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October 23, 2008

White, Jewish, Gay Rapper – yep it’s real!!

Soce The Elemental Wizard

Soce The Elemental Wizard

So what do you have when you combine an Ivy League educated, violin-playing, Jewish white gay rapper from New York – well you have computer programmer by day and comedian rapper by night – named Soce (that’s pronounced so-say).  He isn’t new to the scene having produced 2 albums that go back to 2004 but this oxy moron of gay hip hop has been producing stylish beats, dope lyrics and in your face rhymes for more than 5 years (that I know of).  I learned of Soce last year when I was adding a Deadlee video to our Planet Q TV website.  Back then, I hadn’t placed much emphasis on gay hip hop thinking that it was a passing fad.  Boy was I wrong!!  These artists have some amazing music, amazing stories and beats that I think you will love (especially if you are fan of hip hop).  Hence, my new focus on the podcast shows on gay hip hop.

Soce first album “I’m In My Own World” reminds of a little old school mix in with R&B, rap, folk, dance all tied together in a production that in my mind is outstanding.  I am no music critic and it’s been a long time since I have had any desire to want to go buy a CD but I definitely will be picking up Soce first album – check out some of the preview tracks

I'm In My Own World

I'm In My Own World

 here ( – you will be presently surprise.  His sophomore album “The Lemonade Incident” is a departure from his first album and really take advantageous of his comedic background.  Very in your face and direct – Soce isn’t afraid to tell you he’s gay and what he likes to do (LOL).  We got permission to put up his “I’m So Gay” music video on Planet Q TV – check it out and you will see what I mean by in your face.  And for all you folks with virgin ears, he has a clean version as well – but since we are all grown ups here – you get the explicit version (LOL).

I have had a lot of fun exploring the Gay Hip Hop world and I hope to bring more artist, music, interviews, and videos to you.  So make sure you continue to stop by and check it out.  Here is a little bio on Soce so you can learn a little bit more about “The elemental wizard.” Oh…and he likes role playing games – A pc gamer after my own heart!!!  Here’s his bio!!

Soce - The Elemental Wizard

Soce - The Elemental Wizard

Soce is the Jewish, Gay, White MC. A computer programmer on Wall Street by day.. Level 27 Hip Hop Spellcaster Master Rapper by night! Soce is well known in both the music and comedy scenes throughout NYC, representing all genres from anti-folk to art stars, improve to standup and acting. He has been described as the male Lil Kim and the white Eminem. Soce’s been on MTV, VH1, Logo, HERE and in The Source, URB, Out magazine and numerous German, Austrian and Swiss magazines, as well as being interviewed live on WNYC 93.9 FM and Sirius Satellite Radio, on OutQ 106, Raw Dog Comedy 104 and Shade 45 (where he recently won their first ever gay hip hop battle). The wizard has been filmed in three documentaries on gay rappers.

In addition, he’s produced tracks and performed as a special guest rapping, singing, acting in videos and playing violin for numerous talented artists including MF Grimm, Jeff Lewis, dub-L, Mistermaker, Q-Boy, Bigg Nugg, Danny Katz, Sair, Many V.e.r.s.e.s, Kontrast, Chris Fuller, Frank Grimaldi, Jenn Lindsay, Linda Draper, Johnny Dangerous, Rob Cantrell, Ray DeVito, Bacivo Nuggets, Tijuana Yacht Club, Matt Koff, Ben Lerman, Scotty the Blue Bunny and Jon Berger. Soce produced the track Lick It by God-Des and She, which has become one of their big hits, and they performed it live on the season three finale of The L Word.

Soce does live shows throughout NYC in not only hipster bars and clubs, but also at colleges, theaters, museums, community centers and synagogues. He’s also done shows in Berlin, London, Sheffield (UK), Boston, LI, CT, NH, MN, NJ, SF, IN, IA and LA. Look for soce performing in a town near you. He also programs his own flash cartoon videos and games and makes comedy videos with his performer friends. Additionally, he co-hosts a math bee once a month with comedian Jennifer Dziura at Chelsea Market, and he does interviews and show reviews for NYC comedy blog The Apiary.

If you’ve ever had to struggle, been in love, enjoyed a good role-playing game or just wanted to experience rap music where you can actually relate to every word spoken, soce’s music is for you. Look for his third album “Master of Fine Arts” coming out very soon! Visit his website at:

Happy Listening…Thomas

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