, you think of such hot bed markets as Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas & the east coast.  These markets have been engaged in the world of pageant competition since the beginning.  California, on the other hand, has always been known for “camp and comedic,” according to Erin White, Executive Director of California Entertainer of the Year.  “Thankfully, California has moved into a new era with some of the most jaw dropping illusionist and formidable talents.”

The Entertainer of the Year pageantry system is one of the major “four” pageantry systems in the United States.  It is a system that prides itself on creativity and talent.  And because of this emphasis, dozens upon dozens of entertainers (since EOY’s inception in 1990) have coveted the title of Entertainer of the Year, FI and Mr. Entertainer of the Year.  California joins a list of more than 15 preliminary contests whose goal is to send the winner and first runner-up to the national contest in Louisville, KY.  Executive Director Erin White is excited to add California  to the system and feels with the huge pool of viable competitors in California, that his system has “a shot at taking the national title this coming year.”

Not only will the contest be exciting for both contestants and spectators, but this year’s preliminary pageant is also a major fund-raising event.  The “Heel Hate” silent auction is designed to raise money for the Matthew Shepard Foundation.  Starting on January 4th, people from all over the world will be able to bid on autographed high heels from celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Shania Twain, Cyndi Lauper, Shakira, Paula Dean, Salma Hayek, Lauren Conrad and Lea Michele (from “Glee”).  If you want to bid on these items, head to the website “” or you can bid at the night of the pageant.  Another charity that the folks at California EOY are working on is the NOH8 Campaign who has been raising awareness on the issue of gay marriage through a year-long photo “silent protest.”  All of the contestants will have a NOH8 photo in the program and there will be a souvenir NOH8 poster of the contestants.

And if that wasn’t enough to entice you to come see the pageant (January 12, House of Blues-Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California), maybe the star-studded judges panel will.  Judges this year include: 2008 EOY winner Nina West, National Title Holder Alyssa Edwards, Actress, Author and 1999 Tennessee EOY winner Calpernia Addams, Singer, Dancer & Actress Aubrey O’Day, American model and television personality Holly Madison, Co-Director of Miss California USA Shanna Moakler and the producer of Logo TV’s Rupaul’s Drag Race Matthew Rose.

Needless to say, Click Click Expose is excited to be chosen as the official videographer of this year’s inaugural contest.  As you know, we have been filming gay pageants since the days of us getting our start in Houston, TX in 1996 – so our cameras have been around the block a few times – but never have we been more excited than coming into a new market with new ideas and a fresh outlook on the pageantry community.  Look out everyone, California EOY is looking to make its mark in the world of pageantry.

So details you say…details:  buy your tickets at: or the California EOY website at:  Ticket prices are: general admission $18.00,  reserved seating $25.00 and VIP Platinum seating $45.00.  Never seen an EOY contest before, check out this preview trailer we created of this year’s 2009 National contest or more than a dozen EOY preview videos on our very own video sharing website Planet Q TV (Just click on the button that says Planet Q TV).  This year’s contest will be held at the world-famous House of Blues – Sunset Strip on Tuesday, January 12, 2010.  Doors open at 6:30pm.  Showtime is at 7:00pm.  See you there…


August 10, 2009

EOY Update #4 – 8/10/09 – New videos uploaded

Bianca Nicole at EOY 2009 - Talent Competition

Bianca Nicole at EOY 2009 - Talent Competition

Hey pageant fans,

Well after about 8 hours, I have finished with EOY DVD for Sunday night only.  I finished the first draft yesterday combining the two cameras together into one video (some of you saw the process yesterday as I broadcasted live on our internet TV channel).  Today, I went through the 4 hour video and took out all of the down time, talking in between categories etc.  Then I had to put in the names for all of the contestants for both Evening Gown and Talent and then create boards for all of the guest entertainers.  After that, I had to fix some audio anomalies (so annoying) and then I created the intro video montage before the actual pageant started.

I am pretty much done.  I haven’t created the DVD yet – I am still debating whether I am going to put in CG names for each contestant as they were announced at the beginning of the pageant (I am still waiting for a list of the contestant names and spellings) but other than that, I am finish.

Tomorrow, I will upload 10 hours worth of video (2 cameras for Saturday’s show) and then start that editing on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, since it takes 10 hours to move video to the computer – that will take up all of my day so I can’t really edit until Wed.

I posted 4 new videos on Planet Q TV all around what happened on Sunday night + I posted the presentation video we created for Xavier Cole for the men’s competition.  We hope you like the videos.  Well I am calling it a day.  Enjoy…until tomorrow…have a great week.


August 9, 2009

EOY Update #3 – 8/9/09

Now that I have uploaded all 8 hours (2 cameras) of Sunday nights EOY pageant, it is time to edit.  I decided to edit live on our internet TV channel that you can get to from our website.  At 12:30pm – I did the first 2 hours of the pageant and right now I am doing the last 2 hours – which is talent, entertainment, farewell and crowning.  So if you read this blog now (its about 6:53pm EST on Sunday Aug 9th, go click on the live internet TV button from our home page and chat with your friends and enjoy the editing of the pageant.  After I finish this first draft of the edit, tomorrow I will go through all 4 hours, cut out the down time, add graphics, text and etc and finish up Sunday night’s video – hopefully, if all goes well I will be done tomorrow.


August 7, 2009

EOY Update #2 – 8/7/09 – 10pm

Update News for EOY

Update News for EOY

Hey pageant fans…time to call it a night – wanted to give a quick update on what was accomplished today.

1) Miami International Closetball – 3 hours of video content was uploaded to the editing workstation. Will begin editing video tomorrow (Saturday).

2) EOY 2009 – 4 hours of video content (Sunday Night Camera 1) was uploaded to the editing workstation. Will upoload 4 hours of camera 2 tomorrow after I finish editing Miami Intl Closetball – but if the editing takes me longer than 5 hours – I may defer to Sunday.

3) I replaced the two EOY preview videos on Planet Q TV. I noticed the older videos were showing some signs of playback issues (slight stuttering issue) so I replaced it with a higher quality .flv file. Plays back beautiful now.

4) I updated the shopping page on Click Click Expose. Retail price changes go into effect tomorrow for all EOY 2009 products.

I think that’s it. Have a great weekend everyone.


EOY Update #1 – 8/7/09

Sorry to all of our readers of this blog – the next few weeks are going to be full of pageant news and Entertainer of the Year news but I will try to mix it up.

Bianca Nicole - Entertainer of the Year, FI 2009 Winner

Bianca Nicole - Entertainer of the Year, FI 2009 Winner

1.  First I want to say congratulations to Bianca Nicole and Xavier Valentino Litter for winning this year’s EOY competition.  It was another fun year and fun pageant to watch.  Eric took pictures at Finals Night and I will have some of them up in a couple of days.

2.  Before I can start working on the EOY pageant DVD, I have to complete some projects that are on my desk prior to EOY.  Miami International Closetball fans – we haven’t forgotten about you.  I am capturing that video right now as I write this.  My goal is to finish that pageant by Saturday.  Congratulations to Lashawn Denne Chanel for winning this 1st annual pageant held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

3.  We are also in the process of completing a major duplication request (500 DVDs) along with a redesign of our corporate website: and some changes have to be made to the International Week 2009 DVD.  Needless to say, this week has been hectic.

4.  We had a great time meeting our fans and friends at EOY this year.  Thanks to all those who came to say hi and chat with us.  It is great talking to all of our supporters as we are always striving to make things better.

5.  Some people have asked if I am going to do a preview trailer for Saturday and Sunday nite.  The answer is yes – as soon as I have captured all of the video – I will knock out a couple of trailers to watch.  All preview trailers will only be on our video sharing website:  I will not have it up on You Tube until much later on this month.  Head to our website: and click on the button that says Planet Q TV – its our own video sharing website designed specifically for the gay and lesbian community.

6.  I have not taken down the pre-order special that is on our website.  Prices will go back up by $10 to $15 so if you haven’t order yet, do it now.  When I get a free moment, I will update the website and prices will go back up to our normal retail level.

7. CONTESTANTS – If you want your presentation video in the DVD – you must mail it to me this week.  When I start the editing next week, if I don’t have the DVD – it will not be included in the final product.

8.  WE HAVE WON OUR 3RD PRESENTATION VIDEO CATEGORY.  As you know (or may not know) – we have done presentation videos for contestants who desire our service.  Shae Shae LaReese and DeeRanged have used our presentation videos and they have won their respective pageants and/or categories.  We are proud that we did Xavier Cole’s video this year and while he was 1st runner up – he did win the presentation category.  We are 3 for 3 – woohoo – way to go Xavier – good job.

9.  That’s it for now.  Look for a new update in a couple of days.  I won’t be starting on EOY until probably Monday.  Any questions, just let us know – shoot me an email: or give us a call: 305-695-0095.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and thanks for your continued support.


May 9, 2009

Now Playing on Click Click Expose TV – 4pm – May 9 – EOY 2008

Now Playing on Click Click Expose as of May 9th at 4pm EST – Entertainer of the Year, FI 2008 featuring the amazing talents of Nina West.  Enjoy this surprise performance.


September 29, 2007

Missouri EOY Preview Video (Friday Night)

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The preview video is up for you to see the Friday Night competition.  Sorry I can’t embed the video into the blog (wordpress doesn’t take the Brightcove player) but here is the link to view the video.  Hope you enjoy it.  By the way, I added 12 new videos to Planet “Q” TV – some music, gay commericals and if you remember we talked about  the first gay soap opera kiss on our podcast show “Talk Mess With Adrian and Thomas” – well the video is up in the “our stories” folder.


September 6, 2007

Boy I’m glad I didn’t buy an iPhone

Hey guys and gals,

Sorry I haven’t been on the blog in a while but I am back again for more info and stuff (hehe).  So if you were one of those people who just had to have the iPhone when it came out – I feel so sorry for you.  $200 price drop announced.  Boy would I be flippin mad about that…..but I digress….

I have spent the last couple of days optimizing the website – so if you are a Firefox user – every page except for the two videos on the home page should display correctly.  For the longest time, I could not figure out how to structure the page correctly for you guys but I figured out a work around.  So everything should display nicely – the home page – the videos are a little too low but are still viewable and usable.  I will test it out on opera a little later today or tomorrow to see how it displays.

If you are an advertiser or want to advertise, the link for the order form is not working.  Just send us an email – I am going to change the advertising system over completely so that you (the end user) will have complete control over what you order, how you order it and what you upload.  That new system is coming in about a week or so.

And finally, today is my computer administrative day.  That is when I go through the editing workstations and remove all of the files and assets for the last few projects I have been working on.  So EOY (which took up tons and tons of hard drive space) is being dumped (by the way I have the original EOY opening intact – hopefully I will get too showcase that soon) – the miss black oracle pageant files are being dumped and I am now going throught all of my DVD computer files, DVD archives and doing a purge.  These workstations work great but they easily get bogged down in hundreds of files and thousands of little links and it is easy for a file not to be functional anymore.  Sometimes it is just plain better to archive in a different format.  It’s tedious work but it needs to get done (Besides I need the space for the pageant we are filming this Sunday – South Florida International Newcomer).

Adrian and I had an interesting discussion/argument on the next direction for Click Click Expose – are we heading in the right direction, do we provide content that people want to see, do we need to produce original video content, etc. . . etc…I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW YOU’ALLs opinion – WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE NEW AND DIFFERENT – WHAT DO WE NEED ON OUR SITE THAT WILL KEEP YOU COMING BACK FOR MORE.  SHARE WITH US YOUR OPINION – I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW HOW WE CAN MAKE OUR MULTI-MEDIA WEBSITE ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO VISIT AND BE ENTERTAINED.


August 24, 2007

Updating Planet “Q” TV & EOY Opening Controversy

loose-lips-sink-ships-1_270x377.jpg I love this poster – You ever heard the expression Loose lips, Sink Ships…well maybe that should be the motto given to those who have speculated, rumored and offered all kinds of explanations on why the opening of the EOY video was modified.  Am I here to set the record straight – NO.  Why you say?  …our company is bounded by a professional code of conduct.  As members of two professional videographer associations, our conduct and business practices are govern by some very specific industry standards – these standards insure that our product, our dealings with clients and the decisions we make are of the highest ethical standards.  Needless to say we were approached with a legitimate business concern and with consultation from the owners of EOY we govern ourselves accordingly.  There is no pressure, no strong arm tactics – no bowing down to the man.  Believe you me, we can hold our own in court – but there is a bigger picture here to consider – a professional code that should be respected, honored and listen too – even if we may be in our legal rights.  And thus changes were made.  PERIOD – THAT’S IT.  I wonder if more people were to follow ethical code of conducts, maybe we wouldn’t have many of the problems that seem to plague this wonderful world we call gay pageantry.  My hats off to you all who stay above the fray and keep it professional and ethical.

my soap box is done (LOL).  NOW FOR SOME GOOD NEWS.   Don’t have $60 to spend on the EOY DVD, check out the pageant pay per view.  You can rent for 7 days portions of the EOY video for as little as $2.99 up to $5.00.  It’s a great way to see the video without spending a lot of money.

 MORE GOOD NEWS…Have you been to Planet “Q” TV lately??  Well I am on a video uploading spree for the last couple of days.  Look for at least 21 new videos added.  Everthing from a funny paraody on boy bands, 3 episodes from the Dudershow to some cute eye candy from the Athens Olympics Diving competition.  Ever wanted to see what the Ancient Greeks did at their games – well I got some hot video for you to see as well…. More and more gay videos than you can shake a dirty hankerchief at ….or something like that.  Check it out – OUR OWN GAY AND LESBIAN VIDEO SHARING SITE – PLANET “Q” TV.  I hope you enjoy the videos.

Got some suggestions, comments or things you want to share with us….email us at anytime or give us a call.  We would love to hear from you.  Until then….


August 19, 2007

The office is back open – the move is done

Hey everyone…It’s been a little less than a week since I have been on the blog but we are back.  We have successfully moved the office and we are back online with all of our equipment and processes (Hooray!!!) – Man I hate moving – it is a pain in the but to tear the office down and then to rebuild it but we had to do it.

All of our orders for EOY 2007 have been fulfilled except for 1 person who was delayed.  Our error rate (bad encodes or damaged goods for our initial orders) was 1.4%.  We are pleased with that rate and the quality we have been able to deliver over the initial EOY orders.  There has been a huge interest in this year’s DVD and reports are that people have enjoyed the DVD – awesome!!!

New Podcast Show - Pageant Soup

NEW NEWS – We have a new podcast show starting this THURSDAY called Pageant Soup with Steve and Marlowe.  It will be all the 411 on gay pageantry – dirt, news, gossip and a little fact thrown in for fun.  Check it out!! It will be apart of our podcast network of shows which you can subscribe via iTunes from our home page.

Well that’s it for now…don’t forget to check out our DJs tonight on CCE Radio – DJ Louie B kicks it off at 6pm, followed by DJ Joelapuss at 8pm, DJ Carlos Dali at 9pm and DJ L Calderin at 11pm – CLICK TO LISTEN TO CCE RADIO HERE to check out the great music.


August 13, 2007

EOY 07 – Editing Update – Day 13

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oyyy…13 days, sleepless nights and mountains of papers, tapes, envelopes and empty ink cartridges – the 2007 EOY DVD has been finished.  I have 3 boxes next to me filled with everyone’s order ready to be mailed.  Next Day air and international orders will get priority first, followed by orders made between July 1 – July 26.  Followed by orders made July 27 through Aug 10th.  If you placed your order after Aug. 10th, your DVD will not ship until Thursday or Friday August 16th or 17th.

Below is a general email message sent to all folks who ordered via our website  – I am including it here in case you are one of the folks who ordered and did not get the regular email updates.


Good Evening everyone,

This email will be a little long.  I would like to encourage everyone to read all the way through it and then email me if you have any questions or concerns.

1)  Despite a 1 1/2 day delay in production due to some editorial concerns that had to be addressed, I am happy to report that the DVDs are finished and will ship tomorrow August 13, 2007 as promised.  If you received an email alert from the United States Postal Service saying that your DVD was or is going to be shipped Tuesday or Wednesday, you can disregard that date.  We were originally going to stagger our deliveries based on when you placed your order.  I am  happy to report that we will be able to mail all orders at the same time.

2)  Your DVD was made on high speed DVD media.  It is 98% compatible on DVD players made after mid 2005 (There is presently no 100% compatibility on DVD duplication media).  If you have an older model DVD player, you will experience play back issues due to the changing nature of DVD media in the past 2 years.  Unless you recently bought a $15 Walmart DVD player, you should be okay for DVDs made after mid 2005. Smile emoticon.  Please remember that dust, dirt, finger prints and smudges can affect playback.  Use a lint free cloth or other smooth type surface to clean the DVD disk before playing.

3)  If you have an issue with your DVD or other customer service concern, please email us at: so that we can address any issues you have.  You can also call our office at: 305-695-0095 during normal business hours 9 am to 6 pm.  Please note that we will be out of the office Monday thru Wednesday so email will be your best option for those days.

4)  You will receive 6 DVDs (2 for Friday Night, 2 for Saturday Night and 2 for Finals Night).  To maintain the highest quality standard, we chose not to compress all of the nights events onto one DVD per night.

Thank you for your patience as we worked as fast and as hard as we can to produce another quality EOY video for you.  We hope you enjoy the show.


Empire Video Productions, LLC

Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media)


August 8, 2007

EOY 07 – Editing Update – Day 9

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Well folks…just when you think you are finished and ready to move on to the next stage – someone throws a wrinkle in your plans.  I had just finished making the DVD master for Friday Night and I was working the DVD master for Saturday Night when an editorial concern was brought up which had to be fixed.  Because of that change – it required me to re-master the Friday Night DVD (Disk 1) which I am doing now at 11:40pm at night.  I will let the workstation run through the night on this project.  Then I have to re-do Disk 2 (that won’t take as long as it does not require me to change any major files within the DVD).  Then I will encode and set up Saturday Night.

After I have made those 4 disks and Adrian has had a chance to QA all 4 disk – then I will begin the duplication process and labeling all those DVDs…allllll thoooossseee DVDs – there are so many.  Once I complete that, then I am waiting on word from the owners on a editorial decision on the Sunday night disk and then I will start producing them (probably on Saturday).

So we are nearing the home stretch – one of the toughest part (the creation of the DVD) is finished.  Now its duplicating, labeling, art work and getting the orders ready to be mailed.  We’re almost there….


August 7, 2007

EOY 07 – Editing Update – Day 7 & 8

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Well I am close to wrapping up this EOY project. It has been a long haul. Yesterday was a difficult day – Adrian and Tara had many start and stops in their over 10 hours of tapes for Friday night which made audio/video sync a nightmare. I think I spent over 2 hours just sync video together even before I started editing. That night was running long and I had just over 5 hours of multi-camera footage to go through. It was reduced down to 3 hours and 10 minutes.

But alas….Friday is done with everything – I am now making the files I will use to make the DVD. Saturday is done with everything – I will be making the files I will use to make the DVD. Sunday I still have do a creative opening and the top 10 – I will probably do that last after I make the Friday and Saturday DVDs. Also Adrian needs to QA all 3 nights to make sure everything is okay.

So that is where things stand right now. So I am getting there – next is the DVD creation process.


August 4, 2007

EOY 07 – Editing Update – Day 5

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Somebody shoot me!! oyyyyy – well the goal of getting through all 4 hours of saturday’s multi-cam footage didn’t happen – by midnight – I had had enough – so after 30 minutes – I left the rest for today….so from 10am to 2pm – I went through the remaining saturday footage switching camera shots…..long, tedious and fighting the 1000 yard stare —- staring at a computer screen for 4 hours will drive you nuts especially when there is a ton of stuff that won’t be used in the final product.

So I wrapped it up by 2:10pm or so and I went through one of the fastest drop edits I have ever done. Since I was pretty annoyed right now….I flew through the timeline in 20 minutes dropping all of the crap out (normally I make my workable file then edit but I wanted the initial edit done NOW) – so I was dropping crap like a hot potato….contestants not ready yet – DROP, hurricane telling an ad because someone did not have their prop on stage, DROP – crowd won’t shut up during Q & A, DROP DROP DROP – flying through the time line cutting out all manner of nonsense. My next update will tell you what I cut the timeline down too…how much you want to bet I shaved off a hour or more useless banter off???

I am exporting my workable file now (that’s the file I will use to create my graphics, titles, opening montage, etc – not to mention closing all of the gaps where I dropped stuff) – once my workable file is done – I will create another sequence and start putting the final touches and graphics done – probably another good 2 to 3 hours of work maybe more depending on how creative I intent to make it.

For now while my file is exporting – I need an energy drink or two or three…..


August 3, 2007

EOY Finals Night Preview Video

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