Click Click Expose

September 6, 2007

Boy I’m glad I didn’t buy an iPhone

Hey guys and gals,

Sorry I haven’t been on the blog in a while but I am back again for more info and stuff (hehe).  So if you were one of those people who just had to have the iPhone when it came out – I feel so sorry for you.  $200 price drop announced.  Boy would I be flippin mad about that…..but I digress….

I have spent the last couple of days optimizing the website – so if you are a Firefox user – every page except for the two videos on the home page should display correctly.  For the longest time, I could not figure out how to structure the page correctly for you guys but I figured out a work around.  So everything should display nicely – the home page – the videos are a little too low but are still viewable and usable.  I will test it out on opera a little later today or tomorrow to see how it displays.

If you are an advertiser or want to advertise, the link for the order form is not working.  Just send us an email – I am going to change the advertising system over completely so that you (the end user) will have complete control over what you order, how you order it and what you upload.  That new system is coming in about a week or so.

And finally, today is my computer administrative day.  That is when I go through the editing workstations and remove all of the files and assets for the last few projects I have been working on.  So EOY (which took up tons and tons of hard drive space) is being dumped (by the way I have the original EOY opening intact – hopefully I will get too showcase that soon) – the miss black oracle pageant files are being dumped and I am now going throught all of my DVD computer files, DVD archives and doing a purge.  These workstations work great but they easily get bogged down in hundreds of files and thousands of little links and it is easy for a file not to be functional anymore.  Sometimes it is just plain better to archive in a different format.  It’s tedious work but it needs to get done (Besides I need the space for the pageant we are filming this Sunday – South Florida International Newcomer).

Adrian and I had an interesting discussion/argument on the next direction for Click Click Expose – are we heading in the right direction, do we provide content that people want to see, do we need to produce original video content, etc. . . etc…I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW YOU’ALLs opinion – WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE NEW AND DIFFERENT – WHAT DO WE NEED ON OUR SITE THAT WILL KEEP YOU COMING BACK FOR MORE.  SHARE WITH US YOUR OPINION – I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW HOW WE CAN MAKE OUR MULTI-MEDIA WEBSITE ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO VISIT AND BE ENTERTAINED.


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