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October 17, 2007

Star Wars…coming to a TV near you

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If you know me well enough or listen to any of our older podcast shows, you know that I am a Star Wars geek. I admit it – I would love to be living in the Star Wars’ universe every day.  Any self-respecting fan of the movies knows that George Lucas has agreed to do a live action series (set before the time of New Hope) and an animated series of the Clone Wars. Needless to say, I was all smiles.  Of course about 6 months ago, my dumb ass actually discovered the whole expanded universe out there in books (well actually Adrian discovered it and bought me the first book in the New Jedi Order series) and I was off to the races. I am currently reading the 7th book in the New Jedi Order Series called “Edge of Victory Part 1 – Conquest.” I have to pace myself or I would read the whole book in a day and then I would be blowing all my money on new books (Adrian would not be happy LOL).  Of course, once I am done with the new jedi order, I will go back to the very beginning and start there – with over 100 books in the expanded universe, I will be very busy…

The question has been asked time and time again why have people fallen in love with these movies? I can remember watching episode 4 for the first time with my dad. I was reading the crawl on the screen out loud at the theatre [my dad told me to shut up (hehe)] and then the Imperial Star Destroyer raced across the screen shooting at Princess Leia’s corvette (that’s ship for the non geek) and I was hooked. The premise of the movie (good vs evil) seems so simple but the characters, their evolution, their place in the grand galactic scheme of things is amazing to me (and after all who wouldn’t want to be a light-saber toting bad ass).

Why do I bring up star wars (after all there is really no gay characters in it)?  But to be frank that doesn’t really phase me. The movies, the books and the characters are timeless. They really represent life at its simplest and life at its most complex. While good may always triumph over evil, there are so many shades of grey in the middle that it really makes you think about your role in life and your daily contribution. And no matter how small your contribution may be, it really can make a difference in the grand scheme of things.



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