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December 10, 2007

A quarter of a million views…..

WOW….for the last 12 months we have been working hard to put up a wide assortment of videos, podcast shows, blogs and internet radio that we have created and/or received from around the internet.  You will find our videos and/or podcast shows on You Tube, Brightcove, Dailymotion, AOL video, Google Video, iTunes, Imeem,,, Veoh and Metacafe (sorry we haven’t joined the my space crowd yet).  And the goal behind all that was to let folks know about the terrific diversity of content that we have on our site that keeps growing every day.

WE HAVE ACROSS ALL SITES….over 1/4 of a million video and audio views (not including our pageant pay per view service).  To me that’s amazing…..and those videos, music and podcast shows are across the entire world on practically every continent (except maybe Greenland and the Antarticas – LOL). 


Why do I share this?  TO JUST SAY THANK YOU….Some of you remember us back in the day when we were a little bitty company called Black Stylez Entertainment and we filmed our first show at Club Incognito in Houston, Texas.  That was way back in 1996 and we have been going ever since.  We are working hard to provide a fun, informative and mulit-media centric web site and boy have we changed.  We hope you are please with the outcome.


We have some cool things lined up for 2008 and with a little luck and good fortune – we aim for bigger and better things.  Please let us know what you like, what you hate and what you want to see us doing so we make the kind of website you will be proud to visit over and over again.  Tell your friends, keep coming back and help us make it better for you.  That is the only way we (or any gay video content producer out there) will survive.

So on behalf of Adrian, Tara, John, Jim, Al, Steve, Marlowe, Eric, DJ Joelapuss, DJ L Calderin, DJ Carlos Dali and DJ Louie B thanks for your continued support.  AND DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE US YOUR COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS FOR 2008!!



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