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August 24, 2007

Updating Planet “Q” TV & EOY Opening Controversy

loose-lips-sink-ships-1_270x377.jpg I love this poster – You ever heard the expression Loose lips, Sink Ships…well maybe that should be the motto given to those who have speculated, rumored and offered all kinds of explanations on why the opening of the EOY video was modified.  Am I here to set the record straight – NO.  Why you say?  …our company is bounded by a professional code of conduct.  As members of two professional videographer associations, our conduct and business practices are govern by some very specific industry standards – these standards insure that our product, our dealings with clients and the decisions we make are of the highest ethical standards.  Needless to say we were approached with a legitimate business concern and with consultation from the owners of EOY we govern ourselves accordingly.  There is no pressure, no strong arm tactics – no bowing down to the man.  Believe you me, we can hold our own in court – but there is a bigger picture here to consider – a professional code that should be respected, honored and listen too – even if we may be in our legal rights.  And thus changes were made.  PERIOD – THAT’S IT.  I wonder if more people were to follow ethical code of conducts, maybe we wouldn’t have many of the problems that seem to plague this wonderful world we call gay pageantry.  My hats off to you all who stay above the fray and keep it professional and ethical.

my soap box is done (LOL).  NOW FOR SOME GOOD NEWS.   Don’t have $60 to spend on the EOY DVD, check out the pageant pay per view.  You can rent for 7 days portions of the EOY video for as little as $2.99 up to $5.00.  It’s a great way to see the video without spending a lot of money.

 MORE GOOD NEWS…Have you been to Planet “Q” TV lately??  Well I am on a video uploading spree for the last couple of days.  Look for at least 21 new videos added.  Everthing from a funny paraody on boy bands, 3 episodes from the Dudershow to some cute eye candy from the Athens Olympics Diving competition.  Ever wanted to see what the Ancient Greeks did at their games – well I got some hot video for you to see as well…. More and more gay videos than you can shake a dirty hankerchief at ….or something like that.  Check it out – OUR OWN GAY AND LESBIAN VIDEO SHARING SITE – PLANET “Q” TV.  I hope you enjoy the videos.

Got some suggestions, comments or things you want to share with us….email us at anytime or give us a call.  We would love to hear from you.  Until then….



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