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October 29, 2007

ah ha….there is a gay character in the star wars universe

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Since my post a few days ago about my geekness over Star Wars…I knew that somewhere out there in the Star Wars lore – their had to be a gay character.  After all – us queers should be out there defending the republic, or the Sith, or the New Republic, or the…. but I digress.                                   Meet Juhani…


Okay so here’s the back story…We have to go back in time…way way back in time to the era of the Sith and the video game Knights of the Old Republic.  When first meeting Juhani on Dantooine, you have the option of either killing her (yeah good luck), or beating her to submission and convincing her to return to the Jedi order(yeah even better luck here).   Of course if you do convince here to return to the Jedi order, she will join your party in the game. If you choose to kill her, another female Jedi at the temple will read you the riot act for murdering her beloved one—stating that she and Juhani spent many nights under the stars together (oh how romantic).  Later in the game, she will attempt to murder you for killing the love of her life. (Moral of the story – don’t mess with a scorn lesbian).

Okay…so if you don’t follow the dark side and you decide to have Juhani join you in the game, you will meet “Dak Veser” who has had history with Juhani (but my girl Juhani wasn’t having any of that – if you probe and ask the right questions, she will tell you in an in-game comment, that “Dak wasn’t her type.”  Later on in the game, if you choose to be a female character and you say and do the right things – she will actually confess her love to you – woohoo.

Okay…I know..I know…geek central..but I just had to tell you.  Now, the only thing I have to figure out is if Juhani is in the books or just in the video game.  I will let you know when I find out (if in fact you really care) but hey if you are a hardcore Star Wars fan..then you probably do…so let’s hear it for the lesbians…now just have to find my hunka hunka Star Wars man and I will be set………………………..:-)



  1. This is hilarious. I am really impressed by this research. I was watching a vintage start trek epsiode on tv and man, there was some serious homo love on the deck of the enterpirse…I mean brightly colored velvet tops??!! Ridiculous.

    Comment by Ricky Price — October 30, 2007 @ 9:06 am | Reply

  2. The outfit is somewhat reminiscent of the Visitors’ uniforms in the original “V”.

    Comment by Anonymous — January 22, 2011 @ 9:33 pm | Reply

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