Click Click Expose

February 9, 2008

New Planet Q TV website redesigned launched….

Planet Q TV is breaking away from Click Click Expose to be it’s own stand alone website and entertainment destination website.  I have completed about 75% of the changes to the website and you can see it here at:  Except for some fine tuning of graphics, text and links – the site home page will pretty much look that way (unless I come across a web designer who can help me create a different look).  The next step is to create a functional and interactive flash video player for the site (which will allow us to migrate away from the Brightcove player).  If you are a flash developer or know how to create flash video players with databases – I could sure use your help – drop me a line:

I hope you like the new look – the goal of the site is to bring together gay and lesbian video content producers from around the globe and give them a destination website to showcase their work to everyone around the world (while still keeping their brand and their identity).  In addition to the amateur or professional video person – this site is also designed for the everyday man or woman on the street – who likes to use their cell phone, their camera  or their own video camera to shoot video about the gay and lesbian community.

I am excited about Planet Q TV and what it can do for our community.  I hope you agree and will come on board.  Leave me your comments, suggestions  – tell me what you like and don’t like – BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY  don’t forget – upload your videos today.  You Tube is nice, Daily Motion is cool – but these sites all focus on EVERYONE – gay, straight, man, woman – and every subject in the book.  Planet Q TV is designed for one community and one community ONLY – our gay and lesbian community – and what matters the most to us.



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