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April 22, 2008

Surviving the earthquake…and some other notes

Hey fans,

We didn’t disappear over the last week or so – the site has been quiet & not updated as we were filming the Metropolitan Community Church PAD conference in St. Louis and the Miss Duval Plus Pageant in Jacksonville, FL.  And I survive my first earthquake.  It was the wierdiest thing – I think it was like 3 in the morning (I can’t remember) and first the walls started shaking…and I woke up with a WTF look on my face.  Then I get up to walk around the hotel room and the entire building is shaking for about 30 to 45 seconds.  Very surreal – I have been watching too many movies – the first thing I thought about is the floor falling and the whole hotel falling to the ground (hehe).  After a couple of minutes it was over and I was tired as heck so I went back to sleep.

The next morning, I found out it was a 5.2 scale quake and that one of the highways in St. Louis was closed for a while because of falling debris.  So that was my interesting experience.  The conference was interesting (MCC, in case you are not aware, is a community of churches that serve the gay and lesbian community) and their conference this week was for people of african descent and their allies.  Their goal is to be a more inclusive church of all races, religions and background.  We will see how they do in the months and years ahead.

The pageant in Jacksonville for the big girls was good.  It was nice to be welcome back to Jacksonville as we have not filmed a pageant there in almost 2 years so it was nice to be back at Club Metro filming once again.  Congratulations to India Damore who captured the title.  I will have the DVD finished in a couple of weeks (after I finish the PAD coference videos).

The podcast shows will be updated this week, along with the usual weekly web site update.  Plus we have to work on a new pay per view system and I am going to redesign the Planet Q TV website againt to truly be a video sharing website.  So a lot of work ahead.

Stay tune for more stuff soon….


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