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January 18, 2010

Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network – Weekly Update January 17, 2010

Happy New Year from your friends at The Click Click Expose Gay Podcast Network. We are a network of different podcast shows produced by Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) with contributions from our friends, supporters and content producers.

Whether its a music show, love show, news or entertainment – we have something for everyone. We invite you to come check it out and be apart of our community. More shows will be coming soon!

Don’t forget to check out Planet “Q” TV – it’s our very own all gay video sharing website with more than 1,000 videos from all over the world in support of our community. Check it out and upload your video today!! Watch your favorite video by clicking here!!


1. Gay News Week In Review – National and International news for week ending January 17, 2010.
2. DJ House Music Show – This week’s music show – Funk Bee Dees – Part 2 – from DJ Louie B.
3. Queer History Fact #98
– U.S. Songmaker Johnny Mathis.
4. Passion Hits – Episode #5 – Jan 10. – Love and dedication show dedicated to the one you love.
5. Passion Hits – Episode #6 – Jan 17.
– Love and dedication show dedicated to the one you love.
6. REBROADCAST – Generation Q Radio
– Youth podcast show for the queer generation

Passion Hits – Episode #5 (Podcast)
Passion Hits – Episode #6 (Podcast)
Gay News Week In Review – W/E 01-17-10 (Podcast)
DJ Louie B “Funk Bee Dees” – Part 2 (Podcast)
Queer History Fact #98 (Podcast)
Generation Q Radio – Episode 1 (Rebroadcast) (Podcast)

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to learn more about our shows, to be apart of our network or listen to any of our previous shows.


October 20, 2009

Congratulations Sayeed St. James and Starr Sanchez

Sayeed St James - Mr. Tri-County National Newcomer

Sayeed St James - Mr. Tri-County National Newcomer

Sorry pageant fans – I have been sick as a dog this last week and have not been online to send our congratulations out to the new Mr. and Miss Tri-County National Newcomer pageant winners.  For the boys – Sayeed St. James and for the girls Starr Sanchez.  It was a fun pageant as 6 boys and 5 girls competed for the title at Club Revolution in Orlando, Florida.  I probably would have had more fun if I wasn’t sick that night and still had to drive 5 hours back home but hey – I enjoyed the pageant.  I finished the DVD today and I put up one preview trailer of the lovely Tiana Norrel Santi – Miss Tri-County Latina.  Although the pageant was long (we had a triple male tie breaker Q&A at the end of the pageant) – it was well worth it to see who of the guys won.  And for the girls – well rumor has it points were deducted before the pageant started that may have affected the outcome – but I have no knowledge of that and no tea will be spilled here (LOL).

Congrats to Sayeed and Starr – buy the gay pageant DVD from our website at Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) and congrats Sergio for a fantastic 2009 Tri-County year.  We will see you guys November 22nd for Tri-County Legacy when Simba Hall gives up the title.

This year’s contestants included for the Males:

Zayden Bonet, Dontrell Iman, Sayeed St. James, Keondre Diamond, Deahire Santi and Ashlei Santi Valentino.

Starr Sanchez - Miss Tri-County National Newcomer

Starr Sanchez - Miss Tri-County National Newcomer

This year’s contestants included for the Females:

Taniyah Dior Dupree, Tranecia Sanchez, Zaniyah Bonet, Starr Sanchez and Makayla Sanchez.

Zayden was 1st runner-up, Ashlei was 2nd Runner up.

Makayla Sanchez was 1st runner-up and Tranecia Sanchez was 2nd runner-up.

And the battle for Miss Beautiful went to Tranecia Sanchez.  You go girl!!

Thomas – Click Click Expose (podcasting, gay video sharing, gay blogging and live internet TV for the LGBT community)

August 25, 2009

EOY 2009 DVDs ship today!!

Bianca Nicole - National Entertainer of the Year, 2009

Bianca Nicole - National Entertainer of the Year, 2009

Hey pageant fans,

It’s finally over (LOL).  The EOY DVDs are finished, the covers and labels made and the packages put together.  Almost all of the packages went in the mail today via USPS priority mail (2 to 3 days from Miami depending on what part of the country you are in).  If you had a mixed order (you ordered EOY and another pageant like International Week 2009) – your order has been completed and will go in the mail tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone for their patience while we put this year’s DVD together.  If you came by Click Click Expose TV to watch the live editing session, I hope you had fun and got to see a sneak peak of the video and some of the time it takes to put together a multi-camera DVD.  I hope to have more of that in the future.

If you have any questions, comments or questions about your DVD – we will be closed tomorrow and Thursday but I will answer any emails I get later on in the day.  If you are in Atlanta this coming weekend, stop by Club 708 and say hi – we will be  filming the Miss Utopia pageant.

Congrats Bianca and Xavier – have a fantastic year and everyone, I hope you enjoy your DVDs.


August 15, 2009

EOY Update #5 – 8/15/09 with estimated shipping schedule

Here is the latest update on the production schedule for Entertainer of the Year DVD:

1)  Sunday and Saturday’s editing is completed. I just have to include one contestant’s talent video into Sunday’s edit and then I will be prepare to create the DVD. I won’t do the actual DVD authoring until I have completed the other two nights.

2)  Today 8/15 – I am uploading the raw footage for Friday night for both cameras – that is about 10 hours of footage. I should be completed around 8pm tonight. Then on Sunday (8/16), I will begin the first draft edit – combining the two cameras together. On Monday (8/17), I will complete the 2nd and 3rd drafts and finish up the editing – taking out all of the down time, putting in graphics, lower thirds (names) and other graphic work.

3)  Tuesday (8/18) – I will upload the raw footage for Thursday night for both cameras – that is about 8 hours of footage. My goal is to have that completed around 4pm in the afternoon. Then on Tuesday around 9pm – I will begin the first draft edit (combining the two cameras together). I will do that for about 3 hours or so. On Wednesday (8/19) – I will finish up the 1st draft and knock out the 2nd and 3rd draft. With any luck – I will finish Thursday night’s video on Wednesday.

4)  Thursday (8/20) will be the DVD authoring day where I build all 6 DVDs (Part 1 and Part 2 for each day). That will take the better part of 12 hours.

5)  Friday & Saturday (8/21 & 8/22) will be the duplication day where I will duplicate more than 700 disks to get ready to be mailed.

6)  Sunday (8/23) will be the day I package all orders and MONDAY 8/24 (hopefully) will be the day that orders beginning shipping. All orders placed before Aug 15th will ship no later than Tuesday Aug. 25th. Everything else will be filled in the order they were received.

Keep in mind this is a tentative schedule based on where I am at right now – but I think it is a doable schedule. If there are any changes, I will let you know. Have a great weekend.


August 10, 2009

EOY Update #4 – 8/10/09 – New videos uploaded

Bianca Nicole at EOY 2009 - Talent Competition

Bianca Nicole at EOY 2009 - Talent Competition

Hey pageant fans,

Well after about 8 hours, I have finished with EOY DVD for Sunday night only.  I finished the first draft yesterday combining the two cameras together into one video (some of you saw the process yesterday as I broadcasted live on our internet TV channel).  Today, I went through the 4 hour video and took out all of the down time, talking in between categories etc.  Then I had to put in the names for all of the contestants for both Evening Gown and Talent and then create boards for all of the guest entertainers.  After that, I had to fix some audio anomalies (so annoying) and then I created the intro video montage before the actual pageant started.

I am pretty much done.  I haven’t created the DVD yet – I am still debating whether I am going to put in CG names for each contestant as they were announced at the beginning of the pageant (I am still waiting for a list of the contestant names and spellings) but other than that, I am finish.

Tomorrow, I will upload 10 hours worth of video (2 cameras for Saturday’s show) and then start that editing on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, since it takes 10 hours to move video to the computer – that will take up all of my day so I can’t really edit until Wed.

I posted 4 new videos on Planet Q TV all around what happened on Sunday night + I posted the presentation video we created for Xavier Cole for the men’s competition.  We hope you like the videos.  Well I am calling it a day.  Enjoy…until tomorrow…have a great week.


August 9, 2009

EOY Update #3 – 8/9/09

Now that I have uploaded all 8 hours (2 cameras) of Sunday nights EOY pageant, it is time to edit.  I decided to edit live on our internet TV channel that you can get to from our website.  At 12:30pm – I did the first 2 hours of the pageant and right now I am doing the last 2 hours – which is talent, entertainment, farewell and crowning.  So if you read this blog now (its about 6:53pm EST on Sunday Aug 9th, go click on the live internet TV button from our home page and chat with your friends and enjoy the editing of the pageant.  After I finish this first draft of the edit, tomorrow I will go through all 4 hours, cut out the down time, add graphics, text and etc and finish up Sunday night’s video – hopefully, if all goes well I will be done tomorrow.


August 8, 2009

Miami International Closetball DVD Ready

Lashawn Chanel as a boy in the closetball

Lashawn Chanel as a boy in the closetball


Pageant folks in the south know all about the closetballs – where you come out as a man in the presentation category and then return a hour later as a woman in evening gown and talent.  The transformations are exciting to watch and you really get to appreciate what drag is all about.  Well the 1st Annual Miami Closetball was held last month in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Lashawn Denne Chanel was crown the winner.  Mercedes Monroe was 1st runner up and Jazzlyln Sanchez was 2nd runner up.

I have finish the editing of this video which comes in at just over 2 hours and 5 minutes.  I am authoring the DVD as I write this (this pageant will be on 2 disks) and the entire process will be finished in the next couple of hours.  You can order the dvd via our Shopping Web Page.  I am also going to put up a video of one of the entertainers that was at the pageant – Tiona Love and interpersed through that video you will see the contestants that competed.  The video will be up on our video sharing website: Planet Q TV.

Enjoy the dvd, the preview trailer and this year’s closetball from Miami.


Lashawn as a women in this year's closetball

Lashawn as a women in this year's closetball

August 7, 2009

EOY Update #2 – 8/7/09 – 10pm

Update News for EOY

Update News for EOY

Hey pageant fans…time to call it a night – wanted to give a quick update on what was accomplished today.

1) Miami International Closetball – 3 hours of video content was uploaded to the editing workstation. Will begin editing video tomorrow (Saturday).

2) EOY 2009 – 4 hours of video content (Sunday Night Camera 1) was uploaded to the editing workstation. Will upoload 4 hours of camera 2 tomorrow after I finish editing Miami Intl Closetball – but if the editing takes me longer than 5 hours – I may defer to Sunday.

3) I replaced the two EOY preview videos on Planet Q TV. I noticed the older videos were showing some signs of playback issues (slight stuttering issue) so I replaced it with a higher quality .flv file. Plays back beautiful now.

4) I updated the shopping page on Click Click Expose. Retail price changes go into effect tomorrow for all EOY 2009 products.

I think that’s it. Have a great weekend everyone.


EOY Update #1 – 8/7/09

Sorry to all of our readers of this blog – the next few weeks are going to be full of pageant news and Entertainer of the Year news but I will try to mix it up.

Bianca Nicole - Entertainer of the Year, FI 2009 Winner

Bianca Nicole - Entertainer of the Year, FI 2009 Winner

1.  First I want to say congratulations to Bianca Nicole and Xavier Valentino Litter for winning this year’s EOY competition.  It was another fun year and fun pageant to watch.  Eric took pictures at Finals Night and I will have some of them up in a couple of days.

2.  Before I can start working on the EOY pageant DVD, I have to complete some projects that are on my desk prior to EOY.  Miami International Closetball fans – we haven’t forgotten about you.  I am capturing that video right now as I write this.  My goal is to finish that pageant by Saturday.  Congratulations to Lashawn Denne Chanel for winning this 1st annual pageant held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

3.  We are also in the process of completing a major duplication request (500 DVDs) along with a redesign of our corporate website: and some changes have to be made to the International Week 2009 DVD.  Needless to say, this week has been hectic.

4.  We had a great time meeting our fans and friends at EOY this year.  Thanks to all those who came to say hi and chat with us.  It is great talking to all of our supporters as we are always striving to make things better.

5.  Some people have asked if I am going to do a preview trailer for Saturday and Sunday nite.  The answer is yes – as soon as I have captured all of the video – I will knock out a couple of trailers to watch.  All preview trailers will only be on our video sharing website:  I will not have it up on You Tube until much later on this month.  Head to our website: and click on the button that says Planet Q TV – its our own video sharing website designed specifically for the gay and lesbian community.

6.  I have not taken down the pre-order special that is on our website.  Prices will go back up by $10 to $15 so if you haven’t order yet, do it now.  When I get a free moment, I will update the website and prices will go back up to our normal retail level.

7. CONTESTANTS – If you want your presentation video in the DVD – you must mail it to me this week.  When I start the editing next week, if I don’t have the DVD – it will not be included in the final product.

8.  WE HAVE WON OUR 3RD PRESENTATION VIDEO CATEGORY.  As you know (or may not know) – we have done presentation videos for contestants who desire our service.  Shae Shae LaReese and DeeRanged have used our presentation videos and they have won their respective pageants and/or categories.  We are proud that we did Xavier Cole’s video this year and while he was 1st runner up – he did win the presentation category.  We are 3 for 3 – woohoo – way to go Xavier – good job.

9.  That’s it for now.  Look for a new update in a couple of days.  I won’t be starting on EOY until probably Monday.  Any questions, just let us know – shoot me an email: or give us a call: 305-695-0095.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and thanks for your continued support.


July 9, 2009

International Week 2009 DVD ready

Hey pageant fans…what can you say but this year’s Mr. and Miss International will go down in history as one controversial pageant.  While we won’t speak on the controversy (sorry we have to remain neutral), we do have the say it was a great pageant with some fabulous competitors across all divisions – Plus, Newcomer, Mr and Miss.  Congratulations to Cha Chi Devine (Miss International Newcomer), Chevelle Brooks (Miss International Plus), Neo (Mr. International) and Sierra Spaulding (Miss International).  The DVD is finished and ready to be delivered.  Pre-order pricing is still on our website: Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) so take advantage of the savings while you have a chance.  A couple of preview videos are up also on Planet Q TV.  Enjoy some of the pictures below from the pageant and we hope you like the DVD.

International Week 2009 Court

International Week 2009 Court

International Week 2009 - Family

International Week 2009 - Family

Miss Internatinal Plus 2009 - Chevelle Brooks

Miss Internatinal Plus 2009 - Chevelle Brooks

Miss International Newcomer - Cha Chi Devine

Miss International Newcomer - Cha Chi Devine

Mr. International 2009 - Neo

Mr. International 2009 - Neo

Miss International 2009 - Sierra Spaulding

Miss International 2009 - Sierra Spaulding

June 26, 2009

International Week 2009 – Pre-Order your DVD Today!!

International Week 2009 - Pre-Order Your DVD Today

International Week 2009 - Pre-Order Your DVD Today

Come join us as our cameras head to Wilmington, Deleware to film International Week 2009 at the Deleware Theatre Company. If you saw the DVD last year, you saw a fantastic competition at the gorgeous Center Stage Theatre in Baltimore, MD. Well for 2009, we head northeast to Deleware to film this year’s pageant. We have the pre-order sales up on our website where you can save up to $10.00 from the original price if you pre-order today. Come say hi as I will be filming this year. Missed last year’s DVD, I will have a couple availble to sell at rock bottom prices (hehe). Good luck to all of the contestants this year – it should be another fun year for the system. I will see you all tomorrow.


June 25, 2009

Clubland’s Wonder Woman – Kristine W

We have been given permission to publish an exclusive interview by Scott David with the Dancing Diva and Clubland’s Wonder Woman Kristine W. Gay clubbers all around the world know of her high energy music and soulful vocals as she has produced 13 No. 1 Billboard Dance hits – with her first hit single being “Feel What You Want.” While preparing for performances at an HRC Gala Dinner and the annual HIV/AIDS fundraiser Broadway Bares in NYC, Kristine W sat down with us for a few minutes to talk about her upcoming new album, “The Power of Music.”

You have become one of the top 5 Billboard dance artists along with Madonna, Janet Jackson, Donna Summer, and Mariah Carey (and she’s tied at No. 2 with Beyoncé for hits since 2000). Like those artists, you have a strong gay fan base. When did you first become aware of your gay following?

Kristine W – I first found out I was a gay icon when I flew from the UK to NYC and performed for a party being DJ’d by Junior Vasquez. I walked onto the stage in front of a few thousand hot, shirtless men and thought, “Wow, I have died and gone to heaven.” Then I quickly figured out none of them were interested in anything other than my voice (Kristine laughs)!! I have been in love with gay audiences ever since.

In addition to 14 new songs, the new CD features your 4 most recent No. 1’s, “Walk Away,” “Never,” “Love is the Look,” and your remake of Diana Ross’ classic “The Boss.” Since you write many of your songs, including winning an ASCAP Award for co-writing “One More Try,” how did you decide to take on Miss Ross and make “The Boss” and “I’m Coming Out”(a bonus iTunes track) your own?

Kristine W – My idols growing up in Washington state were Donna Summer and Diana Ross. I just loved them and was always singing their songs and studying them. When I decided to start my own record label in January of 2008, I knew “The Boss” would be the perfect first single to put out. I was taking control – being “The Boss” of my music, sink or swim – and I put all I had into that single and those remixes. It was so well received globally that I was really a bit taken back by it.

In addition to the singles, you independently released “The Power of Music,” and it is already a Top Five Dance Album on iTunes in its first week out. What were the biggest challenges releasing the singles and CD on your own label and being both businesswoman and artist?

Kristine W – The big challenges are always the same: time and money.

Like Diana, there are quite a few Kristine W drag queens. Who are your favorite drag performers?

Kristine W – That is why I featured Crystal Woods in “The Boss” video. I just wanted to pay homage to Crystal and those like her that bring so much joy to us all with their performances. I have so many favorites and there are so many talented drag queens across the US that the list would be a mile long. I have so much respect for drag queens because it is so demanding if you are a true artisan. RuPaul is the godfather, of course, and always amazes me, Chad Michaels (Cher) in San Diego, who is a friend and confidant, Crystal Wood (Miss Ross) in Las Vegas, and Laritza Dumont in Orlando. I make a point to watch them when I can because they inspire me.

Speaking of videos, the video for “Walk Away” is pretty hot, including the hunky male model. Did you cast him personally or did famed gay director/photographer Mike Ruiz find him?

Kristine W – Mike Ruiz found Matus Valent, and yes, he is a gorgeous man. We actually still keep in touch.

How do you like making videos compared to recording?

Kristine W – Videos are very demanding and time consuming. Honestly, I don’t really enjoy doing them but they are a necessity and a time capsule for the music. They are a lot more work then anyone knows and usually very unglamorous.

Did fighting leukemia earlier this decade and having friends with HIV/AIDS impact the themes of your songs and the many causes you support and actively promote in your blog?

Kristine W – Having battled leukemia for a few years, I understand what people with AIDS go through, waiting for your blood counts, hoping that you will stay healthy and not go backwards. AIDS and diseases of all kinds are an ongoing uphill battle for humanity. I am always humbled by how fragile life really is, and yes, it is always a part of my music.

Your new single, “Be Alright,” is an uplifting summer song, and the overall album is a great antidote to the current state of the world. How did “Be Alright” come about?

Kristine W – I actually wrote “Be Alright” four years ago with my guitar player Tommy Cameron while I was getting better and trying to stay in remission from leukemia. My grandfather died a few months after I got out of the hospital, and I was able to see him and spend time with him before he passed. I wrote the first verse after his funeral, and I was really missing him. He was failing while I was at the UCLA hospital. A huge fear of mine was that he would die before I got back to Washington to see him. I never told him I had leukemia and told everyone else not say anything. He was too frail and that would have put him over the edge. I would call him from UCLA and tell him I was fine, and I was actually terrified. That is the only time I ever lied to him. We were very tight, and I always wondered if he knew but didn’t say anything.

“Be Alright” features dance mixes by Hex Hextor, Offer Nissim, the Perry Twins, and more, including exclusive remixes on Masterbeat. Your songs are remixed by the top dance producers and DJ’s in the business. Are you ever surprised by the results?

Kristine W – I am always surprised by remixes, and that is why I love them so much. It is so fun to write a song and then hand it over to someone and have them bring their own interpretation. I am currently in love with the Perry Twins’ “Los Angels and Demons” mix of “Be Alright.” That mix is so full of emotion and takes me on a journey.

Your landmark show at the Hilton Las Vegas led to several “Entertainer of the Year” awards and even “Kristine W Day” on June 28th in Nevada. You just performed again in Vegas at the Miss USA pageant. As a former winner of the Miss America talent competition, did performing during this year’s Miss USA show bring back any crazy beauty queen memories?

Kristine W – Oh, yes!! I immediately remembered how cutthroat the pageant world is but that is life. It is a good but painful education.

What do your two young kids think when they see Mom turn into the larger than life performer you become on stage – singing live, playing instruments, wearing outrageous costumes, surrounded by a team of dancers?

Kristine W – They always ask when I am going to turn into Kristine W again. I am like Wonder Woman to them. One minute I am driving them to school, the next minute I am driving an audience crazy. I love it!! I am a true Gemini.

Click here for tour dates and more information.We will get one of her songs up on Planet Q TV. Make sure you head over and check it out in the music section.

Photo Credits: Picture 1 with Band (Hubert Pouches). Portrait Picture 2 (Korby Banner)


June 7, 2009

Click Click Expose has a new BLOG

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The Click Click Expose blog has undergone a new change and we have switched host.  If you visit our website, you will automatically be directed to the new blog:  While I will keep the old blog up, the new one will be the primarily blog and it is now easier to navigate back to our website from the blog and vica versa. Let us know if you like the new look.

IMPORTANT: If you want to see any of the articles of the old blog, you will need to continue to visit this blog.  The address is:


June 5, 2009

Wow…what a night at J’s Bar

So much talent up there in Ft. Lauderdale – if you did not come in person or did not see the live broadcast, you missed a night of some fabulous live singing – as we broadcasted live the finals of Karaoke Idol at J’s Bar in Ft. Lauderdale.  I really enjoyed myself, the staff was great and the contestants were absolutely wonderful.  Since I didn’t know what to expect tonight, our broadcast was strictly a live event – I did not drop it to tape but the bar wants to do it again in 3 months and we will be there. 

A special shout out to Manager Christina and Shannon for all of their help tonight, to my pageant friends who came by to say hi (Kennedy you never cease to amaze me!!), to the emcee (sorry..its late and for the life of me I can’t remember your name) and to the judges who had a tough time tonight choosing a winner – you guys and gals were great.  The crowd was super friendly and I definitely see why J’s Bar is a great place to have a drink, sit down with friends and have fun.  We hope to do more things with them in the future.

Time to call it night but I had to get on here and tell everyone how wonderful the night was.  Congrats to everyone who participated and congrats to the winner.  Until next time…sing your heart out….


June 4, 2009

Karaoke Idol – Live Tonight on Click Click Expose TV

Come join us as we broadcast live from J’s Bar in Ft. Lauderdale for the finals of Karaoke Idol.  12 finalist will hit the stage to give it their all (or look incredibly foolish) as they sing and belt their way to your favorite or not so favorite songs.  It should be a lot of fun.  We will be broadcasting live and the chat room will be open so you can weigh in on who is your favorite.  Come join the fun…we will see you there.

Karaoke Idol Live Tonight on Click Click Expose TV

Karaoke Idol Live Tonight on Click Click Expose TV


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