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November 8, 2007

And why did you stay at home Sat night?

So Adrian and I along with our good friend and apprentice Tara made the long 4 hour journey to St. Petersburg to be apart of a great event at the Trinity UCC church.  Now I have never been much of a gay political activist (it’s kind of hard when you still got one foot stuck in the closet) but I was quite impressed with this event.  It was sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Florida and it was called “A Celebration of Faith and Diversity.” – a kind of faith based  advocacy for the LGBT movement.

Now…before you stop reading this because it has to do with church…hear me out.  Yes the speeches were all done by people of faith, yes the moderator (Harry Knox) was the Director of the Religion and Faith program at HRC – BUT WOW….I was so impressed by the message that everyone was delivering.  Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite (President of the Chicago Theological Seminary), Rev. Dr. Miguel De La Torre (Director Iliff School of Theology’s Justice and Peace Institute in Denver) and Rev. Dr. Bernice Powell Jackson (President of the World Council of Churches) – these were like the major players in the faith based initiative for gay and lesbian rights and their all straight.  DID YOU GET THAT???  – all straight.  Here were people with long distinguish careers, been everywhere, done everything – and hear they are giving LGBT folks hope and courage and wisdom in the fight for gay rights.

And why did you stay home Saturday night if you lived in St. Petersburg?  Getting ready to go to the club?  Went to go watch a movie?  You needed to hear this.  If you didn’t live in St. Petersburg – you needed to hear this.  Everyone straight or gay – needed to hear this.  It’s a message that gay folks often miss because we are so caught up in our own little world and forget about the struggle that is out there.

I am glad we got to film the event.  The videos will be up on Planet “Q” TV in the religion section.  I will have Thistlethwaite’s keynote on the home page (when I fix that damn encode problem – oyyy two days of this *&^% ..but I digress) –  CHECK OUT THE VIDEO, HEAR THE MESSAGE and maybe when the next HRC or Equality Florida or activist event comes to your town – don’t stay home – check it out….we all need to hear the message.



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