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November 21, 2007

food, music & some news…

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This will be the first Thanksgiving where I don’t cook.  Normally if my family is not around, I cook for my partner’s grandma and auntie and the next door neighbor (go figure).  But this year, they all have plans to go eat somewhere else – so I don’t have to slave over the kitchen stove all day tomorrow – HOORAY!! So I will cook some cornish hens, dressing and salad for Adrian and I and call it a day.  As much as I enjoy cooking for the holiday – it will be a nice break – instead of cooking I can play more video games.

The podcast network has been updated today with the gay news week in review, queer history facts, church sermon from Rev. Jim Merritt and an episode of Talk Mess with Adrian and Thomas.  The Talk Mess show features some music from some very good indie recording artist along with spoken word poet Andrea Gibson (this girl is the bomb) and some music from our resident DJ Carlos Dali from New York.  Also check out the funny audio clip at the end of the show – It’s Elmo in Iraq…very funny…

The cce music and radio page has been updated with a bio of DJ Carlos Dali and some new music videos around homohop (better known as gay hip hop).  Also we have pop recording star and artist Ari Gold’s bio up as well – we will be interviewing him in December on the Talk Mess podcast show.

That’s it for now…Happy Thanksgiving everyone…don’t eat too much….


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