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February 2, 2008

Windows Vista…well….sucks

Filed under: Microsoft,Windows Vista — ccevideo @ 1:12 am

While sitting here freezing my ass off in cold Las Vegas for the Photo Marketing Association Trade Show, I thought I would look around the internet to see if I could find something that pretty much sums up everyone’s opinion about Windows Vista.


Now if a little town in Milford, New Hampshire (where ever the hell that is) can get it right….I guess the rest of us need to follow suit.  I won’t touch Windows Vista with a ten foot pole.  And as much as I want Direct X 10 support for the newest video games… I just can’t do it….stability, performance issues, driver support….buggy….shall I go on?  And…GET THIS….and to piss you off even more….rumor has it (although Microsoft won’t officially announce it) but a new version of Windows is being worked on for a 2009 release.  Now don’t you feel stupid for buying Vista now???  I think i will stay with my trusty XP for another year.  Now if someone could just figure out how to port Mac OS 10 or leopard over to windows…that would be interesting…


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