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May 20, 2009

British Film wins Miami Film Award


"Shank" - Written by Christian Martin, Directed by Simon Pearce

"Shank" - Written by Christian Martin, Directed by Simon Pearce

I don’t often write about what is going on in the LGBT film world (why that is, I don’t know) but hey I guess its time to start.  What better way to start than in our own backyard of Miami, Florida.  The Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival just wrapped up another successful year a couple of weeks ago with actors, filmmakers and fans joining in the parade of hopping all over the city to watch LGBT films.  One film I wanted to highlight today is directed by 21 year old newcomer Simon Pearce called “Shank.”  It won the Roger Walker-Dack Award for Emerging Talents in Queer Cinema.  Who says you have to be an old geriatric case to make a fresh and compelling film.


Shank follows the life of a teenage gang member who hides his secret sex life from his fellow gang members, hustles for sex and deals drugs to get by (okay…maybe that part is not so original).  Cal (played by Wayne Virgo) rescues a university student who is in the middle of a queer-bashing and their worlds collide as they fall in love together.  On the surface, it seems like the same shelp we see in gay film but the film has an unique treatment of gang culture coupled with unrelenting drama that fuses sex, violence and fast pace action in an attempt to turn upside down the usual coming-out story that we have all seen before.

"Shank" premieres at Miami Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

"Shank" premieres at Miami Lesbian and Gay Film Festival



The film has made a splash in the gay festival circuit and is due for a theatrical release in September of this year.  Writer, Producer Christian Martin told the Miami Press…”It was a risk working with a young, inexperienced cast and first-time director but this award, along with the international audience support for the film validates the courage of our conviction to push the gay genre in a new direction….”

Expect in on DVD by winter courtesy of gay friendly distributor TLA Releasing.  


And there you have it, my first attempt at talking about queer cinema.   More to follow…..

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  1. without a doubt one of the best films i have seen in the last year.
    superb script, story line and filming.
    any award given is well deserved

    Comment by hugo — December 6, 2009 @ 10:20 am | Reply

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