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May 14, 2010

Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network – May 14th Weekly Update

May greetings from your friends at The Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network. We are a network of different podcast shows produced by Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) with contributions from our friends, supporters and content producers.

We want to welcome our newest show to the podcast network – This Show Is So Gay with Ken and Becca from Vermont. They are a news, interview, music and talk podcast show done live on WVEW 107.7 FM in Brattleboro, VT. Welcome to the network!! Also, the Pageant Soup Podcast show has also returned with new host Mr. Black America 2010 Xavier Cole as he talks about the world of gay male pageantry.

Whether its a music show, love show, news or entertainment – we have something for everyone. We invite you to come check it out and be apart of our community.

Don’t forget to check out Planet “Q” TV – it’s our very own all gay video sharing website with more than 1,100 videos from all over the world in support of our community. Check it out and upload your video today!! Watch your favorite video by clicking here!!


1. Pageant Soup Podcast Show (#47) – Interviewing Tips with guest Rocky Graziano & R’Darius Black.
2. DJ House Music Show (#39) – This week’s music show – Fire Sessions 1 House Mix – Part 2 – from DJ L Calderin.
3. Queer History Fact (#105)
– Roman Emperor Hadrian and his lover?
4. This Show Is So Gay – Episode May 12, 2010 – Entertainer extraordinaire Tym Moss
5. This Show Is So Gay – Episode April 28, 2010
– Music Artist Sir Ari Gold
6. This Show Is So Gay – Episode April 14, 2010
– Guest Phil Putnam
7. This Show Is So Gay – Episode April 7, 2010
– Music Artist Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls – 75th Anniversary Show!!
8. REBROADCAST – Generation Q Radio – Episode #8
– Tales of Dating


Pageant Soup Podcast Show (Podcast)
DJ L Calderin “Fire Sessions 1 House Mix” – Part 2 (Podcast)
Queer History Fact #105 (Podcast)
This Show Is So Gay 5/12/2010 (Podcast)
This Show Is So Gay 4/28/2010 (Podcast)
This Show Is So Gay 4/14/2010 (Podcast)
This Show Is So Gay 4/07/2010 (Podcast)
Generation Q Radio – Episode 8 (Rebroadcast) (Podcast)

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April 11, 2009

What Every Office Needs – Part 2

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Okay guys and gals…I was trying to think of what our office needs every time I get one of these difficult clients, customers who just drive me crazy or someone asking me if I will film a wedding for $200. So I have started a new series – called “What every office needs.” Here is another idea of what my office needs!!

What Every Office Needs - Part 2

What Every Office Needs - Part 2

October 2, 2008

On No…not Bullwinkle

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In honor of tonight’s VP debate, I present this news article on Governor Palin from the New York Times (you know that newspaper that Senator McCain says is not a credible journalistic organization).    Maybe we can get Katie Couric to ask her some hunting questions and get her stance on those issues….

Bullwinkle Assassinated

Bullwinkle Assassinated

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