Click Click Expose

September 8, 2008

What do you think of the new website?

I thought I take a break from editing a wedding video to let you guys and gals know that the new Click Click Expose website is up and running.  I have to do some minor tweeks and updates but the for the most part the new site and the new look is now live.  Let us know (or better yet let me know) what you think of the site.  With the help of our graphics artist Eric, our new site was built from the ground up (sort of speak) in HTML and Javascript.  Normally, in the past we have built websites using programs designed for that – but with every program comes limitations on what you can do and sometimes these programs force a look on you that you can’t escape (especially if you are not the world’s best web site designer).  This time around, the goal was to build an entirely new website using basic HTML and Javascript.  Can you say pain in the ass – reading lines and lines of code can be daunting – that is why I am not entierely finished but I hope you like it.

We try to make things a lot simplier and easier for everybody with the goal of making it easier to get to the specific content you are looking for.  Did we do it?  Is it easier to find what you want or do you like the old design better?   I need your feedback so I can keep the website the best way possible.  So take a second, stop watching our videos and listening to the podcast shows (LOL) and tell us if you like the new site or the old site better and any suggestions on how we can improve for you.  Thanks in advance for letting us know and enjoy the new look of Click Click Expose.


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