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May 16, 2010

The first openly female gay bishop is announced

Rev Canon Mary Glasspool is ordained

Rev Canon Mary Glasspool is ordained

In a country where talks of “first” is still high on the social ladder, we have another “first” to talk about for the gay and lesbian community.  First, a little back story.  It has been seven years since the Episcopal Church created a firestorm of controversy when it decided that indeed a gay man could be a bishop.  Fast forward to today and we find that yes a lesbian woman can be a bishop as well.  The Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool, of Baltimore, was ordained and consecrated on Saturday, making her the second openly gay bishop in Episcopal church history and one of the first two female bishops in the Diocese of Los Angeles’ 114-year history.  The fact that it has taken 114 years for a woman to become a bishop is amazing – the fact that it is a lesbian women is nothing short of amazing.

While I will never understand the politics and angst that comes with the Church and their politics, many are happy to see Rev Glasspool take her position in history.  She was installed at Long Beach Arena before 3,000 people and according to a church spokesman, the arena erupted in applause after the installation ceremony.  The Rev was quoted as saying to the media: “the church’s willingness to ordain women and gays shows a commitment that goes beyond mere inclusive language.”

Let’s here it for the Episcopal church that continues to show that their is a place for everyone in God’s world. – Thomas (Click Click Expose)

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