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August 24, 2008

DVD Update #7 – Entertainer of the Year

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Okay…I’m mad – more like annoyed right about now.  Why do you ask?  I çan’t tell you how many times I have explained to pageant owners, bar owners and theatre managers about the necessity of good lighting when you are videotaping.  It’s really simple – bad light=bad video, good light=good video, excellent lighting=fantastic video.  There is a reason why TV news room have tons of light on their sets – it’s because they want the best possible TV picture.  Now I know pageants are different and harsh heavy lights can wear on a contestant or call attention to heavy make up application – BUT COME ON – disco lighting, mood lighting and changing colors every 1/2 sec just doesn’t work – and I have rarely come across a place where a follow spot was bright enough to give off a good video presentation.  It burns me up when I sit down to preview a video after working hard to edit only to find out that the quality suffers from crappy lighting.

Okay…I’m through venting (Kudos…Kudos…Kudos…to the Center Stage Theatre in Baltimore – you guys got it right with the lighting).  The Mr. DVD is finished and the DVD authoring and encoding is done.  Other than creating the DVD cover and label, the Mr. EOY DVD is finished.  The Friday night prelim of the Miss Division is done and by midnight I will have finished with the DVD authoring and encoding.  Other than the creating the DVD cover, Friday Prelim (which consists of Opening Number, Creative Presentation and the first part of Talent and Q&A) is finished.  Tomorrow (Monday) I will author and encode Saturday Prelim and create the DVD covers for all nights.  Tomorrow I will also upload all of the video from finals night (which is about 10 hours of video) so I can start editing on Tuesday.

That’s it for now…short and sweet.  More to follow soon.



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