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August 11, 2008

DVD Editing update #3 – EOY and International Week 2008

Here is the latest update on EOY and International Week 08. 

1)  DVD authoring and encoding is done for the Finals Night of International Week 2008 and for Friday Prelim Disk 1.  There is a first play issue that I have to correct on the Finals Night Disk 1 but other than that, I just have to create and print the DVD covers and we are all set.

2)  I am currently uploading the last day (Sat) to complete for International Week.  The rest of the prelim for the Mr/Miss and the entire Plus competition.  I have 18 hours of video (3 cameras) I have to ingest so I won’t be able to start editing until Late Wednesday or early Thursday.  I should be finished with the editing by Saturday and finish with the DVD encoding on Sunday.

3)  Based on my current editing schedule (I still have a wedding I need to finish) – EOY ingesting should start on the 18th.  While I don’t have 3 cameras to deal with, I do have an extra 2 days of filming with the Mr. contest so there is more than 25 hours of video that needs to be transferred before I can begin editing.  So I am thinking 18th thru 20th (ingesting) – 20th thru 23rd (editing) – 24th (DVD authoring and encoding) – 25th thru 27th (shipping of DVD orders).  That is my current estimate.

4)  Based on my current schedule, I do not think I will be putting up a preview video for International Week finals competition.  I will use another workstation to put up a couple of videos of entertainers or contestants in a couple of days.

That’s it for now.  More coming soon.


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