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August 8, 2007

EOY 07 – Editing Update – Day 9

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Well folks…just when you think you are finished and ready to move on to the next stage – someone throws a wrinkle in your plans.  I had just finished making the DVD master for Friday Night and I was working the DVD master for Saturday Night when an editorial concern was brought up which had to be fixed.  Because of that change – it required me to re-master the Friday Night DVD (Disk 1) which I am doing now at 11:40pm at night.  I will let the workstation run through the night on this project.  Then I have to re-do Disk 2 (that won’t take as long as it does not require me to change any major files within the DVD).  Then I will encode and set up Saturday Night.

After I have made those 4 disks and Adrian has had a chance to QA all 4 disk – then I will begin the duplication process and labeling all those DVDs…allllll thoooossseee DVDs – there are so many.  Once I complete that, then I am waiting on word from the owners on a editorial decision on the Sunday night disk and then I will start producing them (probably on Saturday).

So we are nearing the home stretch – one of the toughest part (the creation of the DVD) is finished.  Now its duplicating, labeling, art work and getting the orders ready to be mailed.  We’re almost there….


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