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October 10, 2008

Gay Hip Hop Artist Granthm

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One of our goals here at Click Click Expose has always been to reach out across the country (and across the world) to bring you different aspects of the LGBT community.  And we have been trying to do that with our Podcast Network, Planet Q TV and our music & radio page.  With the new and improved web design, we are dedicated to continuing this trend starting with a re-newed emphasis on our music and radio page.

This week we turn our focus to a young up and coming rapper from Minneapolis, MN named Granthm.  When

Rapper Granthm

Rapper Granthm

 I stumbled across his music while surfing the web, I knew we had to get his style, his lyrics and his story on our site and out to the masses.  With tight beats and a strong lyric – Granthm is making a name for himself as a rapper – a gay rapper.  The whole gay hip hop sub culture is blowing up out there; and, while you think gay & rapper don’t fit in the same sentence – it is easy for them to be one in the same.  It is so easy for artist to use their gayness as an anthem to scream “I’m a fag” in every lyric they write but you don’t hear that in Granthm’s lyrics.

“……Yeah…now I hate to bull,
told them I was fed up,
yeah-most will assume that I’m flying international,
am I being rational,
na …….I’m a travelling show,
shit I bring the bill to you like a waiter…….”

Of course, it’s going to kill me right now as I can’t think of the riff he is using in the rap above called “The Improvement” but take a listen to it on the Click Click Expose Podcast networkand tell us what you think of the man from Minnesota.  For the next few weeks, we will be showcasing his songs from his first album.  And even if you don’t like hip hop or rap, take a listen to Granthm – he’s got a flow and style that would make any rapper proud.  Here is the bio he wrote for us so you can learn a little about Granthm…

Hip Hop Artist - "Granthm"

Hip Hop Artist -

“The names Granthm..I’m from Minneapolis, MN.I’ve been rapping since ’02 I
think. I started doing the text thing like a lot of people these days it
seems like. I decided to record in 04′, and haven’t put a mic down
sense.  Lyrical/neo-soul/alternative. That’s my style.  I like to be
lyrical with it.  I like to make people think.  At the same time I like to
be an asshole on a record. I like to say shit that people never expect.
Basically my rap persona is totally opposite of me in person. I’m like
fuckin Mr. Rogers to be honest. manners and all. But on songs I like to
let it go…. At the same time my gentlemen side gets the best of me. I’m
a lover boy so yea..I get mushy.  Not really into the whole songs about
sex thing.  As much as I like sex, it’s just not something I’d really rap about. My sound is real underground hip-hop influenced.  As a fan of Aesop rock, Lupe fiasco, doomtree, etc. I like to keep my lyrics deep.

The word “alternative “sticks out in my description because i think I’m something different for the a gay hip hop fan to listen to.  My topics are a lot different then expected and I like I’m kind of a break away from the
norm. No real club/trance/techno typa tracks…just me, bein a emcee to the best of my ability, in the most abstract way.”


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